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Important Survey Megathread


That time of year again...new surveys posted anywhere but here will be fed to the javelina.

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Weekly /r/ASU Discussion - November 21, 2022


Please use this thread to ask any random questions you have that may not warrant their own posts, or if you want opinions on something non-ASU related (as long as its SFW).

All Sun Devil Rewards answers and key words will need to be kept within this weekly discussions post as to not overwhelm the sub.

Please feel free to use this thread for any housing needs/inquires/concerns as well!

Since this thread is likely to fill up quickly, consider sorting the comments by "new" (instead of "best" or "top") to see the newest activity.

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ASU athletics right now

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ASU Research Park Library/Study Space


Is there a library or study space at ASU Research Park on Elliott Road that students or the public can use?

A quick search on web and maps doesn't show any spaces for student or public access but I was curious if anyone had any more information.

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I'm confused


Just paid the past due balance but the enrollment hold is still there.

Don't know what to do

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Pichaya Trakanrungroj for CHM 233


I'm most likely going to retake ochem, and I really don't want to take it with Spurgeon again (currently in his in-person lecture). What's everyone's experience with Trakanrungroj? Thinking of taking her hybrid class next semester since it's my only option besides Spurgeon.

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Arizona vs Arizona State Fight

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MArch Online


Hi all. I am considering doing this course over 3 years while working full time. I expect it would be a heavy work load and am curious if any current students could provide some advice. Would it be possible to complete this alongside a full time job?

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I recently transferred to ASU to complete my Electrical Engineering online. I can still take classes at my old college but i'm debating it. Are math and physics classes harder at ASU then local community college? I have a lot of Math and physics courses to take? Should I take them at a community college and transfer them later or take them at ASU instead? I heard ASU are very restrict and harder!

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What is a good entry level job to get at ASU?


I've never had a job in high school, and I'm thinking of getting one now so I can buy some upgrades for my pc. What are some decent jobs for someone who has 0 work experience.

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Should I take humanity elective during spring or summer semester?


I'm a stem major and I was considering taking one of my humanity electives online during the summer instead of spring because

  • this can lessen my spring semester workload
  • I'm not busy during the summer

But my question is, does taking it during spring cost the same as taking it during summer? It might be the only class I'm taking during summer (3 credits) so I might not meet the required amount of credit in order to get tuition fund, as opposed to taking it during spring semester along with other classes might get me more tuition fund.

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22-23 Roomate


My friend (F), and I (M), are possibly looking for 2 other roommates to live in UHouse with us. DM me with any questions!

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Is doing a Master's in CS while working possible?


Hmmm it seems like a lot of people have been posting to ask for advice on this sub and have been wanting to do the same since we're on break.

So I'm a staff member at ASU and taking courses to complete prereqs for a Master's in CS. This would push me back about a year unless if I switch to online. What's nice is that I have tuition reduction so I don't have to pay as much. Even though the benefits are nice, I kinda want to work in industry or find a job that is able to help pay for tuition.

I don't have a lot of experience in tech, but the area that I'm working at does work on bioinformatics. There's also web development/UX design that I have recently been interested in as well.

I plan on staying here until I could knock out all of my prereqs first. Here are my options as to what I could do when I start with a Masters:

  1. Continue working for ASU + Masters (less out of pocket tuition, less pay, good benefits)
  2. Secure a tech job/internship (more out of pocket tuition, more pay)

I'm just torn about continuing to work at ASU because although the benefits are nice, I would like to have some experience with industry.

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As an applicant, is there any way to appeal to ASU?


Since ASU does not accept essays and recommendation letters, I don’t know what to do to appeal to ASU. I have work experience in the field related to my major (not directly related tho), so I want to use this experience to increase the acceptance chance. What should I do? Can I just email to the admission office including certificate from my work?

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for everyone grieving today’s loss


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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🥧🍂

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Are LORs needed for Computer Science (Bigdata), MS?


I did not see any thing mentioned on requirement and I have almost reached to the end of the application form, but I dont see any place to fill recommenders mails and contacts.

I have tried reaching faculty by mail recently, but I did not get any response.

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Salary pay range query reg an on-campus position at ASU


I got an offer - stipend position but I didn’t understand what does prorated mean in this and how frequently do I get paid. Can someone explain this?

The offer letter says “We are pleased to offer you a stipend position as <POSITION> in the amount of Up to $1,000.00 for the 2022- 2023 Academic Year (prorated).”

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The university stipend for RAs are low. It’s worst for international students


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ASU Health


If I wanted to make a general women's health appointment with no insurance card (not sti testing), does anyone know the base out of pocket cost for it?


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Looking for somewhere to stay?


Not sure if these posts allowed but my friend said this would be a good place to try. I want to move from San Diego to be closer with friends in Arizona and also to just get out. I'm 22 and male. At the moment I make 3k a month but i plan on looking for a remote job making more in the future. I'm a really reserved, quiet person and I mostly stay home anyways so I won't be spending money on going out or anything. I just need a place to stay and I'll take almost anything that I can get. Am open to any questions about anything you need to know. Hope this doesnt get removed lol

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International students, how do you find a job on campus?


Hi all. I am transferring to ASU from CA this Spring as Data Science major, and try to find a job on campus. Most of the job on the school's search engine require FWS eligibility, so I am just wondering what jobs that international students usually apply for. I have more than one year working as tutor at my CC, so it would be nice if I can keep doing tutoring jobs. Thanks for reading and happy thanksgiving!!!!!

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ASU Health Services


I’d like to see what softwares are staff interacting day to day at health services. Can I visit health services directly and ask them their pain points with the softwares that they use?

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Hi to everyone, I am an electrical engineering major was getting accepted to ASU online and SJSU and UCSC .. I’m California Residence .. can you please what school of the list should I go to ?


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Should I move to finish my degree on campus?


So I have to option to move in the spring. I’ve been working toward my BS in software engineering online through ASU. I really like the program and would like to stay with ASU. Do you think it’d be worth it to move to Phoenix/Tempe to finish my degree on campus?

Here’s a couple of reasons why Im even thinking about it:

My degree plan offers a Bachelors/Masters accelerate program but it’s only offered to campus students

Internships/job fairs/networking

Maybe a real college experience?

So I guess what I’m asking is for your experience/opinion of the campus and area? Do you think it’d be worth the move? Im moving regardless, this plan just gives me more direction than if I were to pick a random place.

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anyone know why there’s police cars over by gammage?