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Official Monthly Megathread Monthly megathread: Discuss quick frugal ideas, frugal challenges you're starting, and share your hauls with others here!


Hi everyone,

Welcome to our monthly megathread! Please use this as a space to generate discussion and post your frugal updates, tips/tricks, or anything else!


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Share with us!

· What are some unique thrift store finds you came across this week?

· Did you use couponing tricks to get an amazing haul? How'd you accomplish that?

· Was there something you had that you put to use in a new way?

· What is your philosophy on frugality?


Community Discussion and Updates

January was a record month for r/Frugal. At the time of writing, we have seen over 3.3 million unique visitors this month alone!

The moderation team has implemented several updates and rule changes to the community over the past month. Multiple rule changes have been made including changes to how we manage haul posts, limiting commercial links/products requests, along with a new rule managing political content. You can take some time to review the changes here. These changes will better aid us in keeping r/Frugal a constructive place for conversation and discourse.

We have also launched our beta test of Frugal Finds Friday. We will be spending the next several weeks evaluating this new system and determining how it impacts user engagement and if any systemic changes need to be made.

You are welcome to use this space to provide feedback as well!


Select list of some top posts of the previous month(s):

  1. Frugal living: Moving into a school converted into apartments! 600/month, all utilities included
  2. Follow up- my daughter’s costume. We took $1 pumpkins and an old sweater and made them into a Venus Flytrap costume.
  3. Gas bill going up 17%… I’m going on strike
  4. I love the library most because it saves money
  5. We live in Northern Canada, land of runaway food prices. Some of our harvest saved for winter. What started as a hobby has become a necessity.
  6. 70 lbs of potatoes I grew from seed potatoes from a garden store and an old bag of russets from my grandma’s pantry. Total cost: $10
  7. Gatorade, Fritos and Kleenex among US companies blasted for 'scamming customers with shrinkflation' as prices rise
  8. Forty years ago we started a store cupboard of household essentials to save money before our children were born. This is last of our soap stash.
  9. Noticed this about my life before I committed to a tighter budget.
  10. Seeds from Dollar Store vs Ace Hardware.
  11. I was looking online for a product that would safely hold my house key while jogging. Then I remembered I had such a product already.
  12. Using patterned socks to mend holes in clothes
  13. My dogs eat raw as I believe it’s best for them but I don’t want to pay the high cost. So after ads requesting leftover, extra, freezer burnt meat. I just made enough grind to feed my dogs for 9 months. Free.
  14. What are your ‘fuck-it this makes me happy’ non-frugal purchases?
  15. Where is this so-called 7% inflation everyone's talking about? Where I live (~150k pop. county), half my groceries' prices are up ~30% on average. Anyone else? How are you coping with the increased expenses?
  16. You are allowed to refill squeeze tubes of jam with regular jam. The government can't stop you.

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Community Updates & Rule Changes


Hi everybody,

The mod team has been busy making some updates and changes to improve the content standards of the community and to help keep conversations on-topic. The purpose of this post is to help explain the rule changes we have recently implemented. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below.


· Modifications to the hauls and finds rule. Hauls and finds will now be allowed in the main feed on Fridays as part of Frugal Finds Fridays.

· Modification to the commercial link rule; restricting fly-by shopping requests. “What is the best/cheapest product?”.

· New political rule to help keep conversations civil and on-topic.

So what’s new?

Hauls and Finds

Our rule involving hauls and finds has been amended to allow hauls or finds to be included in the main feed if they can be easily replicated by readers or if they contain a widely beneficial tip/discussion point. This will help clarify some of the ambiguity we have previously experienced with this rule without limiting certain types of content which create meaningful discussion. For all other hauls and finds, they should either be reserved for the megathread or can be posted in the main feed on Fridays as part of a new program, Frugal Finds Friday.

Full rule text:

To post your haul or find outside the megathread or on a day other than Friday, the content or topic of your haul post must either provide a widely beneficial tip/discussion point or be easy for others to replicate. r/Frugal is an international community that is made up of individuals coming from a wide range of lifestyles, geographic locations, and financial situations. Any hauls posted outside the megathread/Fridays should ideally be relevant to as many people as possible. Singular, one time individual hauls or finds should always be reserved for the megathread/FFF. Posts which should usually be reserved for the megathread include:

- Grocery/food hauls

- Thrift/coupon hauls

- Roadside finds, salvaged goods, or other “one-off” hauls.

- Deals limited to your local area

Commercial Links

This rule has been slightly amended to also encompass certain types of low-quality and low effort posts we have observed which seek tips or shopping advice on a specific product to purchase. It is important to note that this change will not restrict posts seeking alternatives, DIY solutions, or other conversations which may be discussing a specific product but are still relevant. We are simply looking to avoid the “I need a product, give me a commercial link” posts.

Full rule text:

r/Frugal is intended as a place for discourse or advice and attempts to be a commercial-free zone. Please refrain from:

- Linking to commercial sites, defined as a site which sells products/services through a cart, subscription, or booking appointments/trips. Talking about a site or product is fine, just don't link to it.

- Requesting product suggestions such as the "cheapest" or "best" product. Posts which generate meaningful discussion are fine but "fly-by" shopping requests will be removed.

Political & Social Issues

Simply put, r/Frugal is meant as a positive, helpful, and inclusive community. However, we understand that political conversations can be necessary given that politics can have a significant impact on a Frugal lifestyle. While the full text of this rule may seem big and scary, it is ultimately broken down into two parts.

  1. Off-topic political content
  2. Hostile comments or attacks

Section 1.

We are not restricting any specific topic for discussion under this rule. However, please do not post any political content which would be considered off-topic in a given situation. For example, arguing about COVID-19 vaccines or the president’s latest hairstyle on a post about egg prices would be considered off-topic.

Section 2.

This section is divided into three subsections. Please keep in mind that Rule 1 still applies to political content.

  1. Attacking, bashing, circle-jerking, or otherwise poop-talking any sort of political figure, opinion, political party, ideology, demographic, protected class, etc. r/Frugal is a diverse community and we are dedicated to keeping this space safe and inclusive. If your comment is disparaging or bashing any particular politician or group, there is a very high chance there are people in the community who fall under that identifying demographic (or support that specific politician). If your comment would be considered a personal attack when the describing noun is replaced with a username, it will be considered a violation and will be treated similar to how civility issues are treated under Rule 1. Please respect other opinions, even if you disagree with them. We ask that you keep political conversations centered on policy, not persons or politics.
  2. Blaming an issue on one of the groups mentioned above. This does not restrict meaningful conversation about policy, we are simply looking to avoid low-effort partisan circle-jerking. Similarly, broad generalizations would fall under this section of the rule. Examples of this section include comments such as “All of [insert political ideology] are bad” or “You can thank President AutoModerator for dinosaur juice prices”. You are welcome to discuss how a specific policy passed or supported by X politician made an impact on your frugal lifestyle, but tone and content matters. Something like “President AutoModerator caused dinosaur juice prices to skyrocket because they passed a law that required the dinosaurs to receive vacation time and the weekends off” would be considered substantial and tonally civil enough to be allowed.
  3. Finally, we ask that you refrain from promoting personal or political agendas in an unconstructive or intolerant manner. For example, a post such as “ew gross, no one should eat meat anyways, go vegan” would fall under this rule. A post like “Going vegan is better because tofu is a significantly cheaper source of protein over beef” is fine.

Full rule text:

While meaningful contributions to r/Frugal are encouraged, certain types of political posts are prohibited. Please do not post political content, debates or discussion which are off-topic or not relevant to frugality. Political contributions should be limited to focus on policy, not persons or politics. To keep conversations constructive, postings involving opinions, political affiliations, demographics, protected class, or ethos (character, status, authority) should either be limited to personal, relevant experiences in a given topic and/or tonally civil discussions which are on-topic. Such comments should focus on how the topic being discussed pertains to you, not how you perceive other people’s opinions or motives on the issue. Contributions which disparage or make broad generalizations about the demographics, motives, opinions, political affiliations, or perspectives of other people will be removed (even if not targeted directly towards another user). If a political conversation has reached this point, it is no longer about discussing frugality and is usually off-topic.

Furthermore, all political contributions should be kept civil and compliant with Rules 1 and 11. Please refrain from:

- Attacking or bashing political figures, parties, or ideologies. There are other subreddits to engage in these types of discussions. We want r/Frugal to remain a collaborative and constructive place for all.

- Blaming a specific issue on one of these “classes”. This ties in with the point above. Meaningful, on-topic discussion of how a specific policy or decision has made an impact is fine, but please refrain from making broad generalizations or off-topic comments.

- Attacking other users for their perspectives or opinions. Different people have different opinions. Discussion of relevant issues is fine, personal attacks are not.

- Discussing, debating, or pushing social issues which are off-topic.

- Promoting political or personal agendas unconstructively or intolerantly. Again, constructive criticism or suggestions are fine but incivility and gatekeeping is not.

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DIY 🚧 New skill unlocked! I've been learning how to sew and altered the neckline of this $3 shirt I thrifted

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r/Frugal 21h ago

Appliances 🔌 My dryer has been doing laundry flawlessly since it was made in 1976.

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r/Frugal 7h ago

Maintenance Saved a 55" Hisense from the landfill with $1.44 in parts and about 10 minutes work. Just had to replace these two capacitors, which were easily accessible.

Post image

r/Frugal 3h ago

Restore & refurbish 🚧 Saved myself/restored a cast iron skillet thanks to this sub

Post image

r/Frugal 4h ago

Personal care 🚿 I thought something seemed off, this is now the bigger size.

Post image

r/Frugal 5h ago

Tip/advice 💁‍♀️ Air cure your hand soap so that it’s harder and lasts longer.

Post image

r/Frugal 3h ago

DIY 🚧 Magnetic knife holder my dad made using a wood floorboard and magnets from non-working hard drives.

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r/Frugal 13h ago

Tip/advice 💁‍♀️ Cosco Price Hacks?

Post image

Is this Cosco pricing chart true?

r/Frugal 2h ago

Clothing & shoes 👚 I always try to make my clothes cuter after they've been patched than they were before. the problem is, I get too attached and can't throw them away even after I have patches on patches!

Post image

r/Frugal 21h ago

Food shopping Has this always been a thing??? Why would I by half a pound cake that looks like this?

Post image

r/Frugal 1h ago

Clothing & shoes 👚 Found these shoes for 2.50$ at the thrift store. Is there any way to salvage them ?

Thumbnail gallery

r/Frugal 59m ago

Advice Needed ✋ craiglist buying bs tactic


Is anyone else sick and tired of potential buyers on the used market start negotiations by asking, "what's your bottom price for your xy or z?" I used to answer with asking, "What's the most you're willing to pay?" However I've found this usually ends the text exchange. Isn't my response equally insulting? I feel the buyer is trying to take advantage of me instead of having an honest negotiation by attempting to start pricing talks at my disadvantage. Am I being an old cranky seller? Is this just a time saver or am I justified in being annoyed? Tell me how I should feel Reddit!!!

r/Frugal 4h ago

Discussion 💬 How do you feel about "manager special" on meat products?


Hello - sometimes at my grocery store, in the meat section some of the meat will have a sticker that reads "manager special" and it will be a cheaper price than usual. I'm always a little torn - I love a good deal, but is there a reason you are trying to move this meat quickly? Do y'all take the chance?

r/Frugal 20h ago

Frugal Win 🎉 This weeks TMobile Tuesday deal: $3 Little Caesars (much bigger than I thought it would be and not bad!)

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Frugal Win 🎉 Grocery Shopping Markdowns


Just went to my local Meijers store and found organic lettuce and a vegetable tray with a buy by date several days out still, marked down 90%. Was able to make 6 healthy salads with power greens, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and tomatoes and croutons for under $5 total. Grocery store was selling the same premade salads for $10+ each.

r/Frugal 2h ago

Advice Needed ✋ Has being frugal made you more of a hoarder?


I just posted a reply that I thought being frugal can lead some to a behavior of hoarding. I feel like I do have more stuff for sure. Do you feel like you might be a hoarder or at least could become one? If you have battled this and figured out ways to prevent hoarding, what are they?

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Discussion 💬 I’ve never used Door Dash or Uber Eats


Is that weird?? I cook from scratch a lot and the rare times I want to eat out, I go to the restaurant and get it or eat there. I see zero point in paying a lot of extra money to have it delivered.

r/Frugal 11h ago

Tip/advice 💁‍♀️ Avoid impulse purchases


Impulse purchases are often the main cause of overspending. Try to delay purchases for a day or two to see if you still want or need the item. I found out that sticking to a plan in my mind eg. to buy only one piece of clothing a month (eg. for going to the office) or a book, makes me appreciate this item month. After a while, you won't be even tempted to buy something outside of your 'schedule'

r/Frugal 23h ago

Clothing & shoes 👚 Got some Via Spiga (made in Italy) pumps from Goodwill for 6 bucks. Needed both heels fixed and decided to splurge on sole reinforcement from the best cobbler in town. Brand new they cost well over $200. Total end cost — $90. Not bad.

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Home & apt 🏠 Changed out all the bulbs in our new place for 9w LED ones. Considering some of the old ones were 75w I assume the previous owners were millionaires.

Post image

Electricity where I live is now 36c/kwh so, while we still use our lights conservatively, this should lead to substantial savings over the longer term. Also 4 of these (2cfl, one halogen and one incandescent) were already burnt out. Overall cost of the bulbs was about $80 for 12 fittings (one fitting had no bulb).

r/Frugal 15h ago

Food shopping anyone losing weight rather than buying food like you used to?


I've been stubborn and also having to choose better with my food spending. I'm fasting a little more and cutting out some items that used to be inexpensive or worth treating myself every week or two. I need to make my dollar stretch further, and since I get less food for the money I've noticed my weight dropping.

(M56) have fluctuated between 7 and 10 lb lighter the past couple of weeks. Curious to see where this goes, but I now find myself having to rethink some clothes such as jeans that now fit too loose.

r/Frugal 19h ago

Food shopping Canned meat recall! Please Read


I just saw this on r/Poverty finance and I instantly thought about this sub.

Please check your larder, if anyone is going to a food bank tomorrow please make them aware of this. Stay safe everyone.


r/Frugal 3h ago

Discussion 💬 Are T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, etc. actually good for anything?


I’m looking to purchase some new pans and I’m wondering if it’s worth stopping by these kinds of discount stores. I always get the vibe that the items are low quality made to look high quality, but I don’t know that for sure. It’s just a gut feeling. Has anyone had good experiences with them? Bad experiences?

r/Frugal 3h ago

Advice Needed ✋ Frugal sunglasses hunt.


I try to be frugal with the clothing and accessories I own. I'm pretty careless and break my sunglasses often.

I need a new pair but unsure of how I should go about it do I end up getting a more durable pair that will last longer or do I search for a deal on a bulk pack of sunglasses.. any feedback would be appreciated my eyes thank you all.

r/Frugal 15h ago

Advice Needed ✋ how can i DIY make these using cheap ice cream?

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