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[Weekly] Battlecats Thread


Welcome to the Weekly Battlecats Thread. This discussion thread is for the purpose of containing content that doesn't belong in it's own post, such as "how do I beat X level" or "which of my cats should I upgrade next".

Make sure to indicate the levels of your cats for questions about completing a level, or your progress in SoL, ITF etc for questions about your cats. The more information you give, the easier it is for your fellow players to help you.

You might also be here to celebrage (or know what it is in the first place), which is short for Celebrate and Rage; rant about your foul luck or brag that you rolled that cool uber.

Got any suggestion? Send them in modmail!

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Announcement [Announcement] BCJP 12.3 is out! New Epicfest Phono and a lot more new things!


12.3 JP Summary

Misc Additions

• Added new ZL chapter and UL crowns

• Added Mini-Surge, deals 20% of the initial attack's damage

Misc Changes

• Icons for every ability related to Wave (regular, mini, block, immune) changed to make it more distinct from Surge

• User Rank rewards goes up to 19.?k

Gacha Banners

• Epicfest: New exclusive uber (unit also available in Superfest)

New TFs

• Hevijak: Gains +11.11% HP (76,500 → 85,000) , +24.47% dmg (39,610 → 49,300/4.7k → 5.9k dps), +15 standing range (440 → 455), KB now guaranteed (50% → 100%)

[Requires 1x Epic Seed, 3x Aku Fruit]

New Talents

The following talents are the standard talents with +2% ~ +20% attack and health boost talents

• Ultima Galaxy Cosmo: Colossus Slayer, 100% chance to Curse for 30f ~ 300f, Curse Immunity

• Li'l Mohawk: 10% Crit chance, Wave Immunity, Slow Immunity

• Li'l Lion: 1% ~ 10% chance for Shield Pierce, $30 ~ $300 Cost Down, Surge Immunity

• Mystery Girl Yuki: 23% ~ 50% chance to KB, 5% ~ 50% Toxic Resist, $45 ~ $450 Cost Down

• Crazed Yuki: +2 ~ +20 Movement Speed, 5% ~ 50% Wave Resist, 28% ~ 100% Survive Chance

• Lost World Yuki: Target Aku, 5% ~ 50% Surge Resist, Warp Immunity

• Benevolent Souma: 100% chance to Curse for 10f ~ 100f, 20% chance to Dodge for 24f ~ 60f, Curse Immunity

The following talents are the ultra talents unlocked at Lv60

• Zeus: Behemoth Slayer, 100% chance to Slow for 3f ~ 30f

• Nekoluga: Surge Immunity, 28% ~ 100% Survive Chance, 5% ~ 50% chance to Dodge for 30f

New Cat Combos

[Hevijak TF] + Gas Mask Cat + Radical Cat = Defense Up (M)

New Cat Units

New Ubers

Dark Phono: Slow vs All for 60f, Guaranteed Lv1 Mini-Surge attacks (400 ~ 1100 spawn range) with 3x Multi-Hit that has different LD ranges (200 ~ 550 | 400 ~ 750 | 490 ~ 900, stands at 500), 30 speed, Immune to Wave, Surge and Curse

New Super-Rare Unit

[Aku Nyandam Advent Drop]: Spammable Tough vs Alien/Black unit (3.8s cooldown), Colossus Slayer, Slow Immune

New Egg

• Ancient Egg N108 - Obtainable from beating 40 unique Behemoth Culling stages True Form: Tough and 30% chance to Weaken by 50% for 150f vs Alien, Behemoth Slayer, Slow Immune

[Requires 12x Blue B. Stone, 12x Green B. Stone, 3x Yellow B. Stone]

• Ancient Egg N109 - Obtainable from beating 45 unique Behemoth Culling stages True Form: Tough vs Aku, 60% chance to Shield Pierce, 300 standing range | 225 ~ 400 LD range, Behemoth Slayer, Surge Immune

[Requires 15x Purple B. Stone, 15x Red B. Stone, 1x Yellow Stone]

New Enemies

[Behemoth Pigge]: Alien Behemoth with 20% chance to Freeze for 60f, Immune to Slow and KB

[Behemoth Le'Boin]: Traitless Behemoth with Immunity to Weaken, Freeze, Slow, KB, Wave and Surge

[Aku Nyandam]: Aku advent boss with 3x Multi-hit attacks that hits different ranges and the last 2 hits inflicting 30% Toxic, Immune to Weaken, KB and Surge

[Priest]: Traitless enemy with 3M HP and Omni-Strike attacks that has 30% chance to Slow for 120f

New Stages

New ZL 3

• ZL 3-1:

• ZL 3-2:

• ZL 3-3:

• ZL 3-4:

• ZL 3-5:

• ZL 3-6:

New UL Crowns

• UL 48 & 49 (→ Sacred Forest) gets 2* difficulty with 1.1x magnification, the reward for finishing 2* UL being a Platinum Ticket

• UL 40 ~ 47 (→ Between Truth and Lies) gets 3* difficulty with 1.6x magnification

• UL 34 & 35 (→ DNA Plantation) gets 4* dificulty with 1x magnification

Event & Gauntlet Maps

• Aku Nyandam Advent - 4 stages

• Behemoth Stones farming stages 14 ~ 16 added

• Annihilation City Redhead Yuki Cat Awakens

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Fluff This is not a [Fluff]ing drill, Evangelion collab is coming back!

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Fan-Made [Fan-Made] Farming Growing (Hard) be like:

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Fan-Made Traitless Cyclone holding the urge to obliterate everything and everyone. [Fan-made]

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Fluff [Fluff] So uhhh when do I get my treasure?

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Fluff No im not sorry i never am [fluff]

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Fluff Why is this game so addictive what the heck. [fluff]


I spent 7 hours on battle cats… only today. I don’t even know how that’s possible because of energy but I guess I just used so many leaderships and I got a bunch from stories of legends. Why is this game so fun holy guacamole. List of things I did today:

I got all treasures on itf chapter 1 (I only had like 24 yesterday)

I did 11 roll on the almighties (I needed new units) and I got super rare drill cat and two Ubers: zues and chronos I’m using chronos she is good I still want weightlifter (pizza) cat I haven’t gotten her yet

I beat crazed gross

I did a heck lot of stories of legends now I have 3 stars on all 6 first chapters

I farmed a ton of cat fruit enough to evolve my best units

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Cats [Cats] top five cats

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Fluff Guys crazy thought, but I think I like the battle cats [fluff]

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Fluff How chapter 1 moon felt [Fluff]


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Discussion [Discussion] Give me a cat unit in BCEN, and I'll tell you why Surgeon Cat is worse.


Seriously, for the period in the game where you get Surgeon, she's absolute garbage. 13 blue stones, 13 green stones, and 1 yellow stone are, for some reason, the same as Mushroom. Anyone with even half a braincell will wait to clear 10 more behemoth stages before getting the Slayer of Rajakongs himself, Mushroom.

Recently, I've been thinking about getting every Behemoth Stone trueform, good or not. With Harbinger, Catarzan, Radical, and Racquet out the way, the last one I really have (cough cough, time-limited so-ran) is Surgeon. And dear lord, nothing could have prepared me for the shock that is looking at her stats. 600 dps. One knockback. Dies in one hit to Pterowl Hazuku even factoring Behemoth Slayer. Sure, you've got 22 speed to help Surgeon get into Hazuku's blindspot, but Surgeon for some stupid reason has LD, making her barely fit into Hazuku's blindspot. But , even if we ignore that, what from there? Unless the stage is called Lava Caves Area 4, Hazuku never comes without some kind of support and Surgeon's 15.5k health means that it dies to literally everything, including the bane upon this land that is 200% Woge. I genuinely believe that this is the worst unit in BCEN, and I'd like to hear some thoughts as to what could be worse. And, yes, this is BCEN, so units like Tutorial Cat don't count.

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Fan-Made A couple of bc pixel arts I made [fan-made]

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Fluff [Fluff] ponos was on something when making COTC

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Fan-Made Imagine trying to crit this [Fan-Made]

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I gave it wave attacks because CyberFace has wave attacks too.

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Fluff [fluff] very different

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Cats [Cats] What's your favorite Uber?


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Discussion What is wrong with this comment? [Discussion]

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Jit mad trippn

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Cats Which form of kachi kachi should I use? [Cats]


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Fluff Thanks Battle Cats [fluff]

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Cats [Cats] Le Fishe ( Sea king Daliasan ) is a freaking NUKE


Ok so at Lv 55 he has 59k base damage, he has SAVAGE BLOW ( 3x damage ) and COLOSSUS SLAYER ( aka 1.6 or 60% more damage vs any colossus and 1.4 40% more hp ) so acounting all of that he can deal 212.4K DAMAGE Vs any Colossus in the game if he procs his Savage Blow that is but it is not that hard for him to proc that because he has a 20% or 1/5 chance of doing it, 1 in 5 hits and he deals more than 1/5 of a MILLION DAMAGE and if that wasn't enough HE HAS 510 RANGE...... all of that in a uber rare that DOSEN'T HAVE A TRUE FORM

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Discussion [Discussion] New player here, any tips for beginners?


Just decided to give this game a try when I learned that you can play it offline and only needed to connect it to the net every few days for updates.

I'm currently in Australia level rn. My most notable upgrades are Axe Cat lvl. 3, Efficiency 2, Health 2, Accounting 3 and Study 5. I also bought ninja cat 1.

Looking to optimize some stuff right from the beginning in order to have proper investment in upgrades.

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Discussion Best use and methods to obtaining Leaderships? [Discussion]


Hello there, early mid game player here.

As of lately, I’ve been grinding in this game a ton, evolving cats, farming XP, and beating CotC. And in the span of 3-4 days, my 60 leaderships went down to 10. I’ve been trying to do some SoL to gain a few leaderships, but I always seem to use a leadership in return to beating a chapter.

So I wanted to discuss, what’s the best use to leaderships throughout the game, and if any, what would be the best methods to obtaining leaderships? Thanks!

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Fan-Made Couldn't figure out how to make this a behemoth but it's good nonetheless. [Fan-Made]

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Fluff [Fluff] How long does it take to get response from PONOS?


I had to change phone and I lost all my progress in game. I got response from support asking me few question and I answered as much as I could and additionally I provided my inquiry code that I have saved.

It's been almost week and I didn't get back response, how long does data recovery takes?

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Fan-Made Alien squire rel [Fan-Made]

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Yeah I couldn't think of a creative name for it