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General Weekly Information / Mentor / New License Thread


This thread is used for those who just passed their tests to introduce themselves, a place to ask questions that you think don't deserve its own thread and a place to brag!

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General Ogasawara - ATNO, CW

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I have confirmation of my two separate two-way Morse code radio communications exchanges with a station in Ogasawara. That is a new entity in my DXCC efforts.

One CW exchange (QSO) was on 20 Meters. The other was on 17 Meters.

73 de NW7US dit dit https://NW7US.us


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General Texas Portable Operation

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Lake Ray Roberts Greenbelt Unit KG5JFQ AND WA5SAT P O T A

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QUESTION Do you have some advice about reducing noise from solar inverter that disturbs my HF reception?


I have set up a HF rig (Icom7300) and a five segment dipole so I can communicate on the regular frequencies, and all started well. But now that summer has started I have found out that a 24V-->230V pure sine wave inverter generates a lot of noise. Without additional filters, the 80 and 40 meter bands are drowned in noise for me. I have tried a simple noise filter from eBay (*), and it helped somewhat, but they are designed to protect one device from line noise, not the other way around. From the shed with the solar panels into the house the cables are fairly long. The inverter itself has a metal chassis and it is properly grounded. So I assume that all the interference is radiated from the cables on the 230V side. What can I do? Better filter? Run the cables in a metal tube? Add ferrite rings everywhere?

(*) The filter is something like this.

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ANTENNA My father's canopy got destroyed, so I re-purposed some of the piping...

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Little Tram 1477 I just got. And when I saw all the piping, I knew what I had to do... Lol

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QUESTION 2022 Upgraded NanoVNA 50kHz-6.3GHz Vector Network Analyzer, Seesii 2.8 inch VNA Antenna Analyzer with MicroSD Slot Support Data Storage,Measuring S Parameters HF VHF UHF SWR Phase Delay Smith Chart

Thumbnail amazon.com

What are your opinions on this Nano VNA? I would love to make wifi antennas or for FPV with this if it’s even worth getting. Thanks!

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General Signed my first CSCE as a VE this morning

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General Any Wyoming hams on here? Looking for info on active repeaters.


Coming to Wyoming for 2 weeks, want to program in advance. Hoping not to load every 2/440 repeater. If there are specific repeaters that are more active than others, please advise. I will be in Laramie and Casper areas.

Ty in advance.

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General $5 Garage Sale find from this morning. Looks like someone beat up the poor RCI and 11M band modded, it. I will attempt to return it to stock.

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General Ham Antenna


Im currently building a house and debating if I should run a wire for an antenna mounted on top of the house for building a HAM base station in the future. I’m not licensed yet but will be working towards it when the house is complete. My question for all of you is what kind of wire do I need to run and should I do it?

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EQUIPMENT Portable digital station


What’s your portable set ups for working FT8 and other digital modes

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General Fantastic QRP Ops…


Today I used my Penntek TR-25 with a homemade 17’ vertical antenna and a TalentCell 12V 3Ah battery. I operated for 2.5 hours and only used up 1 bar’s worth (maybe 20% of the battery) of the battery’s power. I needed to get on to other tasks for the day, but both the radio and the battery were amazing!

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General No cellphone? No problem! The vintage radio enthusiasts prepping for disaster

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QUESTION Budget solution for offsite dispatch for event ( RoIP?)


Hi amateur radio subReddit

I am hoping I can pick your brains on a budget DIY solution for interfacing with our CP 200 Motorola VHF volunteer radios. We are a nonprofit event with about 400 people attending. We have a number of volunteers who will be carrying walkies.

We are severely short on more experienced volunteers Who are available to physically be on site to act as dispatch for the volunteers to ensure safety for the event.

We will have cellular coverage on the site, and I was wondering if there is a budget DIY option to have a ROIP gateway/ access point to enable Dispatch to have two way traffic with the volunteers. It’s likely they will only use one channel at the event.

I would be grateful for any insight or experience.

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General Best handheld ham radio for $100-250 range?


Haven’t been On in 30 years - Novice again, Cheers & Thanks

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General This should be an APRS signal... but I guess I'm wrong?

Thumbnail self.signalidentification

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General The Bands and Propagation: Fickle Things Indeed!


Good morning!

I'm playing a bit with FT8 this morning, and monitoring pskreporter.info as I do. I'm located in New England, USA and most of the US and Europe are fairly easy for me to reach. I've been struggling for a bit for Hawaii and Australia/New Zealand.

Imagine my surprise when all of sudden I'm being heard in Hawaii and Australia! At the same time! And all the rest of the US as well.

Then someone answered from Hawaii. What a delight, it was awesome! We got off the signal reports and my final 73. Hasn't been confirmed yet but I hope they caught it.

And then. It was gone like a puff of smoke. Pskreporter.info was just showing my normal reach. None of the exotic reports such as before. Reminded me of my first true love, all hearts and gone in an instant, lol.

Just goes to show that propagation can happen, and be gone, in an instant. The band my look dead but hang around, you never know what can happen!

For all you newcomers out there. Don't give up, more and more will be revealed as you learn.

What a wonderful morning so far. I hope you all have the same!

73 Black6host

Edit: Right after posting I also heard Japan. First. Time. Ever. A great morning indeed.

Edit2: Hawaii contact is confirmed. I've already got Alaska and those were the two furthest from me for WAS. Now, if only I could get Connecticut, which is pretty much next door, lol.

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General Newbie looking for first handheld radio.


Hello , I live in Romania and I am going to get my Bachelors Degree in Electronics Telecommunications and Technology of Information and I want to get a HAM Radio Licence . I am looking to get a handheld radio , budget is basically unlimited and I have 3 options on my mind , Icom ID-52E/Yaesu FT5DR/Anytone AT-D878UVII PLUS. Problem is this one , the way to program any dmr radio is annoying to say the least from what I saw on YouTube, than Yaesu and Icom are really nice options in my opinion but they use D Star which is not that popular in Romania and Fusion which is again not that popular in Romania , there are repeaters for all 3 but they tend to be DMR if you were in my shoes which one would you chose . I really like the ID 52 and I would pull the trigger and buy it right now but I don't know if it's the best choice . I would also like to specify that I tend to frequent 2 locations , one is the capital urban area so I guess more interference where there are no D star repeaters nearby and one more remote location where are D star repeaters.

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General US to give away free lighthouses, does your club need a high maintenance clubhouse?

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QUESTION could i put a tripod vertical on my roof?


i have a ground mounted vertical antenna in my yard setup for 20m. the ground spike design has been kind of a pain to work with as i have to take the antenna down every time i cut the grass. i have been thinking about moving the antenna to the roof but am unsure how i could mount it and am worried about lightning and wind. any tips? id love to get this done!

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General Can anyone help me out? APX CPS


Still waiting on MOL access

Still waiting on MOL access for a while. Anyone able to help me out with APX Family CPS later than R22? I have R20 but can’t do anything with my APX 8000?

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General Preppers in California

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QUESTION Would either of these be of use to me?

Post image

Would either of these antenna be of use if I were going to start getting into Ham?

Work is going to trash them and I've been thinking about getting started with the hobby, I've been reading some practice material!

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General Looking for label Printing solution for addresses and QSL labels from ADIF file


I used Cloudlog as my logger, but it doesnt have label printing built in. I use some of the QSL sent params to track who I want to send cards to (using Queued status) and can filter by those entries and download an adif.

I played with importing the adif to Log4OM2 last night and spent an hour printing off example labels until I got the margins, and spacing, and adjustment factors acceptable

My biggest qualm was struggling to print off JUST address labels, or two print off two address labels + 1 qsl label per qso.

Does anyone have a program or a work flow they recommend that doesnt involve switching loggers?

Im ok with clearing a logger and importing the adif file if its a reasonable work flow

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General Hello, I picked up this CB(I think) at garage sale, I put batteries in it and it makes a "chk" sounds when I press the button, but I can't get anything in on it, no static or anything even with the squelch all the way down. Is it possible the antenna could be disconnected inside? How can I tune it

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EQUIPMENT What exactly is this X-Phase HF QRM Eliminator?

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