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Discussion I am a botter / gold seller at the start of every major classic expansion release, as unpopular as ill be, ask me anything and ill honestly answer you.


Majority of my selling is done directly to suppliers of major websites as price and demand fluctuate. I also have regulars from guild leaders to casuals who hit me up, below is a screenshot of what i made off this particular website in the first 3 weeks of wrath launch, but as mentioned i sell all over the place. Id avarage $2-3000 per month for the first 3 months of an expansion launch, ill run anywhere from 5-25 bots at a time. To explain the SS this was the profit on this site during wrath launch, its not the biggest site i use, but just over $1000 from it.


Been doing this since the glider days ( real vanilla ) , on and off between the years. Not here to gloat or shitpost, just see ALOT of misinformation regarding selling gold in wow, for example i am not chinese, i do care about the game and i do belive more should/could be done to stop people like me.

That said, ask me anything.

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Discussion Want to play Vanilla+ WoW?


Come join us on Turtle WoW! This is a WoW Private Server with additional content that is lore and atmosphere friendly (ever wondered what it looks like to see a Tauren with Plainsrunning? or a Paladin with taunt?). If you enjoy the Vanilla experience but want unique and new content built around leveling to 60 TWoW could be for you.

Also there is a Hardcore mode, turtle mode (slower xp gain), survival profession and so much more!

Website: https://turtle-wow.org - Discord: https://discord.gg/MyF5wQYHdr

Need to fix your vanilla client? https://github.com/hannesmann/vanillafixes/releases | https://github.com/brndd/vanilla-tweaks/releases

Edit: As I get questions, I will answer them here. I am an ex-dev of TWoW and in no way represent them. /u/tw_torta is the Server Owner.

With the character rebalancing on TWoW, is the spec pool more viable? Yes! Meta classes are still pretty dominant, but much more specs are seen and are viable for leveling (druids get insect swarm as a learned ability for example and a new talent to replace it).

Is crafting more valuable compared to classic? Way more valuable, there are a lot of recipes that help fill in gear gaps, and it for sure creates a better economy from what I can tell and makes professions very, very useful while leveling.

Are the new dungeons/raids going to be sidegrades or trying to fix "holes" in classic design? Yes, most of the new content is below level 55 to help substitute weird gaps in the classic leveling experience. You can expect locations to have extra buildings or new npc's, maybe more quests, or entirely new hubs altogether (2 goblin islands near Booty Bay, goblins in dustwallow marsh, etc)

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Discussion For those discussing how Blizzard will implement protection or an appeal system against griefers and disconnects — this is probably what the reality of hardcore is going to be like (ss taken directly from diablo 3 character creation)

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Discussion The salt level on this subreddit is going to be insane when official Hardcore servers release

  1. No appeals
  2. Griefing will be rampant and highly creative
  3. Whole groups of people will die to various internet/server issues

The crying on here will be biblical, and I can't wait for it.

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Discussion WotLK is more 'retail' than 'classic'

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Discussion MadSeason was right. The slope is slippery

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Discussion Deadliest Creatures for HC characters in Deathlog addon

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Discussion Hot take Hardcore goes against what Classic is praised for and retail is bashed for.


What I mean is Hardcore is essentially a single player game (yes you can duo or trio I prefer seeing those) but if you do it solo you can’t trade with people can’t group for anything other than 1 dungeon at a time. It’s just pretty wild that many people complained about retail being a single player game and praising classic’s open world interactions yet hardcore literally goes against it. Yes you have the random guild chat spam , or general chat spam (you have the same thing on retail) this post isn’t to say hardcore bad or retail good I just thought it was funny that hardcore is somewhat contradicting things people said they loved about Classic.

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Discussion Wotlk arena and cheaters


I have been an avid player of WoW Arena for several years and have thoroughly enjoyed the engaging and competitive gameplay it offers. However, since the release of Wotlk, I have noticed that many high-rated players are using third-party programs like AutoHotkey.

AutoHotkey is a program that allows users to spam a button hundreds of times per second and even execute pixel hacks that give them an unfair advantage, such as instant kicks on spell casts. This behavior is clearly against the game's Terms of Service and is ruining the experience for players like myself.

It is disheartening to see players like Torstenstock, Wingball, Shinta, Raselx and Pvelord using these programs on their live streams, further normalizing the use of these unfair advantages. I implore you to take action against this behavior to maintain the integrity of the game and ensure a fair playing field for all. Several of my friends and I are considering quitting the game due to the unfairness we experience in high-rated arena matches against players who use these programs.

We want to compete against other players, not computer programs. It's frustrating that some players can attain the highest PvP rank, Deadly Gladiator, by using a program. Many well-known streamers, such as Venruki and Ziqo, who have commentated at Blizzard's PvP tournaments at Blizzcon, have expressed similar concerns on their streams. Additionally, Hydra, Ziqo, Venruki, and many other have had enough of these players and have voiced their grievances publicly.

The following video shows hydra talking about those cheaters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eb0zF6_HSWg

The following video explains how torstenstock uses a 3rd party program in arena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_BlLHYALdU

The next video shows Venruki reacting on the last video: https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyConcernedHareHassanChop-Wy6RxK9DISqd7nKj

The following clip shows how Torstenstock (or rather, his 3rd party program) presses 4 different buttons within 0.2s while also walking to the enemy: https://www.twitch.tv/ziqoftw/clip/FriendlySpunkyRadicchioPunchTrees-OrYWgqpSiO6ko6Xz?filter=clips&range=30d&sort=time

The next clip shows some very suspect plays from the warrior Raselx: https://www.twitch.tv/ziqoftw/clip/ImpossibleTenuousBatteryGOWSkull-F6Zgf7Q_rJPnO-em?filter=clips&range=30d&sort=time

The next 4 video shows how the same warrior called Raselx reflects a sheep at 99%: https://clips.twitch.tv/NiceIcyBubbleteaKappa-s_w2vZsuSIofXtMl




Another very suspect play from Raselx against Ziqo: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlitheChillyKuduShazBotstix-yAfM7Pv2Mpd11Q-K

The following clip shows how torstenstock is not aware of pressing his shieldwall. After noticing it, he makes a joke out of it: https://clips.twitch.tv/ThoughtfulSmellyMooseBrokeBack-nMvE11GcVugmmjY3

Furthermore, in addition to using 3rd party programs, players such as Torstenstock and Wingball use a program similar to TeamViewer to boost other warriors and attain high arena rewards, resulting in them earning thousands of dollars.

It's imperative that action is taken to address these cheating practices, as many people have stopped playing WoW and would consider returning if the cheaters are punished. The warriors involved in using these cheats must be thoroughly investigated and immediately banned, with their titles stripped for using such unfair means. It's akin to 15 cheaters against an entire PvP community, and it's important to restore a level playing field to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all.

Edit: Thank you for sharing additional clips demonstrating the use of 3rd party programs. Please feel free to post them in the comments section and I will add them below.





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Discussion After leading a couple of SR runs, I'm not surprised GDKP exists.


Basically my guild died and I wanted to finish my Valanyr, so I started hosting some SR runs with fragments reserved. It was a complete disaster: loot drama, people saying that class doesn't need x items, people just alt f4-ing after their item doesnt drop, we were left with 20 people at yogg and couldn't even finish the raid, and it was a normal run. This happened twice.

After this I decided screw it I'm hosting GDKPs, well, everybody sticks in, very easy to replace people in case it happens cause new recruits just get the full cut, and we cleared algalon and almost all hms every time.

So what are we talking about? I think without bots Gdkps would still exist, but instead of selling things at 50k they would sell for 3-5, but this model of raiding is just too efficient.

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Discussion On official HC servers, the ability to trade, use the mailbox, use the AH, or even RMT... won't matter. Scrubs will still drop like fly.


Maybe a controversial take, but IMHO everything that you guys are worried is going to ruin HC won't actually matter. Let's take your average HC player who always dies between lvl 15 and 20. Let's say he swipes the credit card, trades gold for real money, and buys some insane twink gear from the AH at lvl 10. Enchanted green items, enchanted weapon that OHKOs mobs, 16 slot bags, etc.

I can guarantee you that person still won't make it past level 40. They will get cocky, try to take on too many mobs at once and die. Or fall off a cliff and die from fall damage. Or aggro a high-level roaming elite mob (ex: the bird Zaricotl in Badlands) and die to that. The grind from 40 to 60 is tedious and most people don't make it no matter how good their gear is. Buying OP gear from the AH won't change much to that. The good players will make it to 60 in a couple of hours faster but that's it. And even those that pay for dungeon boosts from lvl 10 to 60 will die the moment they step foot in an end-game dungeon.

tl;dr: even with potential RMT on official HC servers, scrubs will still die before reaching 60.

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Discussion How do people watch HC streamers? All they do is fake reactions and deaths 24/7 for content.


Xaryu's clips popped up in my YT feed the other day and he lost a low level warrior because he was literally killing things higher level than him, not looking at the screen, purposefully dying so he can fake a reaction for content.

Mind you Xaryu was literally part of Classic Lv 60 dueling tourneys, server first raid events and is a multi-R1 and this guy has to spend his day acting overreacting to Level 20 Barrens quests to keep his chat alive.

The whole scene is just milking boring content and farming reactions, and I mean good for them for making money off of it but man it's just so low brow and talentless content that it makes it hard not to cringe when you see it.

For the people who genuinely watch these Twitch streamers daily, how do you guys get past all the fake reactions? It's just so hard not to notice it and tune out.

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Discussion If there's anything to learn from the Classic community, it's that it loves super massive dungeons. Take notes Blizzard.


What do people think of when they think of great dungeons in WoW? They think of places like Zul'Farrak, Uldaman, Maraudon, The Sunken Temple, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Spire. Massive dungeons that feel epic and grand to progress in, and that tell a story. In fact, many people would argue that Blackrock Depths is still to this day the best dungeon in the history of the game.

If Blizzard giving us Classic+ was simply them adding a few dungeons like that, along with making some small changes to underperforming hybrid specializations in Classic, I think it would make a lot of people happy without fundamentally breaking the game.

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Discussion A segment from the WoW Diary, it's been posted before but it seems relevant once again...

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Discussion Am I the only one who wants just a normal Classic fresh 2 year timeline server?


I don't want SoM for sure, feeling rushed or weird rules are just really stupid if the Devs are not into it, just putting it out with lowest effort possible.

HC is cool, but I would like the option for normal WoW.

Anyone else just want plain old vanilla 2 year server?

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Discussion Loot From 210 Uldaman Backdoor Runs. No Clickbait, No Contingencies, No BS. How I Made 29070g 40s.


TLDR: Video in comments for the lazy.


Long story short, Uldaman is filled with gear that sells for an ass load of gold because 39 twinks wanna have BiS gear. (Pendulum of Doom, Miner's Hat of the Deep, Papal Fez, Shadowforge Bushmaster etc...)

I wanted to find gear for my 39 Fire Mage Twink & make some gold on Westfall and ended up making a bunch. I know YouTubers in the past have posted similar content and there was some weird contingency. For example; "STRATHOLME...6000G AN HOUR??" and after 7 minutes of wasted time you find out that's if you find the "Sparkling Stemcell Slingshot" with a 0.0001 drop rate. I assure you everything in this post has sold (except the epic i intentionally kept) and I've got proof for everything.

EPICS. (1,000g)

I only found 1 epic in my 210 runs but it was a big caster ring for 39 twinks so i lucked out since I'm making a mage. I found Underworld Band which has been BiS for twinks since Vanilla and nothings changed in WotLK.1,000g is a base price for the ring and I'd bet you could get up to 2k on the right realm/day, but i don't want to stretch any values. Players in the 39 Discord regularly sell and buy this ring for around 1,000g so if you find one, don't let anyone fondle your bean bags on the price.

RARES. (9250g)

In my 210 runs I found 18 rares, which honestly is super low considering the Uldaman loot table and the world drops that can come from there as well but I can't complain. In fact; I've completed week 2 already but haven't compiled any data since I'm still waiting on sales, BUT I can tell you I've found 44 rares in week 2 (no epics) so I was a lil surprised. Here's what I found & how much I've sold everything for.

Rare Sales.

CLOTH. (MAGEWEAVE & SILK, 6397g 40s)

So I was making some extreme bank just off cloth. I've sold ALL 10,795 Mageweave Cloth for .52s an average per 1 cloth. This means I've made 5613g 40s just off Mageweave which was just enough to pay for 4 nights 5 days at Goldshire Inn "Late Night RP VIP Package". Gotta be honest I arrived pretty scared but after a fistful of herbs from a stranger I ended up wearing only Loin Cloth and a Christmas Hat and hadda pretty good time.

me on night #2

Silk Cloth brought in another 784g so I didn't leave penniless.

Mageweave Sales.

Patterns (4330g)

I've been getting a lot of good patterns, especially lately for some weird reason. The chest midway thru the backdoor route and Archaedas's chest at the end have been hooking me up. I JUST got a Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Block and a Pattern: Rich Purple Silk Shirt which are both VERY rare and a bunch of other good ones from week 2, but let's move on.

I've got a route guide that'll be posted down below. Nicolas Cage actually tried to steal the Dream Vision pattern mumbling something about National Treasure 3 coming out in 2024 and needed it. I needed the 3 Dwarves from Uldaman to help pry him off of me and sedate him with some kind of dart.

Pattern Sales.

Greens. (2234g 37s)

I vendored all my greens for week 1, but have been working on a level 35 rogue to open lockboxes, disenenchant greens and work with any extra cloth if i ever have any. Some greens got kept, greens that have the name "of Shadow Wrath", "of Fiery Wrath", "of Frozen Wrath", "of the Monkey" are all good sellers. I label these as "special greens" and my best one has sold for 200g (Umbral Wand of Healing). In fact, wands tend to sell the best when it comes to greens in general. I stashed this money in a hole in Elwynn because I don't trust the banks in Stormwind.

Green Sales.

Gems. (2171g 85s)

I had so many gems on me I started to get paranoid because you're only allowed 4oz and i had like 70 and i got intel on Stormwind training rats to snuff out gem smugglers so I had to make these deals quick and Vanish like the parents of childrens week. Buying gems on the cheap and selling them for higher is what we call in the streets of Duskwood, "a move only men with long dongs or women with brass boobs could make". Anyway, take a look below at my gem sales / prices.

Gem Sales.

Aquamarine Sales.

Lastly, Other. (3686g 77s)

Everything else I bundled for convenience. I sold this kinda stuff to anyone willing to buy into the whole "Listen it's 80% discounted and you can sell to your friends, and they sell to their friends like a chain from the comfor of your own Inn." and often I'd get told "Like what, some kinda Pyramid Scheme?" and I'd say "Only in it's shape, management structure and day to day operations but NO it's Multi-Level Marketing." and more often than not you'll find the promise of better gold one day can convince any pathetic common Human that still has hope and trust. Here's what I made.

Other Sales.

Grand Total. (29070g 40s)

Here's where I decided to do math and add everything up. I spent 2 days working with 9 different tools but I got there eventually.

Total Sales.

Time Spent, Gold-Per-Hour. (830g+ per hour)

Auctions don't take long and I don't babysit them. If you wanted to include time spent auctioning I'd say maybe 1-2 hours. I'll leave that up to you to decide to include in GPH, I labeled this for time spent farming and don't want to deceive anybody... unless it's for my Pyramid Sch... I mean Multi-Level Marketing business.

10 minutes per run but now I got it down to 9 with talent changes & Zanza's Swiftness Potion.

Time Spent / GPH.

85 Lockboxes.

The opening is up on my YouTube, I didn't want to spam any links.



Uldaman brought me enough gold to experience Azeroth like a Darnassian Aristocrat, and I was even able to buy a repair mammoth to bring a higher vendor gold value in the future for all runs. I got like 12 right swipes on Cinder after posting me riding on my new mammoth popping Bottles of Dalaran Noir and I named my mammoth Julius, bitches love Julius.


This is Week 1/5 so hopefully you enjoy the next 4 post as well, thank you for being so kind today.

Thank you for reading, hopefully it was a nice break from the HC post ^-^

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Discussion Free permanent ban or send 25+ reports and eliminate whoever you don't like


Good day. I would like to raise what I think is a very important topic. Let's talk about the Blizzard "reporting system". I always thought that people's stories about the unreasonable ban were fiction. I thought so until yesterday, until I faced it myself. It was an ordinary day, and I was playing wow, but on that day, I received several messages from acquaintances who warned me that I would be subject to mass report by one guild.



I contacted support and received an answer that I have no restrictions, therefore they have nothing to help me with. It's been two days and I got banned. I got banned yesterday and the reason is very banal: cheating or botting.I contacted support again and got the following reply:


Oddly enough, but I was not surprised. Based on my previous communicate with support, I expected this to happen. I want to bring this topic up because no one is immune from such a case. Okay, I'm not sorry for the account. I'm lucky I didn't have anything rare. But there are people who have been playing for years and they risk losing everything in an instant. To do this, it’s enough just that someone doesn’t like it, and then you can forget about the account.

I think that Blizzard should make changes to them "reporting system" because it doesn't work the way it should. Because their system is a real abuse, the easiest way to ban a person for no reason. They should also remove liars from support who doesn't do their job. Such as " Ianboryn "who blatantly lies, presses CTRL+C and CTRL+V and receives a salary for his lies.

Whoever doubts the authenticity of my words can conduct a small experiment. Create a trial account and ask your friends to report you for "cheating or botting". I think that about 25 people are enough, and the account will go to a permanent ban and after filing an appeal, you will see how brazenly blizzard support lies to you. You will see that they do not do their job properly.

It's a pity to lose something. It's a pity that the game has such people who harm the community. But most of all, it is a pity that Blizzard employs such employees. Employees who lie that they do some kind of check, but in reality they just copy the template without any check and leave the perpetrators unpunished.




It's been 2 days and I received the following notification in the mail: "After additional investigation, we found that the action was taken as a result of an error. We have opened an account, and it is available to play again. We apologize for the mistake we made."

I have a bitter residue. I lost my advantage in the table . They didn't add 2 extra days to me while I was banned, but most importantly, they did not punish the violators who sent false report. They still play, and it's not certain they won't do their dirty work again and again...

P.S. I finally got my subscription and plus 7 extra days


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Discussion "it's okay because everyone buys gold anyway"


This is such a shit mentality. Yeah, let's reduce crime rates by making the crime legal, that's a great plan.

Gold buying shouldn't be happening to begin with. It ruins the integrity of the game. Being able to just swipe credit card and immediately get whatever you want is completely antithetical to what Classic is supposed to be. There's a reason why pretty much every pserver cracked down hard on gold selling/buying, and we're seeing it: the game gets flooded with bots/GDKP/boost spam if you don't. Yeah, those things DO exist on pservers, but to a much lesser extent because gold buying / gold selling actually gets you permabanned, and the admins actually give a shit to hunt down and ban bots.

And instead of fighting back against the rampant "swipe credit card to win" gameplay, Blizz is openly embracing that playstyle just to make a quick buck before WOTLK ends. They most likely know that even if they do launch a "cata classic", there will be a huge dropoff in subs because most of us aren't interested. So might as well milk us while we're still here.

I was willing to accept the things like H+ and some class balancing changes, as they are pretty beneficial to the health of the game, but openly endorsing pay2win gameplay is just outright stating that you don't actually care about making a good game.

Really, it's clear Blizzard just does not give a single fuck:

-BGs still flooded with bots

-bots still farming instances 24/7

-Cannot transfer to some servers even if they're nowhere near full

-Heavy handed class changes, some that are ineffective and others that are way too effective

-Barely communicates with us at all, the most we get is a single blue post every few weeks, meanwhile retail gets constant attention and communication, classic is an afterthought

-Arena participation is at its lowest in history due to rating issues and rampant cheating going unpunished

-And now they openly encourage swiping credit card to win by adding WoW Token

GG blizz, now people are flocking back to private servers since you've shown you don't give a fuck about Classic.

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Discussion Looks like HM 10 items will be buyable for H++ Currency

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Discussion Brian Birmingham (Classic lead) has left Blizzard in protest of the company's stack-ranking system, saying he was forced to give an employee a lower evaluation than that employee deserved in order to hit a quota.


Jason Schreier's article: Blizzard Manager Departs In Protest of Employee Ranking System - Bloomberg

I've included some snippets:

In 2021, Blizzard, a unit of Activision Blizzard Inc., implemented a process called stack ranking, in which employees are ranked on a bell curve and managers must give low ratings to a certain percentage of staff, according to people familiar with the change who asked not to be named discussing a private matter. Managers were expected to give a poor “developing” status to roughly 5% of employees on their teams, which would lower their profit-sharing bonus money and could hamper them from receiving raises or promotions in the near future at the Irvine, California-based company, known for games like Overwatch and World of Warcraft.

Brian Birmingham, who was the co-lead developer of World of Warcraft Classic, wrote an email to staff last week to express his frustration with this system. He wrote that he and other managers on the World of Warcraft team had been able to circumvent or skip filling the quota for the last two years and that he believed the mandate had been dropped or wasn’t strictly enforced. But recently, Birmingham said, he was forced to lower an employee from the average “successful” rating to “developing” in order to hit the quota.

“When team leads asked why we had to do this, World of Warcraft directors explained that while they did not agree, the reasons given by executive leadership were that it was important to squeeze the bottom-most performers as a way to make sure everybody continues to grow,” Birmingham wrote in the email, which was reviewed by Bloomberg. “This sort of policy encourages competition between employees, sabotage of one another’s work, a desire for people to find low-performing teams that they can be the best-performing worker on, and ultimately erodes trust and destroys creativity.”

Birmingham wrote that he refused to work at Blizzard until the company removed this stack ranking policy. “If this policy can be reversed, perhaps my Blizzard can still be saved, and if so I would love to continue working there,” Birmingham wrote. “If this policy cannot be reversed, then the Blizzard Entertainment I want to work for doesn’t exist anymore, and I’ll have to find somewhere else to work.”


Edit: Brian has tweeted about the topic now, thread starts here: (1) Brian Birmingham💙 on Twitter: "I wasn't intending to make this public, but apparently its in the news already, so I'd at least like to set the record straight. I am no longer an employee of Blizzard Entertainment, though I would return if allowed to, so that I could fight the stack-ranking policy from inside." / Twitter

I'm told the forced stack-ranking policy is a directive that came from the ABK level, ABOVE Mike Ybarra. I don't know for sure, but I suspect it's true. Everybody at Blizzard I've spoken to about this, including my direct supervisors, expressed disappointment about this policy.

(1) Brian Birmingham💙 on Twitter: "But ABK is a problematic parent company. They put us under pressure to deliver both expansions early. It is deeply unjust to follow that by depriving employees who worked on them their fair share of profit. The ABK team should be ashamed of themselves." / Twitter

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Discussion I would like to see HC category with literally zero addons.


I wonder how much would players endure and how far would they get using NO addons at all. The exception would of course be the HC addon.

EDIT: Wow, a lot of defensive comments. I didn't mean to say addons are bad lol. Nor I think Vanilla is good without addons. I'm simply saying that it would be funny to see people play like ONE RUN without addons just for a different experience.

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Discussion Actual tier list for phase 2 - play what you want kings it's a 15 year old video game

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Discussion Who else is unsubbed and just checks this reddit for news on fresh classic?


looking good boys.

r/classicwow 3d ago

Discussion We need a "Private Server" flair if Rule 4 isn't coming back


Since posts about wanting Rule 4 back are getting removed, it looks like the Mod team here is going to let people discuss Private Servers indefinitely.

If that's how it's going to be can we at least at the bare minimum get a "Private Server" flair, that way people who want to talk about it can discuss it all they want while the rest of us can filter it out.

This way everyone wins and people aren't forced to seeing Private server ads the moment they enter the subreddit.

Update: Mods have reinstated Rule 4!

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Discussion If the official Hardcore servers are immortal at 60, I think it's a mistake


Go all the way Blizz. No immortal at 60, that will just make the community eventually die off once the badge of honor fades from hitting 60. It will just turn into normal servers at that point.

The charm of legit Hardcore servers will be knowing everyone around you is mortal and the constant high stakes. And if you make it immortal at 60 it will just splinter the player base of who does and who doesn't. It will lead to more botting.

Just go all the way Blizz. At least with one of the servers. One life, even at 60.