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Housing Offered [HOUSING] 1-2 Roommates (or couple) Wanted - Large House - Tempe - 3way split $2500 + utils


Housing Offered

I’m attempting to gauge interest in a possible roommate situation where we would be sharing (joining a lease together) for the 4/2 large home I'm currently renting. I'm M38 currently living in the master bedroom for a home at W Guadalupe Rd & S Kyrene Rd. Monthly rent is $2500 before utilities, we could negotiate on how we split it (3way preferred).

The house is a 4/2, 1700 sq ft, on a double-lot with 6" tall blockwall-enclosed backyard (super private), several afternoon shade trees, large pool, paved deck and patio, bbq grill, rv gate, 4 paved driveway parking spaces, 3 unused bedrooms, and 1 unused full bath. The house is a 1 minute walk from a small city park (grass lawn, trees). Common areas are mostly furnished, and landlord provides and maintains all appliances including washer/dryer.

Arizona native. I work a normal M-F schedule (geotech industry), and have friends over occasionally. Very easygoing, and lots of experience with roomshares before.

I'd prefer a couple that would each pay a share and just take the rest of the unused rooms, parking spots, and full bath. (It's a split-level floor plan, so the other bedrooms are away from my master bedroom).

I'm signing a new 12-month lease to span Jan 1 to Dec 31, but move in as soon as Dec 1 is possible. I have 1 cat & we have room for more. Let me know if you’re interested.

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Housing Offered [HOUSING] ISO someone to takeover lease, $1800/mo 2bd 2.5 bath w/ 2 car garage, Rio Salado and 101


Just bought a house and trying to get out of this lease ASAP. Applications/tours through here: tct.appfolio.com/listings/detail/8d6f19dc-0665-480c-b222-be5b5407c20e?fbclid=IwAR03GDGxD0R6S5lcJ_JR_WQBVd_GKSTWCiRMsn2WYgKiXf1qfbfuYdXZi8w

I can try to answer some questions but I don’t own it, so TCT will be best source.

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Housing Offered [HOUSING] ISO roommate for 2 BR/2 BA in S Tempe. $950/mth + utilities


Hello. I'm looking for someone to sublet the extra room until August, maybe beyond, depending.

Rent is approx. $1900, $950/ea + utilities (highest was $250, I expect it to much cheaper in the months before summer. Also there's a $240 deposit.)

I'm clean, quiet, courteous, and would appreciate the same. I've got 2 wonderful cats as well.

Please inquire with any questions..

Thanks and have a great day!

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Housing Offered [HOUSING] looking for someone to take over my lease ASAP!


Hi! I’m looking for someone, preferably a woman, to take over my portion of my lease asap-rent is less than $1000 a month with utilities (usually averages around 800) and there’s one other 19 y/o female roommate there. 2 bed 1bath, In house washer/dryer, pet friendly, all kinds of stuff. It’s located in the Dana Park/north Gilbert ish area. I want to specify that I’m not subletting, you would officially be replacing me on the lease so this isn’t a sublet/I would not be your landlord. Please reach out for more info-I’ll obviously be able to provide a lot more details in a less public space. Thanks!!

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] 1bd somewhat around ASU Tempe


Does anyone know anyone with a one bedroom that's opening up somewhat near ASU Tempe? Should also be somewhat near the light rail. Need to move in around November 28, 29, or 30th. Max budget is $1000. I know there's a lot of stuff on apartments.com but as many of you know it's managed by shady management companies and if I can help it I don't want to deal with them. I have perfect credit and a flawless rental history.

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] ISO room for rent ASAP


West valley preferred but open minded, we work in Goodyear. Week to week or month to month My boyfriend doesn't have a home right now and airbnbs are expensive and unsustainable so we'd like to look for something better. He just needs a room. He's quiet, respectful and won't bother anyone. We work overnight shifts Sunday through Wednesdays and sometimes other days too. He can offer up to 550 in rent. If we can both live there with our tiny pomeranian, we can offer up to 800 if it's a fair price for the room/house. Please comment or message with any questions if interested, thank you so much

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] 32M Seeking Room or Small Apartment Near Central Phoenix $800-$1000


I'm a 32M looking for a place to rent. I've been in Phoenix for about a year. Without going into too much detail my wife is having some doubts about our relationship so we are looking at living separately for the next year.

I have a job I really love but the pay isn't great so I'm hoping to find a place within 15min of Midtown area that I can afford. My ideal rent is between $800 and $1000.

We have 3 dogs all small or medium and I would love a place where one or 2 of them could live with me. I love to cook and my other hobbies include biking, board games/DnD, hiking, video games and writing.

If anyone has anything they know of for cheap or wants a roommate who doesn't mind cooking for everyone hit me up. I really love this city, my job and my life here and want to make things work if I can.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the help.

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] Desert Parks Vista Apartments in North Scottsdale..

Thumbnail self.Scottsdale

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] Advice on 2 bedroom apts (phoenix, Tempe, or nearby areas)


My friend and I are going to be moving to Arizona for school in fall 2023 we’re looking for a

2 bedroom apartment preferably under 1800/month and somewhat close to both gcu and asu (no more than a 30 min drive from either) (he’s going to gcu I’m going to asu)

We’ve looked around at several apts online reviews seem mixed

Any opinions on the tides at paradise valley?

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] searching. Anyone?


Here shooting my shot as I haven’t had much luck reaching out on CL for rooms. Currently in a hotel off the i-17 and cactus close to my work.

Just left a terrible situation where I had been staying with my girlfriend for the past two years. I usually WFH but my equipment was broken so I’m currently in office.

I’m 28 years old - quiet, clean, keeps to my self type of individual. I don’t have any pets with me. I don’t stay out late and I usually work and see my family when I have time. Just looking for something until I have enough saved for something of my own. Down on my luck, hoping someone will read this and point me in the right direction. Not looking for a handout. I work and can come up with the money. I’m just trying to never go back to a toxic situation. If this isn’t allowed, that’s fine if someone can just let me know where I might be able to post. This is my original post if anyone interested in reading it. Idk what else to do?


Thank you.

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Housing Offered [HOUSING]


I’m attempting to gauge interest in a possible roommate situation where we would be sharing the apartment I currently live in. I’m a 34 year old male and I live in a 2 bed 2 bath near 16th st. and Bethany Home Road. Monthly rent is $1720 before utilities, with you being responsible for half. You would have your own bedroom and bathroom with full access to the rest of the apartment. The current lease extends until March. I have two cats so someone without pets would be ideal. Let me know if you’re interested, if you know of someone interested or if you want more details! Thanks in advance!

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] Looking for a (semi)finished room near ASU Polytechnic ~$700


Hi all, I'm looking for a room near ASU Poly from November until June/July. Here's the pertinent info about me:

  • I am currently doing a quasi-snowbird thing and am staying in Wisconsin until the weather turns, and I'm looking to move in around the beginning of November.
  • I spent a decade as an environmental scientist before deciding to change careers and return to school and I moved to Phoenix over two years ago.
  • As I am an older student you can count on me to be respectful, reliable, and busy. I travel lightly and tend to be tidy and low friction, and of course have no problem paying rent on time.
  • This current semester I am remote, and will have in-person classes in the spring, so the closer to Poly the better.
  • I'm a cat guy, and have owned cats and looked after previous roommate's cats while they were out of town.
  • Socially liberal and very easy to get along with. 420-friendly but don't really indulge.
  • Interests and hobbies include retro video games, crossword puzzles, Jeopardy, cars, hiking and foraging, and more. I love cooking, eating, and I'm a bit of a beer and cocktail nerd.
  • Big Simpsons/Futurama nerd.
  • Currently watching: What We Do In the Shadows, Only Murderers in the Building, Reservation Dogs, Silicon Valley
  • I have a car and prefer off-street parking.

Please DM me, if you use chat I probably won't see it for a while, and let's set up a zoom meeting or similar.

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Housing Offered [Housing] Spare room in South Tempe - $700 + 1/2 electric monthly


Hello, I'm a grad student (M27) with a spare bedroom and bathroom in a 2 bed 2 bath condo. It's about 12 mins south of ASU

Looking for someone chill and easy going. I am often working on projects so I do value peace and quiet. I also like to keep the place clean so routine cleaning is necessary. We would share the living room and kitchen but you have your own bathroom.

Reserved parking space, pool, and small gym on site.

I am pretty easy to get along with and have had good experiences with roommates in the past. Please feel free to DM me with questions or info to get to know you if you're interested! Do give me time to respond though.

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Housing Offered [HOUSING] Roommate Wanted


I’m attempting to gauge interest in a possible roommate situation where we would be sharing the apartment I currently live in. I’m a 34 year old male and I live in a 2 bed 2 bath near 16th and Bethany Home Road. Monthly rent is $1720 before utilities, with you being responsible for half. You would have your own bedroom and bathroom with full access to the rest of the apartment. The current lease extends until March. I have two cats so someone without pets would be ideal. Let me know if you’re interested, if you know of someone interested or if you want more details! Thanks in advance!

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Housing Offered [HOUSING] Room for Rent


I have a Room for rent in Glendale, in a 4 bed 2 bath house. I(M25) have a lovely wife(29F) and a daughter(5mo). We have a roommate(30M) and 2 dogs and 2 cats. We are all homebodies and cook and hang out at home. The room is a shared bathroom with our other roommate. We have a very spacious back yard and a pretty good size day room that we all use as a utility room. Our roommate and I both work long hours and are gone alot. My wife stays home with the baby and animals.

We are seeking a down to earth responsible adult to move in. We are 420 friendly just not around the baby, usually outside. We have washer and dryer on sight as well. Must be pet friendly, clean, and respectful of others.

We just signed a year lease agreement and our goal is to move back to Oregon once it's done. This is an opportunity for everyone living here to have low rent and save to get ahead.

Please DM me with serious inquiries. Looking for someone to move in by October.

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Housing Offered [housing] roommate wanted


I am looking to rent out a room in my condo near GCU. The bathroom is shared, one parking space, community pool, laundry appliances in unit.

I'm asking for 700/ month plus half utilities .

Please DM me for more information and to schedule a time to visit the place.

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] Looking for an apartment recommendation in Downtown Phoenix


Hey there! I'm planning to move to downtown Phoenix. If you're currently living there and love your apartment, I'd love to hear about it.

In addition, if your apartment has a referral system and I end up moving to the apartment you're at, I'm happy to provide your name as a referral.

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Housing Wanted [WANTED] 21f housing


need to find a new place to live by october. i have a 4 mo husky mix & i work in glendale. need help

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Housing Wanted [Housing] just moved here from Virginia looking for a room it doesn’t where at this point because I’m sick of living out of hotels! My max is 900-1k and I am a 27 male who likes to workout and do other hobbies


I am quiet clean and punctual with rent, and respectful. I go to bars and smoke 420 time to time but always outside!! I have pay stubs everything! Male female trans half human half animal it doesn’t matter lol just be clean and dont fuck to loud

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Housing Wanted [Housing] Needed


Hi! My 33M bf is a single dad of 3 kids and is in need of a room or studio to rent. Max budget is $1300 a month. He’s very quiet, kids well they can be kids. Clean and has stable job.

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Housing Wanted [Housing] ISO of room or a place to rent


Hi I am a 43 year old male. I am a systems engineer. I have solid income and am looking for a room to rent or a residence. I want to stay in the scottsdale/arcadia or central phoenix area. Looking to move within 60 days.

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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] male looking for a room to rent


hi there,

I am a Phoenix native who just moved back to the city about a year ago- been living with family and the time has come to get a space of my own. I am looking for a room to rent in the Central PHX/Arcadia/Biltmore area. I write for work and also for creative fulfillment, and so I am looking for a peaceful, quiet, space. I am very clean, orderly and responsible, and would like to live in a likeminded environment. I am a 33 year old male, day-job in the legal field, dont have any pets but usually love them- the inverse is true most of the time too:)

The Ideal scenario is between 700-800 for the room/space. Also, my preference is to live with men, around my age.

thanks for reading this far & I hope to be in contact with you ✌🏻

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Housing Offered [Housing] Furnished Room in Central Phoenix Available


Looking for a roommate to cut down on expenses. It's my girlfriend and I plus three dogs. I own a four-bed, three-bath house in the Green Gables neighborhood (24th Street and Thomas/McDowell). Looking for $1,000 per month for furnished bedroom, private bathroom, and all utilities included. A little negotiable on price especially if you are willing to share the bathroom during spring training/travel season.

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Housing Offered [Housing] Fully Furnished Historical House in Garfield


Have to leave state for work for a few months, so figured I'd rent my house. Fully Furnished, I'm about as chill as a landlord as they come. $2350 includes utilities. House has been fully restored and updated. I'm ok with subletting as long as you occupy the master bedroom full time.


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Housing Wanted [HOUSING] West Valley rental wanted - with a decent landlord!


WEST VALLEY - I'm looking for a clean, well-maintained, privately owned rental - ideally owned by someone who really cares about their property or a decent property management company.

What I can offer: - A two year lease, at least - $1350-$1450 a month, depending on what's included - A flawless rental history and landlords that would love to give a reference - Care and attention to your property, including minor improvement and fixes. I used to be a property manager and real estate agent, and I love projects. - A reliable rent payment - proof of income and credit report upon request

Preferences: - Townhouse, condo, small house, or guest house - Two bedroom or 1 plus a den, office, loft (need a space to work and host guests) - 1-2 bathrooms, more is better - Dishwasher and washer/dryer - Carport or garage - Some sort of yard and patio with room for small dog (might want to get one, this is negotiable) - No carpeting - Located somewhere safe and clean in the West Valley - A nice neighborhood to walk around

I've been having trouble finding a decent place to live with an honest landlord. I would love to find a place that's safe, beautiful, and welcoming for my family and friends that live around the area.

Thank you!