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Request LPT Request: How to keep knees healthy to avoid problems growing older?


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Finance LPT request: Is 42% of takehome pay too much to spend on a mortgage?


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Request LPT Request: What can you do in your 20s to avoid regrets in your 30s and 40s?


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Clothing LPT: If no deodorant works for you…


POV: You have just showered and put on new clothes an hour ago and you already smell of stinky sweat. You have tried all sorts of deodorants, but it never holds for more than half a day.

It might be your washing machine‘s / detergent’s fault. If the odorous bacteria aren’t properly washed off of your clothes, wearing them will cause those bacteria to multiply and bam! You’re already stinky.

Consider using antibacterial detergent for a while and see if you stink slower.

Also consider cleaning your washing machine (they usually have cleaning programs, there’s also advice online, you should be doing this anyway!). Rule of thumb, if it smells bad when you’re not using perfumed softener, it needs a clean.

Source: female friend of mine who struggled for years having to shower sometimes twice a day and wash her clothes everyday. Now she can wear her clothes for 3 days and do sports without shame.

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Clothing LPT: if you’re the type of person who doesn’t wear branded clothing. Use a wholesale website to buy Gildan, Hanes, FotL, etc. branded plain color t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, etc for far less than you would pay at a store.


By “branded” I mean a company brand or logo plastered on the clothing everywhere.

My top suggestions would be shirtspace.com, jiffyshirts.com, and bulkapparel.com

Edit: as many have suggested. Crafting stores like Michael’s do carry these shirts as well. But generally just one type (usually the most basic) and not as many colors as an online retailer. But still a great option.

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Social LPT : teach your children that their feelings are valid too.


In my professional life I have investigated and manages many sexual harassment complaints.

In my personal life I volunteer with abused children and have worked at a women’s shelter.

A common theme that I have seen in harassment complaints and abuse is the victim having difficulty setting a boundary, and the subject unknowingly (and sometimes deliberately) taking advantage of that.

During childhood, our kids are often taught to smile, be polite, respect their elders, share their things, look after others, not hurt feelings, to be “nice.”. We talk about putting others first and equate that to being kind and good, and very little focus is put on understanding our own feelings and how to manage healthy boundaries.

When children who have been taught to behave this way grow up and start facing the real world alone, many are not equipped with the skills necessary to set healthy boundaries- they are uncomfortable saying “no”, they don’t want to be perceived as unkind or mean. They are unable to be direct for fear of hurting feelings, and unclear in what they want because previously putting themselves first was “wrong”, “selfish” or “bad”.

Children need to be taught that each person is responsible for his or her own feelings. That something that makes you feel bad doesn’t make you bad, and that you should not agree to anything that you truly do not want. People need to be taught how to have uncomfortable conversations and that it is not their responsibility to conserve the feelings of another. Clear is kind. Boundaries are important.

TLDR: Teach children to respect their own feelings as well as those of others and to have uncomfortable conversations. These skills must be learned in order to create healthy boundaries in adulthood.

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Careers & Work LPT: When you get a new job, save down the job description, and use the points listed under responsibilities to add that experience to your resume when the time comes.


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Miscellaneous LPT: Spend more time with your own thoughts instead of the thoughts of people on the internet.


We’re being constantly exposed to thousands of different thoughts, ideas and opinions on social media, all of which we were not really supposed to consume. For a lot of people, everything they speak is the voice of someone else, something that they read or listened to. The more you read other people’s thoughts on social media, the more you drown out your own. Make room for your thoughts. Allow yourself to be bored. Sit alone, with no distractions and no music, only to think. Develop your own ideas and opinions. We as a generation have become so afraid of being left with our own thoughts that we constantly keep playing something in the background, reading something or watching something. Get more in touch with yourself and your mind.

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Food & Drink LPT: breakfast should include a decent amount of fiber as well as some protein


For example, leftover vegetables from dinner, served with ham or melted cheese on toast, will keep you fuller and more satisfied than cereal. Or even easier, have beans with breakfast.

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Social LPT: If you feel you are getting "mixed signals" from someone (in a personal or professional situation), ask yourself: is this person just trying to tell me something negative/critical but wrapping it in a polite package?


I have read this, and it has also been my experience, "mixed signals" is usually the other person trying to hand out rejection in a way they feel is nice and face-saving.

As Dan Savage puts it: "The positive part of the mixed signals is probably the think layer of vanilla frosting on the shit cake someone is giving you."

This is a particular problem when there is a power differential between the more powerful person giving the mixed signals and the receiver. This differential can be because of a work hierarchy or just because the person giving the mixed signals cares less about the situation than the receiver.

If you can't quite get whether someone wants to be friends with you, go out with you, work with you, or hire you, think about whether they rare really saying the same thing: "no."

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Request LPT Request: What can you do in your 40s to avoid regrets in your 50s, 60s and 70s?


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Traveling LPT: When you travel, bring an extra trash bag or two for your dirty laundry.


This way you can keep your dirty clothes out of your luggage and away from any clean clothes you might still have.

Also, make use of the laundry bags hotels provide in their closets, it’s essentially the same thing.

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Careers & Work LPT: You really should pay attention typing class in school.


LPT: I didn’t focus in on these lessons as a kid and my typing is no where near as fast or good as it could be. There are so many jobs, even labor jobs have some typing, that revolve around typing in some form.

I cannot stress enough how apparent it is being a mediocre typist vs my significant other can type out whole papers looking me in the face in less than 30% of the time and far fewer corrections.

It’s something that many people blow off and it’s simply a trait that’s good to have, but when you are taught it, you simply don’t think it’s important.

Also if anyone has some good typing class recommendations let me know. It’s not too late to improve.

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Social LPT: create code words for you and your spouse to use.


if you're just a little uncomfortable in a situation and you wanna go home, or you're in serious danger, or for any reason you just need to be discreet, create a phrase to indicate it. Example: "sugar plum". I never call my girlfriend sugar plum, so if someone were wrong, I'd call her this name and she'd understand what's going on. You can get creative as well.

Different phrases could indicate certain dangers. For example, "honey bear" could mean that you're not in any serious threat, you just feel uncomfortable and need to escape. Or "cherry blossom" could mean that you're in serious danger, but can't call the cops, because you're afraid something bad will happen.

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Traveling LPT: You can slow down in your vehicle without having to press the brake pedal.


I know this should be common knowledge, but I’ve recently seen so many people slam on their brakes at the last minute rather than take their foot off the accelerator and slow down gradually. I’ve noticed that this particularly common when approaching speed zones.

Just take your foot off the accelerator. Your brakes will thank you.

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Clothing LPT: Mild frostbite? (Fingers numb) When you rewarm your hands, don't take your gloves off, doing that avoids 99% of the pain.


Grandpa taught me this trick. Basically when it's cold, cold enough to make the tips of your fingers go numb even through heavyweight winter work gloves, when you go back inside. Keep the gloves on until your hands are completely warm again. If you do that, it'll be painless. And if there is pain, you've got frostbite that needs to be seen by a doctor.

I think everyone has had the on-fire feeling of numb fingers being warmed back up again, and it SUCKS.

This has helped me so much in my years as a shadetree mobile mechanic. Thought I'd share it here.

Haven't had it happen to my toes but I'm sure the same thing will help with feet.

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Miscellaneous LPT How to order Valentines Day flower


How to order Valentines Day flowers

  1. Order early, most local shops reach capacity before 2/14
  2. Order from a local, brick and mortar florist. (If you google your town and flower shop the first few listing are call centers that keep a lot of your money and send your order to a local florist) To find a local florist, scroll down a bit. To make sure, look at the images of the shop and you will see an actual building.
  3. If you have more specific requests, call the shop and talk to a real person. Most shops have a website you can place an order on for a simple order.
  4. When you order from a local florist know that it may be a bit more expensive but you should get a way better product and service.
  5. Ask the local florist for recommendations as they know what looks the best, they are the expert. Tips from a florist......

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Home & Garden LPT: Wet your fingers to help search for drafts around the house


With winter upon us and oil prices still quite high many of us in the northern hemisphere (myself included) are feeling the strain of high heating costs. Fortunately there is one easy solution that we can all take to reduce energy usage and that is to ensure our homes are well insulated against the cold. One of the biggest sources of heat loss in many houses (especially older homes) is leaks, especially around windows and doors. Fortunately you don't need a fancy thermal camera or heat gun to search for leaks, simply wet the tips of your fingers and run them near gaps and seams around the house to feel if there is any cold air coming in. Thanks to the power of evaporative cooling you can easily feel even very small drafts that would otherwise go unnoticed. This method can help you accurately determine were additional sealing might be needed. For small gaps caulk can work well and excess can be wiped away with a damp paper towel. For larger gaps in areas that are not normally visible (especially in basements) spray foam works well, but be careful as it's very easy to make a mess. Also make sure your exterior doors are properly sealed with weather stripping. With just a few hours and under $20 in materials you can start saving money and extend the life of your furnace.

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Social LPT request: Dealing with heartbreak


Hi, i've posted about this before so i hope it's ok to make another post about it providing more information. Maybe i'm just really desperate for advice.

I dated a girl for 2 months, and since she broke up with me 3 weeks ago i've been way more heartbroken than i've ever been over longer relationships. Tbh the pain is pretty bad and i'm still having a hard time sleeping etc. We dated for a short time but with alot of contact: texting and calling all day and meeting up a few times. The breakup came out of nowhere when her ex suddenly returned who she was with for 6 years.

I feel like i now have a way too perfect picture of her in my head, because she broke up with me in the 'honeymoon stage'. I didn't have the chance to see anything bad about her or anything i really disliked. All the times we met up we were intimate, cuddled, watched movies and talked. We never went anywhere outside of the house so i have no idea what that would've been like. We also never had an argument or annoyance or anything like that yet.

The last date we had went really good and she said i should've stayed longer and she missed me. A week after that things completely changed because her ex came back and confessed his love to her, they had been broken up for 7 months. She said she didn't expect this and is now really confused. She told me she can't continue dating me and needs to figure things out and i should continue too. After that we met up 3 more times, which was basically us being emotional and mostly her comforting me. I think that made me fall for her. After she broke up with me it felt like i wanted her MUCH more and was way more invested in her. When i was with her it wasn't even all that exciting, we didn't have any deep conversations, i never felt a spark, and sex/kissing her wasn't all that great either. I was just really comfortable with her and i guess i got attatched to it. It was only after the breakup that i realized i really wanted her.

I did send a few long (maybe a bit dramatic) texts after the breakup, but not in a way of begging her or getting angry. Just coming across a bit needy. That might've turned her off completely idk. The last text she send me sounded quite distant, saying she was very busy but would give me an update in the future on her thought progress and situation. Appartently she's still not back with her ex at this point. I don't have any hope because i can just tell by the way she talks and the slow replies that she's probably done with me. I still look at her pictures which is a really bad habit. In a way i feel like i lost 'the one', but at the same time i know that's very unrealistic and we might not even be competible at all. Because it's so short i can only fill in the blanks myself.

What is the best way to deal with this?

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Careers & Work LPT: HR is there to protect the company from litigation NOT for the workers best interest.


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Request LPT Request: Now I'm past my 20's and 30's, what do I do if I'm 40 and made those mistakes and have regrets?


So as the title says, if I already made the mistakes/regrets, now what?

From r/CarelessWhiskerer: AND ALL OF THESE APPLY TO ME

Now I’m my 40s, here’s what I regret:

Not making movement/exercise a part of a weekly routine.

Anything addictive: alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, it all catches up with you.

Not spending enough time working toward a plan to make my own money, instead of exchanging five days of work for two days off.

Not traveling more. After marriage and kids, all travel gets way more expensive.

Not carving out enough time for creating things.

Marrying someone who had a lot of debt and no commitment on how to get out of it.

Moving too far away from family after having kids. Sending the kids to the grandparents can be a mental life boat. Not being able to do that makes life quite difficult.

Any debt other than a mortgage.

Holding onto relationships way past their expiration date.

Having a mentality that I’ll live forever with no consequences. Time can’t truly be saved; it’s spent whether you want to or not. Don’t waste it!

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Finance LPT: Before going to shop for a new cellular plan or anything that requires a quote. Say that it’s too expensive or give the salesman a set budget. Most of the time they will give you the best price.


If your shopping for anything that requires a quote, like a cell phone plan, be as cheap as possible. Constantly remind them that “It’s too expensive” or “out of your budget”. Most of the time the salesman will show you the best price. A lot of the jobs of salesman aren’t to make you spend the most money, just make you spend ANY type of money. Point is to get your info and close the sale, and for that, you have to negotiate. This cuts most of that bullshit in half.

Source: I use to work at multiple sales jobs

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Social LPT : Want to attract people in a positive way and make friends? Wear a shirt with a positive message on it. You’ll be surprised at the amount of people that approach you to comment on it or start conversation.


I have been working on my mental health recently, and after moving to a new state I don’t have many local friends or acquaintances. I’m also a retired Marine; as such, I know I can come across a little gruff or unapproachable at first glance. One day, I wore a shirt to the gym that says “be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. I must’ve had half a dozen people introduce themselves and shake my hand and start a conversation with me about the shirt and how they appreciate the message. Simply wearing the shirt had opened conversation and led to a couple friendships. At the very least you will be prompting others to be positive, good people. At best, it shows others that you’re safe to approach (you have to actually be friendly when they do) and opens communication. I genuinely hope this helps someone. Have a great day everybody.

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Request LPT: PLEASE HELP/ SUGGESTIONS on, How to stay strong when your life is not going according to your plans (especially in your twenties).


Like some examples- you're not getting a job whereas your friends are placed in a nice firm many months back. OR You not getting something which you absolutely deserve but still it's not coming to you but others getting it pretty easily and chilling.