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Welcome to the SNARK subreddit dedicated to exposing the narcissistic, domestic abuser, and hate monger that is Trisha Paytas. She has infiltrated different groups of youtube influencers over the years and has managed to FOOL many into thinking she is an ally, a body positive role model, a mental health advocate and an all around good person. SORRY TO INFORM YOU; THAT IS A LIE. Read this thread to get an idea as to why she deserves to be deplatformed.

She accused her deceased teacher of sexual assault:

In a now deleted episode of "FRENEMIES" Trisha makes a claim that her middle school teacher sexually assaulted her and name-drops the individual. She then goes on to make a TikTok and name-drops the same teacher again, citing he was arrested, it was public record, and told her viewers to "look it up". There is NO RECORD of this man ever being convicted of anything let alone child porn or assault as she claims. A channel called Mysterious went on to drop a bombshell of a video proving her accusations were false (BEWARE: the video is about 2 hrs long). She has made several sexual assault claims involving various teachers in contradictory years, even claiming her teachers would go to her house and rape her. Her timeline is all over the place and her story is never consistent. After seeing Mysterious' video, Ethan Klein deletes the pod episode where she names Mr.Riney and makes a statement that 'Trisha's claims contradict available evidence'. This statement as well as Moses' rape allegations push Trisha into a frenzy, posting text exchanges between her and Ethan, which includes him telling her she has to make a statement on her Mr. Riney claims. This leads to Trisha uploading videos to her twitter mid freak out for a total of 9 minutes and eventually privating her account.

We are here to say Justice for Mr. Riney & we will NEVER stop bringing awareness to her lies.


She is a Racist & Anti-Semite:

Trisha has a well documented history of racism from her years on youtube, even once admitting herself that she is racist. Here is a compilation highlighting some of her racism. In 2015, she released a music video sexualizing Django Unchained, singing "you can whip me every night, just like Django" while cosplaying as a black slave. She also released a song called 'Jungle Fever' where she states she is an 'Interracial Whore'. In January 2013 she uploaded a video called 'Black Men + White Chicks' stating thick white women have deeper vaginas than black women and are better suited to date black men. She has also said the 'N word' on multiple occasions stating she think it's racist that she can't say the word because she is white. She herself came out as black citing her body type is like 'a thick black girls and eyelids dark and oily'. She also uploaded a video to complain about a black women whom she didn't know at a bar calling her 'ghetto, stinky, hairy c*nt'. In a video she even claims that AIDS is a result of black people having sex with monkeys. She has also used the word 'ghetto' a variety of times including this clip calling her long nails 'ghetto, stating she looks like Laquisha' and one video where she was scared to get out of the car as 'she was in the ghetto and there were 6 scary looking black men'. In another instance she accused random hispanic men 'of being gang members that will kill her'. She has voted republican several times stating she's conservative, making videos supporting Donald Trump's presidency and several for Mitt Romney, though she backtracked stating her Trump videos were 'satire'. In one video she justifies the wall as 'Illegal immigrants are stealing jobs from Americans' and states 'they don't pay taxes'. In this clip, A hispanic man asks for a photo and Trisha drives away in disgust and says 'ew, literally getting hit on by someone who doesn't know english'. Trisha has also cosplayed as Indigenous women, Hispanic women, and Black women. In one instance claiming the pimple on her forehead makes her look like an 'Indian person'. She claimed previously she likes to think 'she is Asian, and it is not racist since she likes rice' and proclaimed in a video that 'Asians eat cats and dogs'. In this video titled 'White girls problems' Trisha makes a multitude of racist comments towards all different ethnicities. Trisha's mother also shares the same racist tendencies quoted as saying 'he's so foreign he looks stupid' and complaining foreigners don't tip her. She has stated a few times that she cannot be racist as she was on Celebrity Big Brother UK and they wouldn't have let her on the show if she was.

Trisha has a long history of fetishizing Jewish men. A fellow youtuber, Mr. Beard, released a informative video that outlines her fetishization and anti semitic rhetoric. In 2020, she uploaded a video titled "How to seduce a Hebrew man" which showcases a very cringey accent and blatant racist stereotypes. She has perpetuated anti semitic tropes repeatedly stating Jewish men are cheap, you can "pay to be Jewish", and has said every Jewish Stereotype in the book as shown in these compilations. In more than one instance, Trisha has recorded herself doing the Nazi hand gesture, aka the "Heil Hitler" arm motion. She has lied stating she knew nothing about the Holocaust, though she is quoted as reading many books on the subject and uploaded a video called "My thoughts on Hitler" glorifying and defending him in 2013. On an episode of Frenemies, Trisha states Moses just being Jewish turns her on and admits she and her husband have roleplayed Holocaust extermination shower scenes together. Trisha often claims she's "Jewish by insemination" and association to get out of controversy though she admitted herself that Moses does not identify as Jewish and she has not converted to Judaism. In fact she has stated converting to Judaism would be turning her back on god so will not be converting which is not surprising as she had a youtube channel dedicated to being catholic called "The Catholic Vlogger". On Tiktok, after many dancing Hanukkah uploads, a Holocaust survivor even called her out for being offensive. Here are 2 links to some of her tweets Link 1, Link 2 showcasing her antisemitism over the years (which she adamantly denies).


Trisha's Domestic Abuse:

Trisha Paytas has shown an extensive pattern of abusive behavior, Mysterious posted this video going into extensive detail on her domestic abuse.

Moses Hacmon:

On the first episode of the "FRENEMIES", Trisha admits to punching Moses during a fight, later leaking their text exchange where he sends her a picture of the massive bruise she gave him. In a now deleted TikTok, he confirms Trisha's tactics of threatening to kill herself if he leaves, and forcing him to have sex. She also also admitted to driving to Moses' house naked and high showing it is a pattern. Moses previously bashed Trisha to other women through text citing, her pussy stinks, she looks like Miss Piggy, and that he would just give her a baby and collect child support payments. Moses has a history of latching onto women more successful than him, having had 2 other marriages before Trisha, as well as using his sisters online fame to attract young women, and repeatedly dated women 20 years his junior. 2 of these young girls have confirmed moses removing condoms during sex, a form of rape called Stealthing. Daphney, one of his victims, shared that the day they announced their pregnancy, was the anniversary day he had raped her. Moses denied the allegations and posted past text messages between him and his victim. It is confirmed Moses and his family do not speak anymore. This man is as much of a pathological liar as Trish, he has claimed to be an architect (though he does not have a license), a furniture designer (though the couch was a replica and so was the hideous bed frame), wedding ring designer (the ring is a replica), and the claim he invented the concept of photographing water.

Jason Nash:

Trisha dated Jason Nash from the infamous Youtube 'Vlog Squad'. Though She has stated Moses was her only abuse victim, Trisha would regularly slap Jason in the same spot on his arm throughout their relationship. Jason divulges an incident In Bora Bora where Trisha stripped naked and chased him around the hotel with a knife, stating he feared for his life. He also revealed in a vlog that when he wanted to go home for the night, Trisha held his keys from him while sitting in front of the door, refusing to let him leave after an explosive argument. After Jason broke up with her, Trisha took some pills and was 5150'd in attempt to get his attention. Trisha has admitted to having sex with him while he was sleeping, sexual coercion where she states 'I was always threatening to break up with him because, like, he wouldn't have sex with me 6 times a day', There are a multitude of compilations highlighting how toxic she was during their relationship. Trisha also admitted to driving to Jason's house high and naked, and crashing her car into his house while his kids were home though retracted saying she couldn't remember... Jeff wittek confirmed and Jason has recently spoken out on the BFFs podcast confirming she did in fact crash her car into his house while his kids were home and the relationship in general part 1 part 2 part 3 (short clips)

Sean Van der Wilt:

Trisha was abusive towards Sean throughout their entire relationship. In this upload she admits she was extremely toxic towards him throwing tantrums, holding him hostage when he wanted to leave, and harassing him after their break up. She also stated she would threaten suicide to get Sean to pay attention to her. She has tweeted the following 'I physically restrained sean, he never retaliated' taking a touch of accountability. One night, Sean went out for his manager's birthday and a snapchat was posted of him at a gay bar, dancing with coworkers. Trisha had been hounding him all night, when she saw the snapchats, she went off stating he cheated (he didn't) and outed him as gay publicly (he's not). Here is a video of Sean and Trisha explaining the situation(includes alleged snapchats). Trisha went on to 9 videos total about Sean's sexuality, the first being 'sean van der wilt is gay' hysterically crying and spreading lies. Another she uploaded on the situation was called 'exposing sean van der wilt' manipulating her audience. After a few more uploads, she puts out a video titled 'sean is suing me' where she acts like she is the victim after putting defaming him repeatedly. This leads to Sean uploading his one and only response video 'What went down with Trisha Paytas' stating the past two months had been hell, and addressing hate messages. She knew Sean was not gay, he did not label his sexuality, and she admitted later on that she knew about his sexuality from the beginning and she did it to be mean. During this time Sean was harassed by her fans posting snake emojis on his socials and nasty comments. She has since go on to continue to slander Sean, repeatedly saying her ex boyfriend was gay for views and a quirky story. There is no public knowledge on what happened with the defamation lawsuit. Sean has since positively tweeted about the Mysterious video where his abuse at the hands of Trisha was outlined and tweeted ominously about planning something overdue around the same time.

Ethan Klein:

While she has NEVER had any sexual relations with Ethan Klein, she has certainly tried to. She repeatedly sexually harassed ethan on twitter with photos of her masturbating to his podcast and has hit on him before and throughout their podcast together, even hitting on him in front of his wife, Hila. Throughout her time on the "FRENEMIES" podcast she stormed off one, two, three times ultimately secretly recording Ethan during their last unaired episode. She has accused Ethan of sexual harassment in the workplace in a series of now deleted videos though in a few episodes she is shown trying to convince him to wrestle her and shower together for her OnlyFans. He is married. Trisha cites Ethan as the issue and reason for her departure, but it is clear the underlying tension was due to his wife Hila announcing she was pregnant. She made countless, now deleted, videos attacking them resulting in a lot of stress for pregnant Hila. Ethan's mom texted Moses to get Trisha to knock it off which caused her to go on a TikTok rampage about his mother. This led to a public response from Ethan's mom Donna. Trisha weaponized every aspect of Ethan she could think of to ruin his reputation, including going on Keemstar's podcast (ethans enemy) even though she herself had feuded with Keemstar previously.


Transgender Scandal and LGBTQIA+ lies:

In a now deleted video titled, "I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)", Trisha comes out as a gay transgender man. She received A LOT of backlash because she is not trans, simply put. She monetized the video, but lied about it and was publicly called out by Ethan Klein. It was revealed she made 8k from her trolling the trans community. In that very same podcast she calls herself female. In an old video with shane dawson she expresses "she wishes she was trans sometimes for the views". She has since backtracked and claims she actually identifies as non binary. However before that revelation she went on a talk show to discuss her 'truth' about being trans. Fast forward to her being pregnant, she is now claiming to be a cis-woman. Trisha has made countless insensitive videos involving the LGBTQIA+ community. In 2014 she uploaded a video called "Being gay IS a choice" claiming bisexuality doesn't exist, people choose to be gay, compares gay marriage to beastiality etc. and another video called "My homophobic past" where she claims the the LGBTQ community is being shoved in our faces and brings up the need for straight pride...She has also come out as lesbian in many many videos (last link is compilation) even announcing her retiring from being gay featuring a paper bag on her head. She has exploited the community for profit repeatedly admitting she knows nothing about the history of gay pride but enjoys dressing up and buying tacky trinkets that include the word gay.


DID Scandal, Personality Disorders, & Eating Disorder Diagnoses:

In 2020, Trisha filmed a video showing herself 'switching' on camera, claiming she has Dissociative Identity Disorder after watching a video on the subject made by Anthony Padilla. Padilla and DissociaDID both called her out, causing a typical Trisha flip out to be uploaded and later discussed on the H3 pod. She proceeded to make several videos on her self diagnosed DID including a few titled, "Reviewing Chick-fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich," each as a different alter. Throughout her career, Trisha has lied and claimed to have many different mental health diagnoses including; Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder , Bipolar Disorder, and of course Multiple Personality Disorder/ DID, even pretending to hallucinate butterflies mid livestream. Though she's made various claims, she has since stuck to claiming she has BPD but dropped her DBT classes shortly after.

She has made numerous contradictory eating disorder claims over the years as well. In the following clip, Trisha claims she is anorexic and the following clip shows her admitting she was never anorexic but she wished she was. There is also a video of her revealing to Shane Dawson that she has never been bulimic or anorexic. She has also given a multitude of different ages and reasons her 'ED' started including Jack Black started her ED at 13, Hugh Hefner started her ED at 20, Jason's comments giving her a new ED, and various other claims. One of the biggest statements she has made regarding her eating was that her ED has led to gastrointestinal bleeding, however it was never brought up by Trisha again. She has stated that she not only has an ED but body dysphoria and dysmorphia as well. This is not to say that Trisha does not have some sort of ED... it is very clear Trisha has an addiction to food. Trisha recently announced that her pregnancy has completely cured her of her mental illnesses and her many ED diagnoses.


Ableism and Daniel E Carroll:

Throughout Ethan and Trisha's podcast, Trisha would constantly mock Ethan's Tourettes who expressed discomfort at the jabs. This Tiktok highlights every instance of ableism towards Ethan on the show and how she believes she did nothing wrong. She has also diagnosed Moses with Autism because she finds him "weird." It is speculation from Trisha and only Trisha, he has not been diagnosed by a professional. On the H3 podcast she claimed she was vaccinated so she won't 'catch' autism and referred to the PUBS genetic test during pregnancy as the "Downs test". She has a history of using the word r*tard and stated publicly 'Dixie D'amelio is a r*tard' which she later tried to justify by saying that she ,Trisha, herself has some form of 'mental r*tardation' as well. She has also come after David Dobrik's friend, Natalie, calling her "a slow girl from Illinois" and David himself mocking his stutter (and Jason's bipolar disorder).

Daniel Carroll is a former Trisha fan who was treated like garbage by Trisha and her fans. Daniel and Trisha would message on a daily basis until she turned against Daniel and sent her fans after him. She lied stating he was stalking her, that he was 'scary' & 'dangerous' and she was afraid for her safety saying she was worried he would come to her home and kill her. Daniel is an autistic man who can not drive and does not live in California. She even made a parody video about Daniel based on him being a creepy, obsessed stalker and continually brought him up so her fans would harass him. Daniel released a video explaining his side of the story and clarifying Trishas lies as well as this upload. Mysterious confirmed an upcoming Daniel video after he commented on her Dark side of Trisha video. TO THIS DAY, he still receives harassment and death threats from Trishas fans.


Incest and Predatory Behavior:

Trisha filmed a video for OnlyFans starring herself, her sister Kali, and their mother Lena spectating in what one can only describe as Incest Porn. In the original video, the sisters are shown fully topless touching each others breasts. She has glorified incest time and time again — writing a movie script involving a father falling in love with his daughter, asking her husband Moses to pretend she is his sister Hila during sex, calling Moses her brother, openly professing that she wants to have sex with her own brother and admitting in a David Dobrik vlog that brother-sister and daddy-daughter is her favorite to role play.

Trisha not only dated but DEFENDED a convicted pedophile, his victim was only 3 years old and he has admitted to the crimes. She herself also has a history of posting pedophillic tweets and videos preying on several underaged children — even saying “I don’t even care if you’re not legal”. On tiktok she has repeatedly posted explicit content showing her body provocatively to underage kids without warning. This goes hand in hand with her extensive predatory history of flashing people without their consent. She has a history of trying to trick men into getting her pregnant and advocating for stealthing. Last but not least, she disgustingly cosplayed the sexual abuse and murder of a child, six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey.


Infertility and Pregnancy:

Trisha over the years has claimed many infertility issues due to many different stds, though she naturally conceived this year. She has maintained an extremely unhealthy diet throughout her entire pregnancy, leading many to believe she was hiding a Gestational Diabetes diagnosis. Moses and Trisha have already clashed in terms of their parenting styles, Trisha saying "This is why we shouldn't have kids" after Moses stated their kids should have chores. This is not surprising as her Mother, Lena, never gave Trisha any household chores. This has resulted in Trisha's hoarding tendencies, showing time and time again that she cannot clean up after herself and does not care that she is creating an unsafe environment for their child.

Trisha has admitted in the past she would be a 'really bad' and unfit mother, even making a joke to Tana on a pod to get pregnant for monetization and clout. She has admitted to wanting to adopt older so she wouldn't have to deal with "the baby stage" but has made many contradictory statements regarding adoption in her videos. In an older video, she chats to the camera stating that she would be the 'slutty mom' acting out seducing her son's 14 year old friends. Trisha has also been posting on OnlyFans throughout her entire pregnancy catering to pregnancy fetishists, and has previously participated in a threesome while her friend Lena was pregnant. Trisha has said she will treat her child as Nonbinary, however she threw a gender reveal party and though she claimed they would not opt for colors based on gender, everything she's purchased for the baby is pink.


Fat Shaming History:

Trisha has marketed herself as a body positive big girl when it could not be further from the truth. She has a history of promoting appetite suppressants and laxatives such as Boom Bod and Flat Tummy Tea to her young fans. In these promotions she would regularly use before and after liposuction photos under the guise her weight loss was due to the product. Her channel has an array of toxic videos on weight like: how to look thinner , being skinny is so much better, and so many more. She has been caught using body slimming filters in her videos and facetune on her photos repeatedly. An ongoing topic she frequently brought up throughout the pod was Philip Defranco's weight gain, publicly calling him fat while he was struggling with an ED. Philly has since responded on his YT channel sharing how upsetting and hard it was dealing with the public shaming. Natalie from the vlog squad has also been a target of Trisha's, making a few videos body shaming her and telling her to shut her "big, fat cow mouth". She publicly called Moses' ex a catfish whom was 'a big fat bitch from chicago' and repeatedly used the 'comment section' in her videos to trigger her ex Jason's ED. Last but not least, after humiliating and lying about Nikocado Avocado being a stalker, she repeatedly made comments on livestreams about his weight gain. Nik uploaded a video titled "Exposing Trisha Paytas with Receipts".

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Mommy Arc ColourPop’s tik tok just posted this 😂

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Mommy Arc "I get great sleep bc I have Moses". Mike nervously tries to talk over the fact that she's not a good mother. Get up and take care of your child! Babies aren't just a means to trap your man. You actually have to take care of them.

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Mommy Arc Trisha or Moses please listen when people care more about your newborn than you are. We tell you both this because us wifeys want a bright future for Malibu where lifelong health problems could be saved.

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Mommy Arc Trisha when the baby starts fussing

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Trisha Instagram babies can’t smile that early but you might have caught a picture of her farting. great job.

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she just can’t help herself from twisting every single little thing.

r/Trishyland 5h ago

Trisha Instagram Why the hell is she yelling at her? “DO YOU LIKE YOUR PUNPKINS!?”

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Trisha Tiktok Latest TikTok

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Trisha Tiktok Skims sending hearts on TP’s TikTok’s… I messaged them immediately asking why they are supporting a known domestic abuser, racist and bully?!

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Opinion Shock Value


Everything TP does is for shock value.

-Driving pink cars (while pretending to hate being recognized)

-Dressing provocatively (while claiming to hate being sexualized)

-Grandiose Tales (while often claiming to not want to go into details)

-Over the top filler

-Multiple area cosmetic surgery (while claiming to love her original body)

-Huge breast implants (although she was made fun of and sexualized for having large breast her whole life and hated it)

-Making a huge deal about wanting a dog (then once gifted one gave it away)

-Once was so proud to be Hungarian (now that’s boring and she’s Moroccan and Greek)

-Naming her child Malibu Barbie!

All of TP choices are about attention and shock value. Nothing is ever sincere. Everything is to fill a void. TP is very empty and is looking for validation. Every choice she makes is for attention. She doesn’t care that the poor baby actually has to be called “Malibu Barbie” for the rest of her life. All TP cares about is that it’s filling a void for her in this moment and makes TP feel happy. She could care less that MB will be made fun of later. Once all the new shininess wears off she will be over it just like all things in her life.

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Trisha Tiktok Latest TikTok

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Poll Hi there wifeys! I made a poll to see what stickers you guys would like removed so that the mods could add new ones. So far these are the results

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Trisha Twitter Literally the fakest most attention-seeking person ever 🙄

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Latest Upload Our First Week as New Parents! (sleep schedule, feedings, challenges, and perks)

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Mommy Arc The only reason Trisha stays out of drama is because no one talks to her.


I had to get that off my chest.

So many people (on YouTube & her fans), keep bringing up how it seems like she’s changed since she’s gotten pregnant & back it up with, “she hasn’t gotten involved in drama in s0o0o0o long!”

They point out things like how she hasn’t started fights with people or been involved with something shitty & say things like “she’s been so peaceful since she got pregnant,” and how she’s been laying low, just enjoying her pregnancy. My favorite is the, “motherhood has changed her,” bullshit.

The only reason why she hasn’t been involved with anything controversial is because she has literally no friends. No one wants to be around her & no one wants to talk to her. Not even her family.

Trisha hasn’t been “quiet & keeping to herself” because she changed — it’s bc she hasn’t & everyone figured out that she won’t. Moses is the only one who can tolerate being around her bc she treats everyone like shit & he’s just as bad, if not worse. The only reason he is still there anyways is for the child support he talked about when he told his ex-bootycall about his plan to marry & divorce her.

Anyways. I just had to rant about that. Thanks for listening wifeys.

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Mommy Arc This just popped up on my Facebook. It’s feeding into exactly what she wanted! 😠

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Mommy Arc From infertile for 8 years, to having 3-5 kids and then go on birth control or tie her tubes.

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Trisha Youtube Why is Trisha imposing Barbie as a figure her daughter should look up to???


Barbie has been criticised in mainstream media for enforcing unrealistic, narrow, beauty standards. If her daughter is growing up with this imagery around her, how does Trisha think this will effect her daughter’s self-esteem when she grows up to (most likely, based off of Moses and Trisha’s genes) have brunette hair, thin lips and look nothing like barbie? I’m absolutely certain her daughter will be beautiful, but I’m concerned about the psychological impact this will have, being surrounded by barbie imagery. Taking this even further, what if MB turns out to be gender non-conforming in some way? After having this standard of hyperfeminity imposed on to her, do you think it would be easy for her reconcile with those certain parts of herself? These are very realistic outcomes and I’m just shocked by Trisha’s decisions. I mean « Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacmon », how do you runaway from that?

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Memes Tricia competing with MB when she gets older.

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Ethan/h3 LOL. We were ALL thinking this. Except for Dan. Jason looks great and we all know why.

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Trisha Youtube it may have taken a baby to clean out the hoard, but I am so relieved for Malibu’s sake that they did

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BROKE THE HOUSE Shout out to Trisha selling her old costumes for more than they cost brand new (£37 = $40)

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Mommy Arc I heard y’all like Trisha analytics~ I made a little breakdown of the number of views & dislikes on her videos pre/post birth

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Trisha Instagram She's bustin to sell all the old Sad boy junk she got stuck with. Otherwise when does she ever care about Gerard Way?

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Moshe Paytes He couldn’t even give it a proper outline…

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r/Trishyland 1d ago

Trisha Youtube This is heartbreaking. lil M staring at her with beautiful eyes and T can't bring herself to look at her own baby properly.

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