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Announcement Welcome to /r/CollegeBasketball. This is March Madness.


Welcome to /r/CollegeBasketball, everyone!

The clock is winding down on the final month of college basketball and fans are gathering to storm the subreddit, so before that happens we’ve got some important announcements to make:

Firstly, please review our rules, whether you are a long-time poster or just visiting for the tournament. Due to the massive increase in traffic we experience this time of year, we are calling it extra tight on removals and suspensions so make sure you’re playing it clean out there if you don’t want to get ejected for the rest of the season.

If you haven’t already, flair up!

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BREAKING: Caleb Love Leaving UNC, Entering Transfer Portal

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The Final Four but it's completely wrong (2023)

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SDSU holding opponents way below scoring avg's

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Analysis / Statistics Don’t get it twisted: This has been one of the best men’s NCAA tournaments ever

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The Final four

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News The current “get-in” price for the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship Game is $111.

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Analysis / Statistics These teams just earned $270 million for playing in the tournament

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News [Jon Rothstein on Twitter] Sources: Rodney Terry has agreed to a five-year deal with Texas worth approximately $3 million dollars annually.

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Sources: Rodney Terry is finalizing a deal to be the next head coach at Texas.

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[Creighton Men’s Basketball] “You have rallied and galvanized, not a university, not a community, but anybody that’s ever had anything to do with Creighton University.” #GoJays

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Combined Final Four Appearances since 2000

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Saw this on twitter thought it was interesting.

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You know those Lunardi bracketology simulations that u/collegesports2021 runs throughout the season that are always kind of fun but not necessarily realistic?


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News [Norlander] Dusty May wanted to quit hours after signing FAU contract; now he's coached Owls to improbable Final Four run

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[Rothstein] NEWS: Alabama and Arizona are finalizing an agreement to play a neutral site game on December 20th at Footprint Center in Phoenix, according to multiple sources.

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Analysis / Statistics Caitlin Clark has just had the first 40 point triple double in NCAA tournament history


41-10-12 in the Elite Eight. It's also the first 30 point triple double.

What the fuck dude. I usually root against other B1G teams for spite reasons but I can't help rooting for Iowa because of her.

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History UConn has the worst record among the remaining four teams. Since 1990, the team with the outright worst record in the Final Four (at the time) has won the tournament just once: the Arizona Wildcats in 1997 at 23-9


In 1997, the Final Four was: * Arizona: 23-9 * Kentucky: 34-4 * Minnesota: 31-3 * UNC: 28-6

2008 Kansas came close to being included, but they were tied with UCLA for having the worst record in their Final Four with both at 35-3, so it was not outright the worst record.

How the team who had the worst record at the time of the Final Four fared in the Final Four:

  • 2022: UNC lost in the Final
  • 2021: UCLA lost in Final Four
  • 2019: Auburn lost in Final Four
  • 2018: Kansas lost in Final Four
  • 2017: South Carolina lost in Final Four
  • 2016: Syracuse lost in Final Four
  • 2015: Michigan State lost in Final Four
  • 2014: Kentucky lost in the Final
  • 2013: Syracuse lost in Final Four
  • 2012: Louisville lost in Final Four
  • 2011: VCU lost in Final Four
  • 2010: Michigan State lost in Final Four
  • 2009: Villanova lost in Final Four
  • 2008: Kansas won the Final/UCLA lost in Final Four (same record)
  • 2007: Georgetown lost in Final Four
  • 2006: LSU lost lost in Final Four
  • 2005: Michigan State lost in Final Four
  • 2004: Georgia Tech lost in the Final
  • 2003: Kansas lost in the Final
  • 2002: Indiana lost in the Final
  • 2001: Maryland lost in Final Four
  • 2000: Wisconsin/UNC both lost in Final Four (tie)
  • 1999: Ohio State lost in Final Four
  • 1998: Stanford lost in Final Four (same # of losses but less wins than Kentucky)
  • 1997: Arizona won the Final
  • 1996: Syracuse lost in the Final
  • 1995: Oklahoma State lost in Final Four
  • 1994: Florida lost in Final Four
  • 1993: Kansas lost in Final Four
  • 1992: Michigan lost in the Final
  • 1991: Kansas lost in the Final (same losses but less wins than Duke)
  • 1990: Duke lost in the Final

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Postseason Boise State looks to make history as first back to back Anti-Champions since 1947-48


What is an anti-champion?

A team that loses in the first round, and the team that beat them immediately loses, who then immediately loses, all the way down the bracket.

For example, Boise State's path the the Anti-'Ship last year: Boise St lost to Memphis> Memphis lost next game to Gonzaga> lost immediately to Arkansas> lost to Duke > lost to UNC > lost to Kansas.

If either SDSU or FAU defeat Miami in the National Championship game, Boise State repeats.

Wyoming repeated as Anti-Champs in 1947-1948 when there was only an 8 team field.

Root for history this weekend, root for the back to back Anti-Champ.

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Post Game Thread [Post Game Thread] #5 Miami defeats #2 Texas, 88-81


Box Score

Team 1H 2H Total
Miami 37 51 88
Texas 45 36 81

Index Thread for March 26, 2023

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If San Diego state wins the championship they will be the first team to win the championship not in a power 6 conference since UNLV in 1990 and 2nd to win it since UTEP in 1966.


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[Wojnarowski] Tyrese Proctor returning to Duke

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Closest 2023 Final Four Team to Each US County

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The 2023 Final Four is set

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Discussion With all the chaos that has ensued this year, we should have the winner of the NIT play the NCAAT winner.


It's the one year where it might actually be a solid matchup.

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Kentucky guard Sahvir Wheeler to transfer

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History San Diego State is the first Mountain West team in conference history to make the Final Four