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France Climate activists fill golf holes with cement after water ban exemption

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He looked so proud

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Listen: Lauren Boebert’s neighbors’ 911 calls describe threats, husband running over mailbox

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yummy, yummy

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Is there an Americanism (or other) word that you prefer over the British word?


I don’t particularly like the word “lorry” for some reason. Just don’t think it suits the large vehicles. Personally I wouldn’t mind if we just called them all “trucks”

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Helping Others A true legend

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FBI investigating 'unprecedented' number of threats against bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

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Just got a notification about an air tag. My ex slipped one into the trunk of the car we share. Hates me and doesn’t wanna be with me, yet wants to know where I am.

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/r/ALL The amount of Water that Stretch Armstrong can Hold

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Woman pepper sprays a guy threatening her with a knife

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Who is this?

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ What the hell is wrong with people?

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Sir this is a Wendy's

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I took a year out of university to work on my dream game full-time! I loved playing a certain Bethesda RPG when I was growing up, so I decided to make my own :) Stormrite is coming to PC & Xbox, and can be wishlisted on Steam now!


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Trump Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned

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I am 8 years old 🧒 Look at those little little kids begging for likes by being homophobic

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Name a dish from anywhere in the word that is objectively superior to this

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A cashless society is a fucking terrible idea


Seriously? Why on earth would people want to have all money transactions be done online or with a credit card?

It seems like an good thing on paper and don’t get me wrong, cashless transactions does have its benefits such as convenience, swiftness and safety from pickpockets. But a 100% cashless society? That’s a fucking terrible idea

Do you have any idea how easy it would be to bring a cashless society to its knees? Cyber attacks would LITERALLY fuck the entire country over. Oh? The electricity in your city has gone off? Good luck trying to pay for your groceries

What? Terrorists have shutdown the nations online banking system? Good luck trying to buy the most basic of fucking utilities

Oh? Literally my entire life’s savings in gone because somebody hacked my account? That’s a bummer :(

Obviously an entirely cash based society has its downsides, but we cannot strive for an entirely cashless society either. We need co-existence with cash and non-cash based transactions

Countries such as Sweden are trying to be the first cashless society, but people are pointing out that makes them all the more vulnerable to aggressive foreign powers

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CONCLUDED OOP is dating a guy who watches male motivation influencers


I am not OP. Original post by u/TwilightChieftess in r/relationship_advice

Original (posted 8 days ago):


Last week i went on a date with a guy i met on Tinder. For our first date we went to have dinner, It went great, He was funny, dressed up really nicely, has this beautifull smile and paid for everything, after that he drove me home in his car and we arranged another date, i wanted to meet him again as soon as possible!

Four days forward and the second date is going really well as expected, but after awhile we somehow get on the topic of influencers we like to watch when he tells me that he enjoys watching people like Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Sneako and all these other ''Male motivation influencers'' (these are the only ones i knew but he probably named more) , He also said he watches Andrew Tate content on tiktok because its ''funny'', Really? you think misogyny is funny?

My heart sunk when i heard these names and my face was visibly disgusted, He asked me if anything was wrong but i pretended everything was fine and changed the subject although for the rest of our date i had this really uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and just wanted to leave.

He seems like a great guy but im sceptical of how hes gonna act down the line if we are in a relationship while hes listening to these ''influencers'' daily

Ive arranged another date with him in 2 weeks but im confused at this point what to do.

What do you guys think i should do? am i over exaggerating or is this a bullet i should dodge.

Also im new to reddit so it might take some time for me to respond, Just trying to figure everything out oki thanks for listening :3

You might see this post on multiple subreddits, thats because i am currently really desperate for an awnser

TLDR; guy seems really cool but he watches misogynistic content

Update (posted 1 day ago):


Update: I (F18) am dating a guy (M21) that seems really nice but watches ''male motivation influencers''

HEY everyone!!

My last post kinda blew up, Thanks for all the advise! unfortunately it was deleted for some reasons related to reaching the max amount of comments (idk im new to reddit).

Anyway i have decided to call him a few days ago to talk and made it very clear to him that it makes me very uncomfortable that he listens to these kinds of ''influencers'' and that he should stop watching them if he wants to have a relationship with me in the future, he then proceeded to say that this is insanity, that i am overreacting, that i am acting exactly like those women that these influencers are making fun off and that ''i should not be demanding this type of stuff this early and while bringing nothing to the table''

after that we argued for a bit and he ended the call by saying he is glad he dodged this bullet. i blocked him after that and we havent spoken since. he somehow made me feel like im the asshole in this situations but i know that what i asked of him was not anything weird or shallow, im so confused at this point. what do you guys think??!

Anyway that was my update, if you still have any questions or advise feel free to leave a comment,

Reminder that I'm not OP. This is a repost sub.

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Trump Trump Signed Law That Could Get Him 5 Years In Prison For Mishandling Classified Docs

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