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VOTED 💰📈Vote & Save the Date: June 15, 2023🚀10:00AM(CT) Gamestop Annual Shareholder Meeting📈💰


This will show you how to vote with Computershare and what the Board is recommending. If you have shares in a brokerage the process is similar.

Beneficial owners: You may have your shares voted at the annual meeting by following the voting instructions provided to you by your broker or custodian. Although most brokers offer voting via the Internet, by telephone, and mail, availability and specific procedures will depend on their voting arrangements.

Email Invite to vote

I have another account that I haven't set up online access yet so this got mailed

If you got something like this delivered to you: You can scan the QR code with your phone camera and it takes you directly to the website.

It will ask you if you want the meeting material e-mailed to you, sent by mail, or not at all.


There's the proxy material - read it through🚀

The Board recommends:

  • Voting FOR ALL Nominees
  • FOR Proposal 2
  • 1 YEAR on Proposal 3
  • FOR Proposal 4



For Voting posts we have this flair available:


Add to your calendar: June 15, 2023 @ 10:00AM(CT)

The annual meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., CDT.

You are entitled to attend the annual meeting if you were a stockholder as of the record date, or if you hold a valid proxy for the annual meeting, by accessing www.cesonlineservices.com/gme23_vm. Participation in the meeting is limited due to the capacity of the host platform and access to the meeting will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis once electronic entry begins.

Electronic entry to the meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. CDT and the meeting will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m., CDT. In order to ensure that your shares are represented at the meeting, we strongly encourage you to vote your shares by proxy prior to the annual meeting and further encourage you to submit your proxies electronically—by telephone or by Internet—by following the easy instructions on the enclosed proxy card. Your vote is important and voting electronically should facilitate the timely receipt of your proxy.

Can I Participate and Ask Questions During the Virtual Annual Meeting?

Yes. Beginning 30 minutes prior to, and during the Annual Meeting, you will be able to access the Rules of Conduct applicable to the annual meeting, and if you are attending the meeting as a registered stockholder of record or registered beneficial owner, you can submit questions by accessing the meeting site at www.cesonlineservices.com/gme23_vm and following the directions. We will hold a Q&A session during the annual meeting, during which we intend to answer questions that are pertinent to the items being brought before the stockholder vote at the annual meeting, as time permits and in accordance with our Rules of Conduct for the annual meeting.


There are a couple sections in the Proxy Material about Stockholder Proposals:

How Do I Submit a Stockholder Proposal for Next Year’s Annual Meeting?

Stockholder proposals may be submitted for inclusion in the Proxy Statement for our 2024 annual meeting of stockholders in accordance with Rule 14a-8 of the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). See “Other Matters—Proposals Pursuant to Rule 14a-8” later in this Proxy Statement. In addition, eligible stockholders are entitled to nominate and include in our Proxy Statement for our 2024 annual meeting Director nominees, subject to limitations and requirements in our Bylaws. See “Other Matters—Proxy Access Director Nominees” later in this Proxy Statement. Any stockholder who wishes to propose any business at the 2024 annual meeting other than for inclusion in our Proxy Statement pursuant to Rule 14a-8 or pursuant to the proxy access provisions in our Bylaws must provide timely notice and satisfy the other requirements for stockholders proposals in our Bylaws. See “Other Matters— Other Proposals and Nominees” later in this Proxy Statement. Proposals should be sent via registered, certified, or express mail to: Secretary, GameStop Corp., 625 Westport Parkway, Grapevine, Texas 76051.

Can Stockholders and Other Interested Parties Communicate Directly with The Board?

Yes. We invite stockholders and other interested parties to communicate directly and confidentially with the full Board, the Chair of the Board or the non-management directors as a group by writing to the Board, the Chair or the Non-Management Directors, GameStop Corp., 625 Westport Parkway, Grapevine, Texas 76051, Attn: Secretary. The Secretary will forward such communications to the intended recipient or recipients and will retain copies for our corporate records.

Should we, the best shareholders in the market, be taking advantage of this opportunity, to either submit a proposal for next year, or to contact them in general?

It's an established procedure, like commenting on rule proposals

We've seen a couple of these Stockholder Proposals being turned down (issuing NFT dividends etc) but if a few apes did some DD about various stockholder proposals and how it could benefit Gamestop, the reward (benefiting GME) outweighs the risk (them denying the proposal).


https://www.sec.gov/divisions/corpfin/rule-14a-8.pdf -- about stockholder proposals

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🤡 Meme Hedgies hate these few simple tricks! Happy Sunday everybody. 🚀🚀🚀

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💻 Computershare No More Plan, +21

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🤡 Meme Ding dong price is wrong

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👽 Shitpost Tuesday Morning Be Gone

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🤡 Meme Literally Everyone

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☁ Hype/ Fluff GMEme Scrapbook Day 56: "The GME event is in fact the result of a process that is hyper-rational. ...It is a premeditated, predatory take-down of a cornered and defenseless counterparty." Forbes, 3/5/21. Find it at 3:57 in the vid. Adding erryday till MOASS, Cheers!

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Bought at GameStop Onyx in card #26!!

Thumbnail gallery

Took advantage of the B3G1 free. Don't know what it's worth but super stoked.

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Bought at GameStop Supporting my favorite company and game! Finish the hedgies off once and for all.

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☁ Hype/ Fluff Just having a quick check at my current account post MOASS.

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I decided to just sell the one share in the end. I'm not greedy.

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🗣 Discussion / Question Watched APES TOGETHER STRONG last night. Honest and pretty-detailed review, in this post. Hopefully the Mulligans read this. (I'll also be posting as much as I can on Amazon reviews, to assist the other reviews in getting the average American to become a little curious).


I realize this movie couldn't be successful if the Mulligans had made it as long as the 3 hour 30 minute Ultimate Cut of Watchmen. Our society simply can't focus for that long :'( -- 2 hours would have been fine, I think. Some things I liked. Some things needed adding, or expanding on. Going to summarize with just bullet points, or this becomes 40 fat paragraphs. No particular order, just as I thought/think of it.

  • 2 more minutes to explain WHO Thomas Peterffy is, and show him sweating his balls off. Remember, he accidentally gave us 2 very critical pieces of info: (1) That the price WAS going into the thousands. (2) That all we had to do was "ask for our shares" (DRS -- which no one really knew about yet). Americans MUST hear and recognize these 2 bits of info.
  • Loved the musical sampling, but sometimes the bass was very heavy, and actually competed with the interviewees voices, or the monologue. I know an incredible Hollywood-seasoned pro audio guy in LA who can help the Mulligans for the sequel. PM/DM guys, me if you wish.
  • 2 more minutes of meme samples, with more emphasis on why morale is so very important. The Bart-Homer meme had me laughing, but maybe a Matrix meme or one of the crayon memes, or The Warriors-Ryan-Cohen-as-Luther could have added emphasis that a bunch of goofy-ass retreaded apes, who self-deprecate, and self-defecate, are imminently going to slam dunk, balls-in-the-face, on Wall Street.
  • Hhhwhere Apex Clearing ???? We got to Robinhood and Citadel giving tuggies to each other, but no mention of Apex doing the reacharound?? More villain hierarchy needed 3-5 minutes of exposure.
  • Cede & Co also missing. Physical share certs vs. digital was touched-on, but the DTCC didn't receive a proper lambasting, nor with any connections made to Cede (maybe the biggest boss in this whole shit mess). 2 more minutes for this please.
  • FTDs. MONSTER TOPIC. Maybe the most important. Brushed on briefly, but not really explored. I think Dr. Trimbath needed a few more minutes, to get a little detailed on FTDs and Obligations Warehousing.
  • ODDITIES: We definitely needed 5-10 minutes to touch on weird shit like the Illinois Iron Oxide Mountain fire, the Brazilian Puts, and other stonkfunkery. The public needs to see that there is action taking place in the background, that their imaginations could not fathom before.
  • 2 more minutes for Infinite Risk explanation. I think most average Muricans who watch will still come away from this documentary saying "Naw, how can the price go __that__ high?? Not possible".
  • 10% less tugging of heartstrings, and 10% more FLOWCHARTS , pleeeeeaasseeee. I know people have shit attention span, and getting people in their feels works... but even the most dull of our population would have a little blood boil, if they could view connections from what was seemingly unrelated parties and occurrences.
  • Keith Gill's Options needed a more thorough explanation. We see it went from $50,000 to millions, but got little explanation of his DD and his timing, and NO details of what an options contract is. People will think he "got lucky".
  • BCG, Board of Directors, and other bad actors needed 5 minutes of airtime. It's important for the public to know that it's not just hedge funds and Wall Street... it's ancillary shitasses, trojan horses, and weaponized double-agent internal BOD and C-suite, as well, that alllllll contribute to this diseased state of what should be squarely-run companies.
  • CokeRat was sensationalized, but we needed to present him as the 2-faced scumbag junkie that he is.
  • The AMAs of Shark Cuban and Jon Stewart should have been addressed. Stewart squeezing Gensler's balls a little, should have been squeaked in too. Depending on post-production, Stewart's may have been close, but I think it would have made it. 5 minutes of footage for these 2 guys, would have rocked.
  • The popcorn aura and previous influences, is forgivable. Let's consider maybe a lot of the movie started getting cobbled together in 2021, when info was still being sorted. And Co-Chodes definitely needs an adrenaline shot, or a hot woman's ass in his face, to wake him up.
  • I would have hoped to see " rSuperstonk " given about 10 seconds of blatant exposure, to get new blood into this site. I did see the purple crayon cocaine line for about 2 seconds, but that's not enough. I have faith some will dig enough, they will land here, and join the quest.
  • GOOD AMOUNT of HUMOR in the film. I appreciate that the Mulligans have a sense of humor... and this film is chock-full of it. We need to keep our morale, no matter what. Lose the morale, lose the war.

I'm not going to give the film a score, but I will say that it managed to captivate a 16-year old with really bad ADHD problems, who normally doesn't sit still longer than 5 minutes. Galvanized my angry Mom further (she worked at our cough-cough-corrupt-judge-fraudulently-bankrupted JCPenney, for 16 years). Her diamond hands equal any of ours. Also kept the attention of my girlfriend and her boyfriend, who both thought I was the village idiot 2.5 years ago. Lots of questions were asked, during and after. Knowledge has been spread..... "And knowing is half the battle!"

That's all I can think of for now. Thank you to the Mulligans for making this. I have no problem paying $16 or $20 or $30 for a sequel. Hurry up with it.

Hang tight retreads. We're gonna win this.

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Bought at GameStop Can't stop, won't stop, buying at Gamestop ❤️

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💡 Education Broker guide of the day! Day 308 (DRS har jeg aldrig gjort før, så det klarer jeg helt sikkert Edition!): How to DRS transfer from Interactive Brokers (IBKR) på dansk



Welcome to 300+ days of broker guides and DRS education! (AKA get the heck out of your broker!)

🇩🇰 This series of posts is dedicated to all the Danish speaking brokers out there. The team have worked tirelessly to translate the entire site into Danish! Pipi can handle it, no problems! 🇩🇰

USA apes! Check out my accessible IRA overview post to see what options are available! (only US retirement accounts - specifically IRAs - can DRS US shares).

If you're looking for a guide for your broker, check out the DRSGME website, my list of brokers, or my previous posts, and you'll find all 142 guides (hopefully your broker is one of them!). If you can't find a guide for your broker, let me know and I'll see what I can dig up!

Want to help? We are looking for more proofreaders for the following languages:

Dansk, Deutsch, Nederlands, Português, and Polski.

Day 308, Guide 308: Interactive Brokers (IBKR)


Interactive Brokers er en international mægler. Og på trods af den administrerende direktørs lummerhed er det blevet abernes førstevalg til DRSing af aktier fra lande uden for USA!

De har været i stand til pålideligt at Direct Register aktier i god tid, og kun for $5 pr. overførsel! Det er sikkert at sige, at det er det, som mange aber bruger det til nu.

Hvis du har købt GS2C-aktier gennem IBKR, kan du konvertere dem til GME ved at hæve en billet og betale et lille gebyr (~10€). De skal være konverteret til GME før de kan DRS'es.

Der er nogle sjove særheder ved IBKR's UI, men guiden hjælper dig igennem alt dette. Hvis du har spørgsmål, så tøv ikke med at kontakte os på DRSGME-holdet!

Oversat med www.DeepL.com/Translator gratis version

Interactive Brokers is an international broker. And despite the CEO's shadiness, it has become the apes number one choice for DRSing shares from outside of the US!

They have been able to reliably Direct Register shares in good time, and only for $5 per transfer! It's safe to say it's what a lot of apes use it for now.

If you have bought GS2C shares through IBKR, then you can convert them to GME by raising a ticket and paying a small fee (~€10). They need to be converted to GME before they can be DRS'd.

There are some funny quirks with IBKR's UI, but the guide helps you through all of that. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at the DRSGME team!

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📰 News US debt ceiling: Negotiators agree a deal in principle, McCarthy says

Thumbnail bbc.com

r/Superstonk 5h ago All-Seeing Upvote Take My Energy Heartwarming Take My Power

☁ Hype/ Fluff Something uplifting for the weekend / holiday, there is so much talent in this community it is insane. After watching Apes Together Strong, I realized Kenny and Co have already lost. (Some thoughts about the whole situation in the comments).

Thumbnail youtu.be

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💡 Education Citadel and other market-makers pocket +$100MM profits from retail investors’ mistakes via so-called “dividend play trades”

Thumbnail blog.trystrikes.com

TL;DR Citadel and other market-makers pocket +$100MM profits from retail investors’ mistakes via so-called “dividend play trades”

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📰 News I didn't hear about this until now "Making of the Meme King" June 6 - Ryan Cohen Documentary by See-en-bee-sea 🤔

Thumbnail gallery

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Gamestop Marketplace Cycle Gang!

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Bought on GME NFT Marketplace

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📳Social Media The game has just changed! AAA studio diving into web3. Is this the first snowflake to begin the avalanche? And guess which marketplace is ready for it, I'll give you a hint: GME.

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r/Superstonk 15h ago LOVE!

Bought at GameStop Stopped by my favorite store after work for some essential shopping.

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r/Superstonk 16h ago LOVE!

Bought at GameStop This is the way

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Walked in for batteries and walked out with this instead, this is the way

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👽 Shitpost It's funny, I think I know exactly who he's talking about

Thumbnail youtu.be

"It is often more profitable to be deliberately wrong than it is to be right"

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☁ Hype/ Fluff Taylor Swift knows

Thumbnail imgur.io

r/Superstonk 22h ago Silver Take My Energy

👽 Shitpost Someone obfuscated Coke Rat’s hedgefund video. I wonder why…

Thumbnail gallery

My friend is a newer ape, and he is finally waking up to the cellar boxing strategy that plagues our markets. I decided it was a good time to show him the hedgefund video where Coke Rat explains the media distorting tactics used to cellar box their victims.

I searched “Jim Cramer hedge fund interview” (which was the suggested search from the predictive text) and the first video that came up was:

“Cramer’s Hedge Fund Tricks”


We sat through almost 5 minutes before I began to wonder if the video had been replaced by a deep fake. The video looked identical to what I remembered, however the content was pretty harmless and was about getting a job at a hedge fund without a college degree.

After sounding like a paranoid schizophrenic for a couple of minutes, I tried searching a few different ways and then found the original video by changing “interview” to “tricks” in the search query. The interview setup, background color, and everything looked almost identical to the original in the thumbnail image. The only difference was a black sweater on the interviewer and the 10 minutes of market manipulation and the fraud he discussed. Here is the link to that video:

“Cramer on How Hedge Funds are Scamming the Market”


Just wanted to make that anyone here looking for the original can find it!

First image on post is the search results I received when completing the suggested search. The second image is the screenshot from when I dug and found the original.

r/Superstonk 17h ago LOVE!

Bought at GameStop More receipt lust for the weekend. Clearance was buy 1 get 1!

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r/Superstonk 19h ago LOVE!

☁ Hype/ Fluff Just bought a switch and bought another game.

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Also bought Metroid prime and mortal kombat 11!