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News By Popular Request - Selfie Sundays


Due to user requests, we will begin limiting selfie posts to Sundays. You can post pictures of yourself at other times if relevant to a specific skin concern, but posts to show of the results of your skincare should be limited to this day.

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How to get rid of this

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I have this cracking layer on both of legs below knees. I have tried scrubbing but this does not goes away. How can I prevent or take care of this

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Skin Treatments Just purchased the Omnilux LED mask


Finally ordered the Omnilux mask-- I had been hesitant about the cost but I realized I'm spending the same amount multiple times a year on botox. Hopeful that it makes my skin a bit brighter and helps with fine lines around my eyes. Fingers crossed.

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33 and going to start tret for the first time

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I’m a little nervous to start tretinoin because my skin is SO sensitive. I’ve been reluctant to go this route, but I’m going to try it.

First question: My biggest problem area is my neck. Is it safe to apply to the neck area? If not, what is are the best products for neck care?

Second question: Has anyone had experience buying tret through Curology or Nurx? I’m debating between these two providers.

Just a newb here! Thanks for your time.

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Product Question Red light masks and devices, are they beneficial?


Seem all-the-rage on social media.

I see them for sale on aliexpress at very reasonable costs.

Curious whether anyone has experienced benefit from them, or are they just a passing fad?

As I understand, NASA recognized their benefit when it was observed subjects healed faster under red light, then the cosmetics industry incorporated the concept.

Thoughts/experiences with them?

Is one device similar to another?

i.e. be it one mask brand to another?

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Humor "Wear sunscreen b*tch." This one of y'all?

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Can you ask a GP for a script for Tretinoin if it’s just for anti aging?


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It is working!


I don’t know what in my 4 month skincare routine it is but something is working! I will be 45 this summer and some 27 year old guy thought I was in my 30’s. This is as I am having a bad skin week and my face is breaking out.

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Hair Removal How can I help with ese blemishes likely cause by plucking hair?

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I’m a guy. On these regions of my face I often get stray hairs growing that irritate me to no end. I usually opt for using tweezers (as shaving doesn’t quite satisfy my hate), but overtime these marks and blemishes appear and don’t go away. How do you suggest I approach this?

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PSA How To Hydrate, Based on ✨Science ✨


So a common piece of advice on this sub is to “drink more water”, which is of course great advice, but if you’re like me, you want to know how much water to drink! And when!

The Huberman Lab podcast, hosted by Stanford neuroscientist Dr. Huberman, covered hydration this week in their newsletter and I wanted to share it with you all in case it’s helpful.

Tip 1: Drink 80oz or aprox 2.4 L of water in the first 10 hours after waking as a baseline.

Dehydration (even mild dehydration) negatively impacts physical performance, alertness and cognitive focus, and thereby can cause “brain fog.”To ensure proper hydration, aim to consume 8 oz (237 mL) of fluid per hour for the first 10 hours of your day. Note: these are averages! You do not need to neurotically consume 8 oz every hour but rather 16 oz on waking, then 8 oz a few hours later, 32 oz later, 4 oz, etc. Eighty ounces in the first 10 hours of your day, spread out as is practical, is just fine. The issue is simply that most people do not drink enough water volume in the waking hours of their day …

Why the first 10 hours? The body’s circadian clock (i.e., sleep and wakefulness pattern) strongly regulates the cells within the kidney and gut via the hormone vasopressin. Within the first 10 hours after waking, the kidney works efficiently to filter fluid, then output reduces (so hopefully, you do not frequently wake up during the night to urinate!).

Tip 2: Drink additional water based on exertion, sweating and caffeine consumption.

When exercising, follow the Galpin Equation as a guideline for the amount of additional fluid you should consume

The Galpin Equation: Body weight (in lbs.) divided by 30 = number of ounces to consume every 15-20 minutes Body weight (in kg.) × 2 = number of mL to consume every 15-20 minutes

If you are in hot temperatures or sweating, increase the Galpin Equation guidelines by an additional 50-100%. For every 20-30 minutes in the sauna, consume an extra 8-16 oz of fluid.

Also, be mindful of how caffeine consumption increases your overall water intake needs, as it is a diuretic. If you drink caffeine, increase fluid intake (ideally with electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium) by 2:1 to offset dehydration. In other words, if you drink an 8-ounce coffee with caffeine, ingest 16 oz of water, ideally with low/no-sugar electrolytes like LMNT, or simply a pinch of salt.

Tip 3: A water filter is probably a good idea.

Due to the scale and limitations of standard municipal filtration systems, most tap water does contain contaminants, which, in high concentrations, negatively affect health.

These can include: - Disinfection byproducts (DBPs) — the remnants of municipal water disinfection treatment - Some DBPs are endocrine disruptors that negatively impact fertility in males and females. - High fluoride negatively impacts thyroid health (fluoride at ≥0.5 mg/L can disrupt thyroid function). - Lead in the pipes going into your house/building; this is rarer in developed countries but still exists some places.

For a water analysis of your tap water, Google your zip code for a water quality report, or contact the Safe Drinking Water Hotline. You can find additional resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Note: In the U.S., water reports should be provided for free by the city, and you should not have to pay for results.

Tip 4: Get enough minerals to improve water absorption, especially magnesium.

You can purchase trace mineral supplements if your water has a low mineral content or you feel you are peeing every 5 minutes 😅.

Really recommend this podcast for a wide range of health topics, hope this helps!

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[For women] Birth control can positively impact facial aging


There have been some studies on long-term use of birth control and how it effects the skin. Basically, estrogen in birth control prolongs the amount of estrogen in skin, keeping it younger looking. (However it can worsen hyperpigmentation, as well as acne.) What do you guys make of this?



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Idk what's in this but it has become one of my fav serum

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One of my best purchase from Marshells. Got it for less than 10$. Apparently this serum is for dry skin but it has done a wonderful job in smoothing my skin and lightening my acene scar. I have a combo acne skin. I also notice getting less acne than usual after incorporating this serum in my skin routine.

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Just started tret and spironolactone, my face has looked like this for a few days now (I've since stopped the tret). Is this a normal reaction?

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What do we think of this guy's anti-aging routine?


The strict anti-aging routine of a 45-year-old CEO from diet to exercise | Fortune Well

I read he's doing lasers and stuff too. What do you think? What's good and what's bad? Anything you would add?

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Routine Help The world lied when they told me acne was for teenagers. Routine help with the next big nothing is helping my skin, this time featuring wrinkles!! Lol


I turned 30 and felt good about it, more mature excited for the next phase of my life. My skin does not agree lol. My routine seems to be no longer working at all. I somehow have more acne consistently than I did when I was a teenager and my 20’s combined. My skin has always been dry/sensitive and I have mild rosacea on my cheeks and eczema around my nose.

When I was teenager I used acne wash like clean and clear, early 20’s realized “acne” routines were too harsh switched to things like hydro boost by Neutrogena. The scent started irritating my skin, tried adding retinol in my mid/late 20’s went too hard on it. Dried out my skin, settled into a routine which is fairly similar to now. I had to switch a couple of things that were no longer working, but it doesn’t seem to be helping.

Recent old routine AM: Water-Olay complete moisturizers spf 30/supergoop unseen spf40/makeup

PM: rinse- Garnier Micellar water Neutrogena ultra gentle cleanser/ let skin dry then use either Paula’s Choice .3% retinol+2% bakuchiol or Differn 1%. 2-3x’s week depending on my skin. Cerave moisturizing cream in the tub. Cerave cream repair eye cream

My skin started to feel irritated, even when I didn’t use the retinol. The Olay wasn’t enough moisture, so fall/winter I used my Cerave PM in the morning.

Changes added-

AM: Cerave am lotion spf

PM: Cerave hydrating makeup wipes (if I have them), now use Cerave Hydrating cleanser

My skin is breaking out around my chin/jaw so bad. A little on my cheeks too. Around my nose burns when I put on my lotion, but the rest doesn’t feel overly dry. It almost feels like too much moisture? I had to stay somewhere recently and forgot my face wash so ended up using Ivory bar soap which made my skin feel clean and then next day my acne looked better.

I feel like I need something stronger, but I’m afraid to mess with it too much. Hyaluronic acid serums cause me to breakout for some reason. Last night I was reading on Reddit, and tried Cerave skin renewal wash. I avoided my nose, and my skin feels good today. Sorry for the long post. Any advice?

TDLR: Dry skin feels like it’s getting to much moisturizing products, having breakouts don’t know what to switch to

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45M looking for a new face and neck skin routine

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Any suggestions welcome

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Skin Concern What can I do to help with my lower face starting to sag and overall skin texture? 39/f

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Skin Concern Help me understand what it is please

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I have been having this patch for over 6 months now. I'm not sure what's the best treatment. It's not itchy but if I scratch I can see some flakes. Tried moisturizing it didn't help.

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What are your experiences with The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Eye Serum? Does it sting sensitive eyes? (I'm worried about niacinamide under eyes)


I really need peptides under my eyes but in the past many eye cremes made my eyes watery and stingy. Do you know any peptide serum for sensitive eyes?

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Microneedling at home? FaceGym FaceShot at Sephora


I’m torn between trying to afford professional microneedling at local dermatologist ($700 for a session 😬) and maybe trying an at home microneedling like this one sold at Sephora from FaceGym. https://www.sephora.com/product/facegym-faceshot-trade-electric-microneedling-device-liquid-vitamin-ampoules-P480300?skuId=2561447&icid2=products%20grid:p480300:product

Would like to hear from anyone who has any experience with something like this, what their experience was like, etc.


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Face moisturizer: who has small samples?


What is the best way to test face moisturizers without spending $$$ to figure out which ones don't burn? I've never stepped foot in a place like Sephora (I don't wear any makeup and I just brush my hair and call it a day. Everything I've ever purchased has been from the grocery store)

I've tried two different face creams from safeway. Each one has burned and I didn't feel comfortable trying to return opened/used cream to a grocery store.

Someone has to have samples that I can try on my face and see if it stings before paying $40 a small bottle, right?

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Wrinkles ADVICE: Wrinkles & Feeling Like Still Frowning After 1st Time Botox (Jeuveau)


Hey everyone!!!

So I just turned 30 a little while ago & finally decided to get Botox for the first time in my forehead 2 weeks ago. My doctor injected me with Jeuveau - she said that's her preferred type & she loves the results better for her patients (and herself). Anyway, since I'm completely new to this experience, my forehead definitely felt weird for a while, like a sort of "heaviness" feeling. As the days have been going on, I've been feeling this sort of "push and pull" with the muscles in my forehead. My forehead itself, like when it comes to raising my brows and forehead, I can't do that anymore, those muscles are definitely relaxed, but I've still been having this "frowning" feeling between my brows - like they don't feel relaxed at all, and I've been noticing this 1 frown line that I've had before by my brow still there.

Full disclosure - before the injections, I've never been able to frown on demand, it kind of has always happened involuntarily, like when I'm really mad or in front of a computer/phone screen, and I'll feel the muscles and realize I've been frowning. As a result, there has been this 1 frown line that I've mentioned that has been slowly creeping onto my skin - it's definitely a fine line, not crazy deep, but it is noticeable to a degree (obviously with certain lightings it's even worse).

That all being said, I had my 2 week follow-up appointment with the doctor yesterday. I was honestly fully convinced that I'd need a touch up, but when she and her assistant saw me they both said everything looks amazing. I told her all my concerns though, everything that I mentioned above & how the muscles between my brows still don't feel relaxed, because I honestly was expecting her to say the opposite and to see what I've been talking about, but she showed me before and afters and she said there's no line there & she tried getting me to frown and she said I wasn't doing it. She's the real deal, because she said that if I wanted to "blow my money" that she would do a touch up for me, but again, she said it would be a waste because there's nothing there to be "touched up" even.

I mean, ngl, I am kind of disappointed because I still see the frown line there, not to mention the muscles by my brows still feel the same as before, so I'm completely confused why she didn't see it. Like, she's a doc, and it would benefit her $$$ wise if she recommended I get a touch up, but I guess she was being real with me, which I love about her, but at the same time I am still disappointed about the line. She said she didn't see a line & the "Frowning" feeling/unrelaxed brow feeling that I mentioned is actually normal for 1st time patients (something about how my brain is trying to frown, so that feeling is there, but the tox is preventing it from actually happening on my face?) & the next time I get the injections I'll be used to it by then & won't feel that sensation anymore.

I'm kind of at a loss about what to do. I've been seriously debating about going to see another injector but Idk if that would be a waste. I mean, my doctor has no reason to lie like that to me, right? If she wanted to scam me for more cash, she could have easily injected me more. I feel like I'm just being paranoid & hard on myself as usual, but I promise there's still a frown line there. Sometimes it's visible and other times it isn't. I examined my face yesterday when I got home from the appointment & I didn't see it there, but tonight I just did. I'm so annoyed! I know these injections don't "erase" the wrinkles, they just relax the muscles and since you're not moving those parts of your face anymore, the lines in those areas soften up & depending on the kind of wrinkle they are, they become less visible as time goes on. So now I'm thinking, maybe I just have to give it time? The doctor did say that the injections are already kicked in, too, so there's no more waiting regarding my muscle movement.

I don't know, I'm just feeling a bit at a loss about this & could really use some advice from others who have done this - or if anyone else has experienced the same thing? Because I just don't know what to do right now. Seek out another injector or give it some time?

Thank you everyone Xx

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34 to 35


Anyone seen rapid deterioration of skin between this age? Honestly I feel the collagen leaving my body! Any tips?! I do Botox 2x a year and nothing else. Help!

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Skin Treatments Chubby cheeks after microneedling?


I've had a Dermapen microneedling session 8 days ago and, ever since then, I've noticed that my lower face is quite a bit fuller. At first I thought it was just temporary swelling, but it hasn't subsided, so I suppose it was just my body's healing response to microneedling.

I'm a thin-faced person with some extra fat around the perioral/jowl area, and the facial volume loss that came after 28 or so actually suited my face quite well, so I'm a bit bummed out about this result. Yes, there's less laxity post-treatment, but my face looks less sculpted and frankly less attractive now.

I hope I'll age back into my original looks, but if that doesn't happen, should I try HIFU or microcurrent devices to fix the problem? After this experience, I'm worried that doing more stuff to my face will have unintended results. Also, has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance!

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Skin Concern Scarring


Hi folks. In the past few years I’ve noticed my skin scarring at the tiniest injury. A freaking rug burn scarred the back of my hand, for example. A cut on my shin is now a dark blotch. And it’s taking way longer to heal. Is this just the aging process, or is there a nutrient I can add to my diet to help my skin heal in the future? Any suggestions for the new dark scars? Thanks.

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Product Question Help! Fave sunscreen being discontinued!

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I’ve tried 20+ sunscreens over the years and every single one gives me tiny whiteheads around my mouth and on my chin within hours of applying. My Derm said to go with an alcohol based oil-free sunscreen (yes I know people hate alcohol for skincare but it was a miracle for me). Neutrogena is discontinuing this spray and I’m heartbroken, and I haven’t found another similar alcohol based spray by googling.

I have melasma and I’m super careful about sunscreen. I’ve been using a daily combo of a chemical base layer and a mineral sunscreen powder from colorscience on top with good success, reapplying the power throughout the day as needed. First picture is of my last bottle of the spray (sigh), the other images are only a subset of others I have tried. I think it’s either something in the bases, or more likely, just too much hydration that’s causing the whiteheads. Anyone out there with a similar problem who’s found a solution?

My skin is pretty normal, not too dry or oily. I don’t think I can use the powder alone because the color builds if you use enough to have complete coverage by itself and it’s not a great color match. I’d probably have to buy the lighter color and alternate applications to not look completely bizarre, but I’d still prefer a base layer of chemical sunscreen.