/r/Formula1's Rules

In addition to the rules of reddit, the following rules are in place for /r/Formula1:

Follow reddiquette and be nice

  • Reddiquette is important to keep /r/Formula1 an open and welcoming community for everyone. TL;DR is "Be nice", but we highly encourage everyone to read the official reddiquette wiki.

  • We strive to foster a community where discussions are lively and possibly even heated, especially during contentious races and events, but personal attacks, generalisations, posting of personal information, among others, will not be tolerated.

Account requirements

  • Please note that accounts must typically be a couple of weeks old, have a verified e-mail address, and hold 100 points of positive karma in order to participate at r/Formula1 outside of the Daily Discussion posts.

Report - don't retaliate

  • Responding to content that violates these rules by retaliating in kind also violates these rules and will subject members to disciplinary action.

  • Report it, don't reply.

1) Harassment / Toxicity

Unconstructive commentary

  • Fair criticism of teams, drivers, and other personalities is allowed, but this is not a place for blind hatred. Prolonged or excessive attacks on either fellow sub users or F1 personalities will not be tolerated, and nor will wishing harm to drivers.

  • This includes hoping that they will crash. Motorsport is dangerous, and some things shouldn't be wished on your worst enemy.

Attacking fan groups is not okay

  • Disagreements are still okay and it is expected that not everyone will like every team or driver, but there are acceptable ways to express this.

  • Attacking other fanbases is not okay on this subreddit. It comes from much the same mentality as racism or other tribalistic behaviors, and it produces toxic comment threads and bad faith interactions between users.

  • Unacceptable comments would be along the lines of:

    • "The tifosi are..."
    • "Hamilton fans are such..."
    • "Typical of Dutch fans to..."
    • "These Drive To Survive fans..."
  • Negative comments based on a user's flair are also included in this.

    • "Flair checks out"
    • "You would say stupid things, with a flair like that"


  • Do not comment with the sole purpose of baiting, trolling or inciting reactions from other users. This will lead to disciplinary action.

  • If there is a problem with another member or with one of the mods, please leave it to private messages and/or modmails.

  • Any threads initiated as a way to vent against other members will be removed and can result in disciplinary action.

  • If you believe you are being targeted by a specific user for harassment it may be advisable to submit a report to the admins as well. If you are unsure about whether this is appropriate, or how to do this, please contact us via modmail and the mods will be happy to help you.

2) Offensive/bigoted content

Racist/sexist/discriminatory content

  • This subreddit is welcoming to everyone no matter their age, gender, gender identity, sexual preferences, race, or any other defining characteristic.

  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, ableist, and/or other discriminatory language and sentiment will result in strong disciplinary action, up to and including a permanent ban for a first offence. This includes dogwhistling language and jokes which include such sentiment.


  • Comments which generalise or stereotype people on the basis of their nationality (e.g. "she's British, she's bound to support Lewis" or "he's Dutch, obviously biased towards Max") will also be met with immediate bans. Respect people's individualism without engaging in prejudice and tribalism.

  • Whereas we do not tolerate discrimination against populations, please note that criticism of governments responsible for committing major human rights abuses does not, in and of itself, fall under the anti-bigotry rules. Comments reasonably viewed to criticise abusive regimes in favour of human rights may not be actioned.

We should improve society somewhat

  • If a driver or other figure chooses to make a common sense gesture in support of human rights, equality, the environment, science, or the improvement of society, do not post counterproductive comments attempting to silence that figure (e.g. "just shut up and drive, Checo") or whataboutist rhetoric designed to discredit their message (e.g. "why is Sebastian discussing the environment when he drives an F1 car").

  • Any comments viewed to be initiated in bad faith in response to such gestures will result in disciplinary action. If you are caught behaving like the very intelligent character in this webcomic, you will be banned.

  • Weaponising one driver's activism against another's in order to elevate your preferred individual (e.g. "Lewis was just a fake hypocrite when he originally highlighted this issue, whereas we don't deserve Sebastian") is an insidious and often tacitly bigoted approach to these topics, and will result in bans.

  • Do not suggest that Formula 1 has solved all of its systemic issues, or that women/minorities/others are lying about their experiences (e.g. "there is no racism in F1, because Lewis is highly successful").

Don't be a creep

  • We all understand some drivers/personalities are attractive. However, this subreddit is not the appropriate place for posts such as "look at this attractive person" and/or posts of a sexual nature, whether their subject is a driver, grid girl, drivers’ partner, etc.

  • Comments which are lewd and do not add to the discussion may also be removed.

  • Do not post comments excusing or justifying creepy and abhorrent behaviour (e.g. defending a driver who gropes a woman and uploads footage to the internet). Such behaviour will lead to a ban.

Offensive usernames

  • Usernames will be treated the same as posts/comments.

  • If something is not permissible as a post/comment, it will not be allowed as a username. This goes for anything purposely offensive or any username deemed overly offensive. These kinds of usernames will result in a permanent ban.

  • Novelty and/or troll accounts (“Max_Crashstappen”, “I_hate_Lewis”, etc.) might fall under this category as well, at the mod’s discretion.

3) Sticky/Daily Discussion

Daily Discussion thread

  • The F1-Bot will post a Daily Discussion Thread at 0300 UTC each day and this will be the proper place for all content that doesn’t qualify for an individual post. As a general rule, an individual post of text, image, or art should be:

    • of interest to the sub in general, and not a specific userbase (e.g. new users, GP attendees, just yourself)
    • able to generate discussion (e.g. no yes/no or easily answerable questions)
    • with reasonable input and effort from the OP
  • Examples of material more suitable to the daily discussion thread include:

    • Questions that can be answered with a quick search (e.g. “Who held the win record before Alain Prost? [Sir Jackie Stewart, with 27])
    • Posts related to F1TV, including basic information, technical issues, and “is it worth it?”
    • Text posts any shorter than 280 characters (i.e. shorter than a tweet on Twitter)
    • Other smaller discussions that don't fit/are unnecessary as a thread (yes/no, likely to be one sentence answers)
    • New user questions (finding a team/driver to support, rules, general questions)
    • Other questions that are only directed at a small portion of the userbase (e.g. questions about going to a race, tickets and their refunds, questions only relevent to a specific tv audience)
    • Self-promotion on a minimal level
    • Blatantly impossible hypotheticals
    • Constant or repetitive speculation around driver career moves
    • News articles which transcribe the non-notable hot takes of ex-drivers, ex-F1 staff, or broadcasters
    • Off-topic discussions (see rules on OT content for which content may have its own post)
  • The F1 FAQ may answer some of the questions a new (or old) user might have.

  • The Daily Discussion Thread is NOT equal to the Monday Trash Talk thread and all rules will still be applicable to it.

Use the sticky threads

  • In addition to the daily discussion, sticky threads will be used throughout race weekends and may be used for big news. Check if there is a relevant sticky thread before submitting a new post, as posts which are more suitable as comments in a sticky thread will be removed.

Use an appropriate subreddit

  • If r/Formula1 is unable to accommodate your post under the rules, consider using an appropriate alternative subreddit instead.

    • Use the dedicated driver and team subreddits to post more fannish content about drivers and teams.
    • Use the appropriate racing series subreddit or any other applicable subreddit to post content considered too far off topic.
    • Use r/GrandPrixTravel and/or r/f1meetup if you would like to post anything about travelling to a Grand Prix.
    • Use r/F1Technical for an experience more oriented around the technical side of F1.
    • Use r/F1Porn to post high-quality F1 photos.
    • Use r/F1Art if you would like to post F1 arts and crafts with fewer restrictions.
    • Use r/F1Game to discuss the F1 video games.
    • Use r/F1TV to discuss the F1TV service.
    • Use r/vintagef1 for throwbacks to F1's history.
  • There are many other alternative F1 subreddits which may have more to offer for specific and granular needs than the main subreddit.

  • Please note that the r/formula1 moderation team is, in almost all cases, uninvolved in the running of these subreddits.

4) Formatting issues

Mandatory post flairs

  • All posts must have a flair. Posts without flairs are automatically removed.

  • The available flairs are:

    • Art
    • Discussion
    • Memorabilia
    • Misc
    • News
    • Off-Topic
    • Photo
    • Social Media
    • Statistics
    • Technical
    • Throwback
  • Always link to the source. Instead of posting a link to a tweet linking to an article, post a link directly to the article instead. Instead of posting a screenshot of an article, link to the article itself. If an article is based on quotes given to another outlet, post a link to the outlet with the original quotes rather than the article copying them.

  • Instagram posts are a special exception. Please DO submit screenshots of Instagram content instead of direct links. When uploading an Instagram screenshot, make an effort to use a descriptive title (e.g. the caption), crop the screenshot to the content itself, and include a link in the comment section where possible.

  • In the case of Twitter posts, these MUST include the name or twitter handle of the tweeter in brackets, i.e. [@AlbertFabrega] or [Tobi Grüner], before the FULL tweet text (links optional, hashtag and emojis should be excluded). Multi-part tweets should have the full text of the first tweet as the title.

  • Sources in a language other than English must also link directly to the source, and the translation or context be provided in a comment.

  • Don't post large excerpts from articles in the comments. These will be removed as they deprive content creators of page hits. Translations of an article originally not in English are the only allowable exception to this rule, as long as the original is not behind a pay-wall in their source language.

  • When submitting session results, submit the official timing screen. Session results in any other format will be removed.

  • When submitting photos, please credit the photographer in the title of the post if at all possible.

Pay-Wall sources

  • Posting the full source from websites using pay-walls is prohibited. Please also do not ask for pay-wall content to be shared via PM or link to another location (e.g. pastebin) where the full pay-wall content is available.

  • Linking to other sources in the comments of the same story (e.g. coverage of the same F1 story as the Autosport submission) is allowed.

Do not editorialise titles

  • Please ensure that your post has a reasonably descriptive title. Posts with titles which make little or no effort to summarise the content of the post will be removed.

  • When posting news articles or videos, do not alter the original headline or title. Stick to the facts. Add your commentary in the comments. Emoji in post titles are not allowed.

  • If an uneditorialised headline or title is not fit for purpose, exceptions may be permitted at the discretion of the mods. If this is the case, please advise the mods when posting, by sending us a modmail.

  • If the original title is non-English, then a translation of that title should be used.


  • While both NSFW and NSFL content is allowed, it must be properly marked with [NSFW] or [NSFL], including when presented as a comment. Content not properly marked will be removed.

  • The mods do however reserve the right to remove said content at their discretion.

Spoilers for other racing series must be properly marked

  • If you're posting about a different racing series, do not include spoilers (eg: who, when) in the title for a minimum of 24 hours after the event has ended, including spoilers that can be inferred/implied (e.g. if only Driver A can win the championship on a certain weekend, do not post a title like "and the championship winner is..."). Any such post must have the spoiler tag added to it when it is created. Exceptions are events that would overshadow any replay of the race: very serious incidents, etc)"

  • This only applies to other racing series (including Formula 1 support series with events on the same venue as the current Formula 1 weekend). Fans of other series visiting /r/Formula1 shouldn't expect to see spoilers for other series here, but if you're looking to avoid spoilers for Formula 1, you will have to avoid the sub until you have caught up on the latest event.

  • It is the responsibility of each individual member to make sure they unsubscribe from /r/Formula1 before each race, and/or filter /r/Formula1 out of their /r/all and/or any such pages. Threads about the Spoiler rule will be removed, as this matter falls under the Meta or sub-specific posts rule above.

  • Please do not send modmails requesting changes to the spoiler policy. This has been put to the membership a number of times and the response has always been the same, hence the policy stays as is.

5) Relevancy

Image posts

  • Image posts must be relevant, and contain an explanation as to why that image is relevant, be it because of an upcoming race and/or an anniversary of the event depicted in said image and/or any other reason that make it relevant enough to warrant a standalone post. Failure to do so will subject the post to removal.

  • A driver's birthday may be celebrated with one image/video that should be posted on the driver's birthday in their country (i.e. the country under whose flag they race).

  • Images must obey all other rules - e.g. the throwback/on this day rule, and the stricter race weekend rules.

Throwback posts

  • Posts intended to recall an event that happened on the same date or year a number of years ago are restricted to being posted one year, three years, or a multiple of five years after date. Also, all such posts should feature an event that is still of interest to the general community today. For example, random overtakes or two former drivers having a chat in general do not qualify for this.

  • Important events like memorials are exempt from this rule, and may be posted every year. Posts related to important current events may also be exempt at mod discretion.


  • Fan art, crafts, and similar content is welcome on Tuesdays during the racing season, and at any time during the off-season. Please consider whether your work breaks any of the other rules (e.g. self-promotion, piggybacking). Duplicates and imitations are liable to be removed. Art posts are also susceptible to removal at the discretion of the moderators.


  • Podcasts will be evaluated for newsworthiness and must be timestamped. Other podcast-related items, such as upcoming guest announcements, will be removed. If more than one source for the same podcast is posted, the first one to be posted will be retained, the others should be posted as comments to that one.

6) Repost/duplicate/piggybacking

Reposts and duplicate content

  • Always check the "New" page before submitting. Direct reposts will often be flagged by reddit itself but we also do not allow duplicate content. Duplicate content will include content that has already been shared from a different source but is not a verbatim copy.

  • A later post with a better source (such as an official channel or a better rated source, according to the Source Rating System) or a later post from a free source versus one behind a paywall can be preserved over a previous post, which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Common reposts will also be removed, as will any content that has been posted recently, even if said content would, ordinarily, be permissible.

  • When reporting reposts, please include a link to the original post.

  • If the original post breaks other rules, or if a repost is somehow superior to the original and/or better received by users, the repost may be retained as the primary post according to common sense discretion.

"Piggybacking" posts

  • Example of "piggybacking": member A creates a novelty post with a slowed-down highlight with the narrator speaking very slowly about two Ferraris touching. Member B sees this gets positive feedback and makes a similar post with a different highlight, members C and D see these get positive feedback and decide to make their own posts in the same vein and so on.

  • Only the first post will be allowed to stand, the rest will be removed, as these should be posted as comments to the original one. This rule may also be applicable to artwork: e.g. multiple paintings of a car following shortly after a well received painting of that car, or the same car painting reposted with minor adjustments.

7) Low quality

Low-quality posts

  • Low-quality posts will be removed. Memes, reaction gifs, rage comics, parody videos or posts that are entirely jokes will be removed.

  • Low-quality posts include:

    • Photos of F1 personalities with editorialised titles. Examples: "This guy!", "Good guy Jean Pierre Jabouille".
    • Pictures of race tracks, drivers, selfies with F1 personalities, parts of cars/tracks/etc. found during GPs, car collections, your kids watching Formula 1
    • Non official highlights video
    • Screencaps of errors on websites/broadcasts/wiki pages/etc.
    • Posts with titles in all caps and/or with emojis in the title or non-descriptive titles
    • Posts about "who's a better driver", "what would be the best track for X" and similar without a significant opinion by OP
    • Blatantly impossible hypotheticals
    • Fake news and rumours (which can subject the member to disciplinary action)
  • Please check the relevant section (daily discussion, images, art etc.) for guidelines on what is a good submission.

8) Off-topic posts


  • In general, all content on /r/Formula1 should be directly related to Formula 1, but we do allow content related to other racing series under certain conditions. Off-topic content should be marked using the [OT] tag in the title of the post. Do not use tags like [Semi-OT]; either a post is on or off-topic.

  • As a guideline, we generally allow:

    • Content related to F1 drivers* participating in non-F1 series if the driver is not part of the regular line-up of said series
    • Major breaking news in other racing series (spoiler rule applies)
    • Social Media posts related to F1 drivers and/or teams when directly connected to F1
    • Content related to sim-racing, official or otherwise if: (a) more than 1 current F1 driver is involved in the event; or (b) it’s major news regarding Formula 1’s official esports ventures
    • Serious or newsworthy incidents in F1 feeder series
  • And highly susceptible to removal:

    • Content related to the Formula 1 video games (unless it is major news)
    • Screenshots of tracks from flight sims
    • Content related to F1TV
    • Off-topic social media posts, even if from F1 drivers, entities or people related to F1. This includes screenshots of banter, burns, follows/unfollows, likes
    • General car news
    • Concept racetrack, helmet, or livery designs from unofficial sources - concept designs more relevant to current events (e.g. a Porsche livery if Volkswagen are considering an entry) are likelier to be permitted
    • Lego cars
    • Questions that can be answered with a quick search (e.g. “Who won the most races in 1963?” [Jim Clark, obviously]), which should be asked in the Daily Discussion Thread
    • Non-notable memorabilia, driver/personalities’ interactions, member pictures of drivers/tracks/cars, and goodies received from teams/drivers/others *This includes test drivers and drivers expected to enter Formula 1 in the following season or earlier.
  • The moderators reserve the right to remove/approve any off-topic post at their discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Social media

  • Social media posts will be judged on their relevance to F1 and must either announce breaking news or be highly newsworthy themselves. Social media is not relevant simply because its author is an F1 figure, including drivers. If we wouldn’t care if a non-driver was posting it, then don’t post it.

  • Social media posts are also not automatically relevant because they are about F1. There are a lot of people commenting on the sport, please ask "why do we care about what this person thinks?"

  • Please note that top-level submissions linking to accounts run by fans/enthusiasts are almost never permitted as a matter of policy.

9) Off-limits posts

Internet vandalism

  • Sharing malicious or satirical edits on platforms like Wikipedia and Google Maps is strictly forbidden and is likely to result in an automatic ban.

  • The increasing popularity of editing information on open platforms like Wikipedia and Google Maps as a joke or maliciously is a harmful trend and is therefore not welcome on this subreddit. It is irrelevant if the person submitting a post/comment about an edit is the same person responsible for the edit. Sharing such content contributes to the popularity of this trend, and is therefore subject to disciplinary action.

  • Encouraging people to rig the Driver of the Day vote (or similar contests) is considered both trolling and a form of internet vandalism and will be met with disciplinary action.


  • Excessive self-promotion is not allowed. We follow the site-wide guideline on self-promotion, which states that the general rule of thumb is that 10% or less of your posting and conversation should link to your own content. We want the users to be members of the sub first - promoters second.

  • Creators of original, high-quality content can be exempt - providing the content is indeed OC. We strive to encourage high quality, original content - and will emphasise the good posts in the sub whenever possible. However, we still expect these users to keep to a reasonable posting quantity to avoid spamming the sub.

Meta or sub-specific posts

  • Questions about /r/Formula1 itself, such as features, rules, moderation, and other members should be directed to the moderators via modmail. Any such threads will be removed.

  • We also have a regular Meta Discussion Thread posts where these issues can be discussed publicly.

No buying, selling, trading, gambling etc.

  • No advertising, buying, selling, trading or begging for stuff. This includes but is not limited to tickets, merchandise, memorabilia, autographs, artworks and games.

  • Exceptions can be made for giveaways or competitions, but it must be cleared by the mod team first. Contact the mod team if you'd like to schedule a giveaway.

  • No gambling posts or links permitted.

URL shorteners

  • Links via URL shorteners are not allowed except in extreme circumstances, which should be previously approved via modmail.

Streaming and race downloads

Michael Schumacher's health

  • Michael Schumacher's health since his skiing accident will, from time to time, be the subject of posts and discussions. However, all news outside of official news published by his family (directly or through his representatives) is subject to removal at the discretion of the mods. This will apply especially to low rated sources and/or tabloids publishing clickbait with no new developments and/or official information.

  • We will respect the Schumacher family's wishes that Michael is left alone to recover in peace.

10) Time-based content rules

Time-based content rules

  • Content rules will be enforced differently depending on what is happening, as follows:
    • During the race weekends, posts not directly related to the GP weekend at-hand may be subject to removal.
    • Race Weekends: From the start of Thursday until the end of Monday of GP weekends. As the sub covers most timezones, midnight in the race time zone is used as the cut off point. The duration of pre-season testing is also classified as a Race Weekend
    • Race Weekend - Monaco Grand Prix: From the start of Wednesday until the end of Monday
    • During live sessions (i.e. FP1, FP2, FP3, Quali, Race plus 2 hour cooldown)
    • Off-Season: One week after the last GP of one season and the week before the first pre-season test of the following season
    • High traffic/breaking news periods
    • All others

Posts not allowed within Race Weekends

  • Fan art, projects, and similar content (Grand Prix posters excepted)

  • All content mentioned in the non-exhaustive list above should not be submitted during Race Weekends.

  • During Race Weekends, one post regarding the following off-topic subjects will be allowed, serving as a megathread for any and all content regarding said subjects:

    • Possible title decider of another motorsports series
    • Indianapolis 500
    • 24 Hours of Le Mans
    • Nürburgring 24 Hours

Posts not allowed within Race Sessions

  • Clips (except from the official highlights team)
  • Screenshots
  • Reaction/timing tweets

    • Please note that while radio clips are allowable by anyone outside race sessions, these should be posted on non monetizable sites such as streamable, (i.e. not YouTube). Reddit Video (v.reddit) is prohibited to protect the sub from being subject to copyright strikes. Please see the images section for information on posting timing screens.
    • As these are our busiest periods, moderation will be high during sessions. It is likely that posts which do not contribute significant news or developments will be deleted by default.

Press conferences/interviews

  • Only one thread for each press conference/interview session will be allowed. If the full video is not available and a shortened version is posted, the full video should be posted as a comment to the original thread.

  • The same principle is applied to post-session interviews, with the exception of Qualifying and Race, so any post-Free Practice and/or testing sessions interviews/press conferences should be gathered in one post only. The F1-Bot will not post a non-stickied megathread for each session, so the first post about the subject will automatically become the megathread for each session. The mods will endeavour to apply the “megathread” flair. However, lack of flair will NOT signify that the post is not the megathread for the session in question.

  • For Qualifying and Race sessions, the interviews for the Top 3 finishers in each session will be allowed as individual posts, the remaining ones will follow the same rule as above.

Weather forecasts

  • One post is permitted on the third day before a session i.e. Wednesday to talk about the possibility of rain in Qualifying. Thursday to talk about the possibility of rain in the race. The forecast information can be found in the sidebar by mousing over the Grand Prix name under the main sidebar picture. Posts made before Wednesday/Thursday as well as duplicate posts will be removed.

High traffic/breaking news periods

  • Although hard to define, there are periods on the sub where a lot of news happens very fast, and/or the sub receives a sudden influx of activity (e.g. major breaking driver news). At these times moderation levels on the sub will become high, and posts which do not contribute significant news or developments are likely to be deleted by default.


  • The beginning and end of the off-season will be announced by the mods when relevant.

  • During the off-season the rules are still enforced, but the bar on what content is permitted is relaxed. Please note, the bar on the base level of behaviour expected is not.

Disciplinary Guidelines

  • Mods are not required to issue warnings before any type of disciplinary action and/or adhere to any progression of disciplinary actions, with all offending behaviour being judged independently (though a clear pattern of behaviour will be taken into account).

  • If you get banned and believe that action was an error, send us a modmail and we will discuss it. Taking your grievances to the public can result in other disciplinary actions being taken.

  • Mods reserve the right to act on any account, post, or comment for any reason we believe is in the best interests of the community.

  • Do not ask the moderation team about action taken on another user; this information will not be shared.

Ban appeals

  • You can attempt to appeal your ban responding to your ban message. Ban appeals may be dismissed for any reason. Some "dos" and "don'ts" of successful ban appeals:
    • Do acknowledge responsibility if you are at fault.
    • Do wait patiently if you don't receive an immediate response.
    • Do maintain a civil, reasonable tone. Any cheap lashing out against the mod team or others will be interpreted as a request for an extended or permanent ban.
    • Do read the rules to avoid a ban. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse, especially when it comes to the civility rules towards the top of the list.
    • Don't take it personally, suggesting that the mods are out to get you. Mods have a task to carry out, and only the mods and admins have full visibility on the disciplinary status of each user. Boilerplate angsty declarations in reaction to your ban (e.g. "wow, this sub is going downhill anyway, I'm leaving") are not solicited except for comedic purposes.
    • Don't claim that you didn't break any rules unless you are absolutely certain. The moderators are sufficiently familiar with the rules, though we do make mistakes from time to time.
    • Don't attempt to deflect by pointing towards others at the subreddit who may be breaking the rules, or by taking issue with the rules themselves. If you're concerned about improving the sub, do so by spending time reporting offensive comments and getting in touch in advance, not by bringing these matters up after you are banned. Attempts to deflect by filling your ban appeal with critiques of others will be considered cynical and may result in a rejected appeal.