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Elon Musk/Twitter Megathread


Hello, everyone! Elon Musk just can't stop wreaking havoc across the Internet with his Twitter escapades, huh? We understand that this subject is important to our userbase, but the sheer volume of Elon Musk and Twitter posts has become an issue. In the interests of keeping the subreddit accessible for those who do not wish to discuss Elon Musk or Twitter, we will be temporarily restricting discussion of those subjects to this megathread for now. Other posts about those subjects will be removed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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On November 25, Amazon will face strikes and protests all over the world!

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What do you think of this idea?

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I hate it here

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Berlin knows how to send a message

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Screenshot Sunday 🙄 🤮 I don't know if I can do it which my work anymore

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They lied and said I would get holiday pay. Dangled it like a carrot. Only found out day after I won’t be getting it. Angry. Depressed. Resentful.


I worked thanksgiving under the assumption I was getting holiday pay. It made it worth it to me, instead of spending the day with my little family. They TOLD ME I would get holiday pay. About an hour before my scheduled shift was to end, it was dead. Nobody coming or going. So I asked to go early, they said…”sure that’s fine, orrrr you can stay and get another hour of holiday pay! Think of it like that :)” so I fucking stayed. Only to find out the next morning I’m not qualified for it as I’m in my 90 day period.

I’m frustrated, and honestly a little depressed over it. I understand that’s a dumb thing to get sad over, but I kept motivating myself thanksgiving with the thought of all the money I was desperately in need of and would be getting. Dealing with asshole customers, rude coworkers, getting yelled at, missing time with my kid, all the bullshit was “worth it” cause I would be able to pay some bills and get us something nice like a new game, a pair of shoes.. but nope. Not anymore. No holiday pay, just regular pay and some serious resentment and depression.
It’s not like I had exactly been doing great mentally beforehand but I was keeping my head above water most days. But today I haven’t even gotten out of bed, haven’t showered, just rotting away.

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A friend of mine sent me this. He works at a Wendy's.

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If this doesn't fit here please let me know and I'll delete it!

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"Uplifting news" - "TikToker raises $186,000 for woman, 81, to pay off her mortgage and finally retire. He saw her on break at Walmart and recorded her clearly having a bad day. The video was titled “Life shouldn’t be this hard”"

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How many healthy people are always exhausted by full-time work, no matter how favorable the conditions?


Back before I realized I was disabled, I tried working full-time a few times. My jobs were fairly cushy office jobs that offered flexibility and little oversight. One of them was an internship in a subject that I actively enjoyed.

Still, at the end of just about every day, I'd come home exhausted or overwhelmed. I attributed it being new to working. I also figured that doing 8 hours of intellectual labor a day was too taxing.

In hindsight, I was disabled but didn't know it yet, which could explain why working full-time was so hard.

My able-bodied / able-minded friends seem relatively unaffected by full-time work, so I'm curious about y'all's experiences. Especially if you don't have physical or mental health problems.

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Idiotic questions you've been asked at job interviews?


Applying for a job as a technician working in a blood bank, I was asked the question "Can you give us an example of a time you've valued diversity in the work place?" I honestly couldn't even bullshit my way through this one. The whole interview was conducted by two women with clipboards who seemed to have gotten all their questions from a HR guide, and asked no questions about the technical skills actually needed to do the job. Needless to say, the interview did not go well.

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Good thing i am not working.

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Fired for not wearing a christmas hat.


Yep, over a christmas hat. At a garden center (In the UK) during one of the most busiest periods for them. They were already under-staffed when I worked there. Now they're absolutely cratering hard with the lack of employees. The person who fired me is the son of the owner, who spends his days on his phone doing nothing or giving us 2 hour jobs and complaining when we haven't finished them 20 minutes later..

So this person, let's call him John, John has absolutely no concern over the way he treats his employees. He makes our delivery driver who is in his late 60s work right down to the bone doing solo deliveries. Deliveries that entail moving tons and tons of landscape bark / compost to customers. The delivery driver has previously survived cancer and suffers from hip pain from on work injury. Yet he's hounded over the radio constantly to hurry up and "WHERE ARE YOU", while he is still doing the job he was previously asked to do. This is very typical behaviour for John, every day it's the same. Needless to say no one likes this guy. Everyone who works there wishes he would just stop working and enjoy the easy money from his dads company.

Now i've set the picture, let's begin. So today, I arrive at work 30 minutes early from my usual 9 am start time. Everything is going well, John was not around and we were able to get some more christmas trees down to where we have customers look at them. Nothing too complicated, however the moment John arrived and decided to come speak with us he asked me very simply "Why are you not wearing a christmas hat" I told him specifically the reasons behind why I cannot wear one and yet he becomes frustrated with me "Everyone else will be wearing one". Then goes on about how you have to be apart of the team and that if I don't wear one there will be problems with people saying they won't need to wear one either.. Yet no matter what I said he did not listen, did not care to undersand. He then threatened it's either wear the hat or go home. He then called another manager to go with him to the office to change the rota, as if he's already made his mind up.

30 minutes later, I am called into the office and given the same exact question in a more definitive way. If you don't, you're out. I stared at John for a little bit without answering the question. Eventually I asked him if I can get back to work or is there no other christmasy thing I could wear that could satisfy his christmas facism. Nothing could satisfy his absolute control freak nature. So I was sent home because I never agreed to wear an abitrary christmas hat.

TL;DR Wear a christmas hat or you're out. Did not comply. Fired by a christmas fascist. Zero hour contracts are criminal.

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This is the letter the company I work for gave us with our bonus check

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Work trying to get staff to pay for course

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Just started a new job 2 weeks ago, nothing was mentioned in the interview about have a Serving it right certificate (being about to distribute alcohol). They are telling us we need to do it on our own time and also pay for it.

Does anyone have advice on how to handle this maturely and accurate?

The big boss says that working in hospitality everyone should have it anyway.

For context I'm working as a bellman at a resort and will be mainly just carrying bags but "may" need to pour guest a glass of wine here and there.

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Uber has a history of horrid treatment to drivers, so i can't wait for the 20$ gift card to compensate her.

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This is the pretty much the future waiting for most Americans imo.

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My son may be a Socialist!


My son (11m) was arguing with his sister (12f): "I'm not leaving any cookies out for Santa anymore, he doesn't deserve them!"

"Why not?", his sister asks.

"Because the reindeer do all the work hauling him around all night, he just gets all the credit. I'm gonna leave a lot of reindeer food out!"

I think I mat be doing something right with that kid.

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Yeahhh I’m not doing all that…

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quit, still getting paid, should I tell them.


Put in 2 weeks notice. Start working new job. Notice old job paid me again, assume it is because payroll lags a week. Old job pays me a second time, maybe they are paying me the vacation time I had accrued. Call 401k to roll over, "we can't because you are still an active employee". This company has laid off so many people and is so poorly managed right now, I believe they may never notice. I have become the office space glitch in the payroll system. It feels unethical to not tell them, but I am torn. Should I let them suffer the consequences of their own poorly executed restructuring where no one has a clue any more?

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My manager is making me stay two hours late after my shift on black friday so he can leave two hours early.


He told me "You need to be more flexible, I can't have you ditching out on work when I need you".

Fuck that.

I put in my job application out to a few different places on my break. Wish me luck.

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Employee died at German Amazon Warehouse - body covered with parcel boxes

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In einem Leipziger Logistikzentrum von Amazon ist ein Mitarbeiter während einer Schicht gestorben. Um seine Leiche soll Pappe gelegt worden sein - andere Mitarbeiter arbeitet um ihn herum weiter. Das Unternehmen räumte anschließend Fehler ein, erklärte aber nicht, warum der Betrieb nicht komplett eingestellt wurde.

"An employee died during a shift at an Amazon logistics center in Leipzig (Germany). Cardboard was allegedly placed around his body - other employees continued to work around him. The company subsequently acknowledged mistakes, but did not explain why operations were not completely shut down."

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Started a job less than 2 weeks ago and they’ve called me 10 times in 5 days to cover shifts.

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So infuriating


I got a text from a girl (that she included my bos in) at work saying I refunded a patient and how basically incompetent I am and now she needs to call the patient and ask them for double the money. I was seriously confused because you need a code to refund a patient from the machine and because I’m semi new there I don’t have the code. So I go into work yesterday and the first thing the boss says to me is “you owe me money for refunding the patient I’m seriously mad about it” I was pissed because I KNOW I didn’t do that. So, I called the bank merchant. They confirmed to me that there was no refunds that day and they got their information wrong. So I texted the girl and asked her where she put the receipt for that patient, and after reviewing it I seen it says “SALE VIA VISA CREDIT”. I messaged her and asked where tf she seen refund, and she said “it says visa credit so you credited them the money” I WAS FURIOUS. I was like you mean where it says VISA CREDIT CARD???? She doesn’t respond. I went to the boss and told her everything she responds “well I just believed what she said” like wtf?? No apology or anything. I’d like to add that I’ve been doing this line of work for 12 years and that chick is just starting off. Not to mention I’ve noticed shit she’s been doing wrong and personally message her so no one else finds out. Anyways I put my 2 weeks in that same day.

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Try and avoid Dollar Tree,. Pure evil


I should have seen the red flags from a mile away, one cashier, one manager, one stocker ever on shift, basically want me to stock the whole store , clean, and help out on cash register , then they entrap poor people with the promise of you'll be paid daily. But when my Manager took her vacation and left her friend from another store in charge , giving him a promotion, at only 19, the whole store went up in flames payroll was not submitted, and I didn't get paid. Their app the use to Pau me daily said I owed them 300 dollars because dollar tree didn't pay payroll, dollar tree waited 2 weeks to fix it, at which point I got behind on rent and got a late fee and got behind on bills. Dollar tree is evil, andi hate them,. The abuse I tool there was disgusting. The ohsa violations ridiculous. Avoid them

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81 and still working to pay off a mortgage…..

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I’m getting fired for being too introverted


I’m an autistic guy. This is my first full time job. Obviously at work they don’t know that I’m autistic. I managed to mask it very well during my interview. But I couldn’t mask it every day.. General manager said that he wouldn’t renew my yearly contract because I’m not communicative enough, don’t talk a lot with my coworkers, didn’t attend one of my coworkers’ wedding, and prefer to eat alone every day. He said “work alone isn’t enough. You have to be optimum.” Mind you, this is a desk job and I don’t interact with customers. In my 3rd world country it is legal to terminate a contract for any reason after the first year. So in April I’ll be jobless again. For being socially awkward.