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What do you think will be illegal by 2030?


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Unanswered How come web designers don't realize that filling and blocking the screen with boxes to sign up to stuff make me want to leave the site immediately?


Mobile websites are particularly prone to this. Even big brands and outlets are responsible for this. Who in their right mind would believe that greying out and blocking the content people are here for to ask them to sign up to the newsletter, turn on notifications or else will encourage people to do so?

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My dad is convinced that if TikTok gets banned "there will be a revolt. It's gonna get really bad here." Is he falling for fear mongering or is he into something?


I don't really use much social media, mostly post on here, so I don't really know what the average person thinks about this situation or how they feel but I feel like he's really far off base. Like, if we didn't have a large scale revolution over the last few years, TikTok won't be the catalyst, right? Or is he into something here?

Edit: and how do I convince him he's falling for fear mongering?

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Unanswered How long before you don't swap Babies?


Okay so let's say you just had a beautiful baby boy at the hospital, everything is fine but a year later you get a call.

The babies got swapped with someone else, they're not yours and some stranger has your true baby. Do you swap back or keep the one you already have?

What about 5 years? 10? 15?

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Is there a word (in any language) for the sadness you feel when you pick up your drink only to realise that you've already finished it?


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Does anyone else feel exhausted from having to constantly make sure companies actually provide the products/service you pay for?


I don’t know if I just have bad luck or what, but I feel exhausted shopping or eating out and having to make sure I actually get what I paid for, at the price I’m supposed to pay.

For example when I go to the grocery store:

  1. I have to remember every item I’m buying that was on sale and double check the discount is applied at the register because it often isn’t.
  2. I have to check every package/container I buy and verify it’s not damaged or opened because it often is.
  3. I refuse to do order pickup anymore because every piece of produce they give me is damaged or rotten and oftentimes they give me food that is past the expiration date.

Buying things online is even worse. Half the time I don’t receive the correct item and have to spend hours of my time contacting customer service, waiting on hold, and providing proof I did not get what I paid for. I’ve had items arrive damaged or opened and they want me to pay for return shipping before sending a replacement. Usually I have to make multiple follow up calls over the span of a few days/weeks before my issue is actually resolved.

These are just a few examples but I feel like I have to be on constant alert any time I deal with a business and it’s really exhausting. If the business messes something up it costs me time and money while costing the business nothing. This is my experience pretty much everywhere so I can’t just avoid a certain few.

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Is it possible for a perfectly healthy person to suddenly die of natural causes in their sleep?


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Why do people back into parking spaces?


As the title suggests, I have no idea why people do this. Especially in perfectly normal environments like a school parking lot/garage, or like their home driveway. I'm trying to get some perspective on this.

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did the German people know what the Nazis did to the Jews?


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Why did security let Will Smith just sit back down without intervening after he slapped Chris Rock?


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Why does the term “colonizers” almost exclusively refer to white people even though other races/civilizations were expanding long before Europeans?


Could it just be an American thing? Or because it’s more recent/relevant? I’ve taken a lot of history classes in both college and high school and I’ve always wondered why problems created by other groups are rarely acknowledged

Edit: I’d like to add that even in “World History” classes, we only ever focused on the history of Europe and the Middle East, which is extremely frustrating to me.

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If exercising releases dopamine, and the release of dopamine is why we get addicted to things. Why do I hate exercising rather than getting addicted to it.



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If my dad dies, then my mom remarries another man, then my mom dies, and then my stepfather remarries, am I still legally my stepfather/stepmother's child?


Hypothetically speaking of course

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Why does squatters rights exist?


I’ve seen a couple stories of people leaving their houses empty for a period of time, maybe for a vaction or holiday homes, and when they return, some random person has decided to start leaching off them by moving in rent free. Why does the law protect these types of people?

I think the law should put people like that in cuffs, not give them a free home.

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Just spilled soy sauce and it went through my bed sheets and into the actual mattress how do I clean this


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Can you be kind and not nice?


I know this may sound like a silly question, but I’ve learned throughout my life that being too nice isn’t a good thing and you gotta stop being nice and be more assertive. I’ll have to admit I hated myself for being too nice and passive aggressive. Those days are over. Done. When I say not nice, I mean like not letting people push me around or do what they want. Not being a jerk. I am kind but I’m no longer nice. I mean you can be nice but not too nice. I was told I needed to stand up for myself when I was younger, to not let people push me around, be a follower and I can’t make others happy. I felt like shit when I always worry about if I’m going to make somebody angry when I refuse to do something I don’t wanna do. Not anymore. Anybody else felt that way?

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If you sleep with a CPAP machine and get arrested/sent to jail. Does the prison system have to provide you one?


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Why do people get infinite punishment in hell for finite wrongdoings?


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Why do we feel disgusted and fearful of insects but not larger animals?


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Why are there so many Alice in Wonderland based characters in Batman?


Mad Hatter, Cheshire, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Alice, White Rabbit, Dormouse, March Hare, Queen of Hearts. All of these are Batman characters.

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If you are a girl is it odd for your male counselor to call you pretty


Like a senior

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Do Americans also ask their children to pull out their gray hairs?


In Korean culture, parents with gray hair will ask their child to pull some of their gray hair out and they will even tip the child, like $1 per hair. Looking back, I noticed this was a pretty odd thing to do. Do other cultures do it too, specifically Americans?

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Do I really need a "real" password manager like Bitwarden over the Chrome password manager? Are my passwords really at risk with Google?


Every time I read about "why to use a password manager" I hear the same three things, other than "don't let big tech have your data":

- You can generate secure passwords (Chrome can do this too)

- You can store passwords offline (why would I need a password to a website if I'm offline?)

- They are encrypted and secured by a master password (Chrome has on-device encryption as well using my screen lock, which I have enabled)

I'm not convinced that the Chrome password manager isn't good enough. Am I being ignorant or missing something?