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Daily Chat /r/Phoenix daily chat - Saturday, Nov 26


Phoenix daily chat thread to discuss all things happening in/around the Valley. It's a place to check-in, share how you're doing, or ask questions that don't need its own thread.

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Living Here Phoenix - Looking for work + hiring thread (Nov)


Hey r/phoenix Members!

Are you looking for a job? Is your company hiring? Use the thread below to network!

Please be sure to include the general location or area you are seeking/hiring in but remember, this is the internet so you should not post any information that could be used to identify or locate a person IRL.

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Things To Do Stolen from r/pittsburgh: What small businesses should we support today on Small Business Saturday?


I'd like to support small businesses as much and as often as possible. Let's talk about great local shops.

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Pictures [Update] In a previous post I had asked for bakery recommendations in the East valley…

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Because of timing and thanksgiving I was not able to find anyone who can make a Death Star cake. I took upon myself to try and make it. This was my first time using fondant 😁

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Pictures I always love seeing so many people in Downtown Tempe for events like this. Here's some of my favorite pics from the Fantasy of Lights Parade tonight.

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Ask Phoenix Coworkers often talk about donating plasma. Are these offers really true?


I've never donated plasma but I see the centers all over town. I've been really trying to stack my money for the holidays so I been doing overtime, hosting a yard sale today but extra cash for donating doesn't sound bad. I'm googling centers and some ads say things like "get up to $800 today!" Or "$1000 for first time donors"

Are these actually legit? My coworkers have said donating is only good during the promotions, which that part I believe. But how legit are these promos? Any help would be so appreciated because I freaking hate needles but damn it I want my kids to have a good Christmas this year so I'm gonna really consider it.

I'm not a great redditor so thank you in advance to those who reply ❤

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General Hospital Job Drug Policy



Now that recreational marijuana is legal, do hospitals still test for THC when drug testing employees?

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Pets Valley pig rescue in need of blankets for winter

Thumbnail 12news.com

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Pictures Tempe Boat Parade - Dec 10 this year

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Utilities Anyone else billed by APS as a "non-holiday" on Thanksgiving Day?

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Pictures Good morning Phoenix from Piestewa

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Ask Phoenix Arizona deliverance center


Does anyone know about this place? It gives me weird vibes. Any info is important, I have a friend who is vulnerable planning to come to see them. Please let me know, if you have to dm me.

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Referral Holiday Cookies


Hello all! I’m looking to buy decorated gingerbread cookies in the East Valley for my son’s birthday in a couple of weeks. I’ve found a couple of places that do this but charge a little out of my budget (looking to spend less than $90 or less for 30 cookies). TIA!

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Ask Phoenix Northwest Valley Coffee Shops.


Hey all, I’m looking to expand my horizons on coffee shops in the Northwest part of Phoenix/Valley. I work on my laptop editing and would like a to find some places that are comfy to work from. I frequent the Daily Drip but would like to explore a little. Any recommendations?

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Politics What Local Phoenix Area elected officials (either currently elected or past) do you think are deserving of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award?


This is somewhat of a repost since my last post was removed, but I am looking to write about an elected official who demonstrated an un-widely known act of political coruage after 1917 in order to enter the JFK Profiles in Courage Essay Contest.

Any suggestions would be more than appreciated.

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Politics Gila River tribal station airing Real America's Voice network. For now

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Referral Best place to donate clothes?


I refuse to take anything to Goodwill. I have a ton of women’s clothing, shoes, even some household stuff I want to donate in the next few weeks. Looking for somewhere that DIRECTLY helps homeless, or those in poverty. Thanks in advance! 🙏🏼

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Things To Do Small business Saturday


Where are some great places to go for small business Saturday? I’m thinking specific stores or neighborhoods with lots of small businesses. Thanks in advance!

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Pictures This neighborhood in Gilbert is lit

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The pic doesn’t do justice

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Ask Phoenix Empty Parking Lots


Where can I find an empty parking lot to teach my brother to drive? Preferably on the west side please

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Things To Do Are there any local independent movie theaters in the Phoenix area? Something similar to the Loft in Tucson?


Any places I could find that seemed remotely equivalent appear to be shut down right now. I'd really like a little local theater with events and independent movies and stuff, it was one of my favorite things in Tucson. Is there anything like that here?

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Ask Phoenix A Christmas Crisis- please help!!!

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Ask Phoenix Thrift shops with old digital cameras/film cameras/equipments


Hi, does anyone know of or came across thrift shops that sells old digital cameras/film cameras/equipments within the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale area?

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Eat & Drink Where can I buy cool coffee beans?


Where can I buy coffee beans that are delicious, have a cool bag and are local?

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Pets Exotic pet stores in Phx


I used to own a pet tarantula for a long while in my younger days until I gave it away. I was thinking such a pet would make a good first time exotic pet for a certain young person in my life for christmas. (I'm gonna be helping care for it too) Any reptile/arachnid/fish owners in Phx on here that would have a good small business pet store to recommend?

I'm looking for a small store with knowledgeable staff. Something that sells reptiles and more in addition to fish. I don't necessarily want a Mexican red knee or Chilean rose hair. Some tarantula that is non venomous yet also interesting. Interested to find something new in Phoenix.

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Living Here Why the fireworks though on Thanksgiving?


Only in Maryvale are people doing fireworks… for thanksgiving…WHY

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Wildlife Are there any similar products or methods that are effective at keeping coyotes out of back yards? I like this but it's a bit expensive and apparently only comes in 4 foot increments.

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