r/AskReddit Mar 28 '23

What celebrities have you met, and what was your experience like?



u/rega1ia0a Mar 28 '23

Met Charles Barkley on an airplane. Absolutely awesome, nice dude.


u/_MaCoy_ Mar 28 '23

Kentucky Basketball head coach John Calipari came to our small town of 100 people after the awful flood last summer. Incredible human, he handed out clothes food and other supplies


u/Seradhiel Mar 28 '23

I met Steven Yeun at a comic con back in like 2012 and he was super nice! I didn’t have enough money for a photo opp or a signature or anything but he still took the time to chat with me about The Walking Dead and the whole time he was just very jovial and kind. Love him in almost everything I’ve seen!


u/OrchidFew7220 Mar 28 '23

Was an airport greeter for quite some time. Met lots of people. Easily Erykah Badu. Always had a few questions in mind (non career ofc) in case they enjoyed small talk. She got down the jet bridge and was the definition of “aura”. Red D&G trench, big ole hat, big ole shades & light boots. I could barely speak. She was very kind and didn’t say much. As she waltzed through the concourse whistling at a light volume (still gives me chills as I can still hear it) she smiled and even took a few photos with fans. She was a queen. A legend. Grace personified.


u/pfghost Mar 28 '23

I worked in a hospital kitchen. There was a patient who was really mean to us. She would yell at us and make us remake everything sent up. She would always say "Do you know who my son is!" Our boss had people stay in late and come in early just to accommodate her. We'll one day I went up to give her her food and she started getting upset and complaining about the food. As soon as she started to say "do you know who my son is!?) The man in the corner just sternly said "mother! Please stop that!" It was Dennis Quaid. He is a decent man. He was very kind.