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Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts



u/Puzzleheaded_Poet_81 1d ago Gold

Elon Musk announces literally anything that will keep him in the news cycle. Stay tuned for more from the worlds premier pretend engineer.

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u/VerySuperGenius 1d ago Silver

So how does unbanning all users win over the advertisers?


u/domino2064 1d ago

Spoiler - it doesn't. I'm pretty much convinced that musk doesn't comprehend that 'business' isn't an inherently universal concept and that a social media company cannot be ran like a car/aerospace company.


u/Beast_of_Bladenboro 1d ago edited 1d ago

If Twitter somehow survives this, he then has to deal with the shitload of liability that the non GDPR compliant, unsecured website will bring him. If Twitter just crashes, and that's it, it would be a blessing in disguise for Elon. If Twitter survives for much longer, more than just his poorly leveraged debt, will kick his ass.


u/McFlyParadox 1d ago Silver All-Seeing Upvote Starry Heartwarming

You've got it a bit backwards. His Twitter ownership is back by leveraged Tesla shares. If Twitter crashes, his creditors get his Tesla shares. If Tesla crashes, Twitter's debt becomes even more difficult to service and his creditors may demand even more Tesla shares. Basically, if anything crashes, Elon is fucked. If everything, by some miracle, survives, then Twitter is still stuck with its insane debt service obligations, and basically acts like an anchor around Elon's neck, since it'll keep Twitter from turning any serious profits.

And given his management of Twitter so far, there is a possibility, albeit remote, that large stakeholders might be able to argue Elon managed Twitter in bad faith as the CEO - which could let them "pierce the vail", to go after Elon's personal wealth directly, in the event of a bankruptcy of Twitter.

Oh, and none of this even touches upon what kind of impact this might have on Elon's management/ownership of SpaceX. All those deals are private. All we can reasonably infer is that SpaceX isn't turning a profit (because if it were, Elon and the other investors would be taking it public so they could get their return on investment). For all we know, the Twitter deal is backed with SpaceX shares, too. Or there could be stipulations in SpaceX's charter, or Elon's contract, that could see him lose control of SpaceX if Twitter goes sideways.


u/JohnHazardWandering 1d ago

Agree on all counts, except spaceX going public. Plenty of companies go public when they're losing money. There's just enough private investors throwing crazy money at him that he doesn't need to go to the public markets.


u/bpastore 1d ago

Similarly, there are plenty of private companies that are doing just fine.

For example, Little Caesar's has been going like gangbusters -- or, at least, their massive growth certainly suggests this. However, we don't actually know all that much about their financials because they have remained privately owned for 60+ years.

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u/DeanXeL 1d ago

The EU courts are already chomping at the bit about the absolute death spiral Ol' Musky dropped Twitter in. This move? This is just utter stupidity.

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u/LMFN 1d ago

It doesn't, he's just doubling down because he's an egomaniac who agreed to buy Twitter as a stock manipulation tactic thinking he could just pull out of it only for the courts to drag his ass through the mud and begin exposing shit about him if he didn't agree to the contract he signed so now he's furiously burning it down around him.


u/DefinitelyDana 1d ago

Offering to unban Trump didn't work; this is the next Hail Mary to drive engagement. Makes me wonder what next weeks stunt will be; he's fast running out of material to work with and employees he can bully into doing it for him.

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u/nwprince 1d ago

Including Alex Jones? Didn't he JUST say it wasn't happening


u/UncleMeat11 1d ago

A few weeks ago he said he'd convene a fucking council to decide on banned accounts and that obviously didn't happen - so who the fuck knows what he is going to do next.


u/Forikorder 1d ago

he did convene a council, unfortunately he found out too late he had actually fired them all leaving him alone on the council

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u/GameCubeSpice 1d ago hehehehe Wholesome Seal of Approval Super Heart Eyes

He's opening the containment unit and setting free all of the captured monsters!


u/tormunds_beard 1d ago edited 1d ago

It's true your honor, this man has no penisdick.


u/Unit_79 1d ago edited 1d ago

Total chaos… dogs and cats living together…

Edit: yes I know I got it wrong it’s “Mass hysteria.”


u/zeroappeal 1d ago

Tell him about the Twinkie.


u/Richard_AIGuy 1d ago

What about the Twinkie?


u/C4lderone 1d ago

Well, let’s say this Twinkie represents the normal amount of psychokinetic energy in the New York area. According to this morning’s sample it would be a Twinkie…thirty-five feet long weighing approximately six-hundred pounds.


u/akkraut559 1d ago

That’s a big Twinkie.


u/pack_howitzer 1d ago

Listen! You smell that?

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u/bozeke 1d ago

Y’know Elon, this reminds me of that time you tried to drill a hole in your head…


u/djac13 1d ago

That would have worked if you didn't stop me.

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u/flybypost 1d ago

Does it also apply to all the accounts that were suspended recently because they made jokes about him and/or his Twitter leadership, or the left leaning accounts (reporters and/or groups) that got suspended because right wing trolls reported them until Twitter suspended them randomly?

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u/nickmaran 1d ago

And about to lose the remaining advertisers

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u/Wisex 1d ago Silver

How long until twitter just becomes a shitty version of 4chan


u/Margray 1d ago Silver

$8chan is the one I've seen going around.


u/Available-Vast-4744 1d ago

But there was already an 8chan… ohhh I get it now.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into h8chan


u/Margray 1d ago

Too late. Stefan Molyneux and David Duke are both unsuspended.


u/names_are_useless 1d ago

So Musk's "council" was all just a big lie and Musk just unbanned whoever he pleases?

FYI my Twitter account that was banned years ago, a Twitter account I simply used to respond to anti-science tweets with facts, is still banned.

So, as expected, he only wanted to unban a select few right-wing voices from Twitter and yet wants to claim he is completely unbiased. I'm sure he'll give us the full list of accounts he unbanned and go over his full unbiased strategy for deciding who he unbans and who he doesn't, right!?

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u/shamwowj 1d ago

8 hours?


u/yeahwellokay 1d ago

Somebody posted on Twitter calling it $8chan.


u/bullilite 1d ago

How long Before Twit-Anon

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u/BoltgunOnHisHip 1d ago

I'm looking forward to ISIS' comeback tweet. I'm sure it'll be a blast.

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u/bstowers 1d ago

Now this... THIS will bring the advertisers back in droves. Brilliant, an absolute master stroke of genius.


u/abevigodasmells 1d ago

Oh great, here come ads for pillow man, dick pills, adult diapers, and catheters.


u/bstowers 1d ago

Hey, you got them in order that we'll need them.

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u/Margray 1d ago

On my last day there, exactly one ad. I fully intend to try to stay up to date on advertisers who think allowing David Duke and Stefan Molyneux a legitimate platform is deserving of their support.


u/captainhaddock 1d ago

If anyone's ad is juxtaposed with racism, calls to violence, and other formerly banned content, take a screenshot and send it to their PR department.


u/ArcticCelt 1d ago edited 1d ago

Someone should make a website that display those screenshots and maybe add a tagline that say [X company], proud sponsor on [some horrible pedophile/racist] twitter account.


u/Ph0X 1d ago

That is basically almost exactly how adpocalypse happened on Youtube a few years back.


u/DesoTheDegenerate 1d ago

Yup, and every single social media company responded to this by rolling out brand safety features that use algorithms to analyze the content of a poster and make sure that ads are only placed next to the most squeaky clean of content.

You can bet your ass that any of these banned accounts were already on the blacklist for mid-feed advertisements and promoted tweets. Just like all of the pornstar accounts, and gore accounts, and furry scat porn accounts.



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u/Jaded_Prompt_15 1d ago

But who's deer testicle spray will they sell?


u/Intricatetrinkets 1d ago

FUCK the Big Deer Testicle Spray Industry brother! We’re a small outfit from the Ozarks who know how to treat a set with care and pass the love onto you with our famous essence. I guarantee your satisfaction with this spray, you may just pick up a few more as stocking stuffers for grandma. Visit our website or call the number and ask for Frank



u/Jaded_Prompt_15 1d ago

Is this a subsidy of Frank's Fluid?

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u/Vordeo 1d ago

"Well, we left the platform because we were concerned about it's instability upon Elon Musk taking over weeks ago, but now he's bringing back a bunch of accounts that got suspended over spamming the n-word? How could we possibly resist?"

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u/ShuttleXpC 1d ago edited 1d ago

“This platform has a major bot problem, I’m not going to purchase this without major insights to the user base”

“Amnesty for all Republicans based upon our user base voting via an easily manipulated poll for users who spout hate speech, terroristic threats and general asshattery” oh and then I’m going to post a Latin phrase to look like the high school kid everyone hated.

Jesus what a chode.


u/xxx420kush 1d ago

Nonono didn’t you hear? It was the people voting not to unban trump that were the bots!


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u/2_cats_high_5ing 1d ago Silver Gold Helpful Bravo! Eureka! Calculating

Does that include the ones he suspended for making fun of him


u/AwakPungo 1d ago

I see he is desperately trying to get more users on his burning platform. I am guessing the number of real users quitting Twitter has taken its tolls


u/GrayBox1313 1d ago

High profile users are one thing, but everyday nobody accounts with frequent active engagement is what feed the advertising business. Without active users, that fit into very specific targeted demos, ads can’t be sold.


u/CO420Tech 1d ago

Also, without organic users to retweet and interact with, the hordes of bots don't work correctly


u/GrayBox1313 1d ago

This right here. Also likes. Unless you’ve worked in digital advertising you don’t really understand how much reporting back goes into a campaign. Advertisers need to know about reach, conversion, organic, targeted etc. entire decks full of data from campaigns. Without that good data advertisers can’t justify the spend “well I spent 1.3 million and I’m not sure who saw It or if it dove any revenue” is not something you want to report


u/Mafsto 1d ago

Excellent answer here. That data is invaluable. And the mere fact a skeleton crew is manning Twitter ensures a brand owner will not get that data in a timely fashion. This has a nasty snowball effect on future campaigns for the future.

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u/WhyBuyMe 1d ago

What you want to report even less is "I spent 1.3 million and all of my ads are appearing next to posts calling for violence against LGBT people and posts blaming gas prices on the (((Jews))). Now when people think of my product they associate it with Nazis.

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u/Bluest_waters 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Remember how much Elon was screaching about bots before he took over ?

And the INSTANT he actually took over all that screeching immeditately stopped. Never heard one single word from him about bots. Weird.


u/incongruity 1d ago Gold Bravo!

I’ve come to believe that being publicly conservative is all about complaining about shit without a single actionable plan for what to do when actually put in a place to do anything about it. Witness how little got done during Trump’s first half term when the Republicans controlled everything, or how little gets solved by good guys with guns. When it comes to public good, the Republicans are all complaints and no fixes.


u/Doctor_Karate 1d ago

It's all about money. The only thing they did during that half term was massive tax cuts for the rich and corporations.


u/samjohnson2222 1d ago

You nailed it.

Fear and blame and no plan but to create outrage while stuffing their pockets.

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u/DZCunuck 1d ago

Still get lots of porn bots subscribing to my burner account. At least one a day.

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u/AvatarofSleep 1d ago Silver Duck Dance

4chan has lots of frequent active users. Has trouble getting advertisers though for some reason. Can't for the life of me remember why. Anyway I'm sure twitter won't have the same problem.


u/homezlice 1d ago

This is completely wrong. 4chan does big ad business with brazzers and various nunchuck retailers.


u/celtic1888 1d ago Plus One

Big nunchuck is always a whale for those advertising dollars

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u/mikey-likes_it 1d ago

Soon the only ads you will see on Twitter will be from brazzers and weird gas station dick pills


u/TunkFunklin 1d ago

Half my reddit ads are for dick pills and I don’t even have a dick


u/LupinThe8th 1d ago Silver Helpful

That's what the pills are for, obviously.

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u/Phantom_Pain_Sux 1d ago

And maybe My Pillow


u/antunezn0n0 1d ago

crypto scams will love it as well

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u/ArenjiTheLootGod 1d ago

Yet another dumpster fire that I thought would have burned itself out by now.

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u/BigBadZord 1d ago

This is great, but if you read it in Hank Hill's voice, it becomes amazing.


u/walla_walla_rhubarb 1d ago

"I sell porn and martial arts accessories."

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u/spkingwordzofwizdom 1d ago

“Big nunchucks and nunchucks accessories.”

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u/Art-Zuron 1d ago

Fedoras an axe body spray too I'd imagine.


u/mrmicawber32 1d ago

Nobody in 4chan is buying deodorant.


u/Art-Zuron 1d ago

I said axe body spray! Which is more of an oderant than anything else.

It seems to pass as an alternative to bathing in some circles.

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u/BuggzOnDrugz 1d ago

Big Waifu pillows and real girl dolls have a strangle hold there as well.

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u/Vordeo 1d ago

High profile users are one thing, but everyday nobody accounts with frequent active engagement is what feed the advertising business.

And if I'm an advertiser, I look at this news and see Twitter bringing back a bunch of suspended accounts, which generally would be higher risk and not the kind of content I want to be associated with, and I GTFO even more.


u/Processtour 1d ago

What company wants their ad below a pro Nazi or gay bashing post?

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u/WigginIII 1d ago

Srsly. This is Musk saying “no rules everyone! Go wild!”

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u/gothstonerbabe 1d ago

I deleted mine. It's just an insufferable mess now.


u/Rokwallaby 1d ago

It was a really nice clean way to keep up with news and follow things of interest, I swear my feed is now musk and recommendations for right wing cookers and scumbags.

I’ve never had to hit the don’t recommend/mute buttons so much pre musk


u/shaqalicious 1d ago

Same here. I follow a few niche hobbies and comedians and I keep getting all these right wing nutters recommended because someone I follow is their follower. It's noticeably shittier in just a few weeks.

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u/snarfymcsnarfface 1d ago

Same. It was all about him and Trump. Two of the worst people on earth. No fucking thank you.

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u/AwakPungo 1d ago

Totally agree. I also think that those high profile users like celebrities, top writers, etc. bring those regular users though

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u/StarMagus 1d ago

But his weird cheerleaders keep saying how he's doing so great with his take over of twitter and everything is fine. This is fine.


u/AwakPungo 1d ago edited 1d ago

Yeah, Musk himself keeps proclaiming that Twitter usage has gone up. I am sure he is right about it but they are mostly bots 😂


u/Njorls_Saga 1d ago

I’m sure Twitter usage is up. I’m also sure advertising revenue is down.


u/ramonchow 1d ago

If the platform usage raises and the revenue is down, you have two problems.

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u/EggplantFearless5969 1d ago

Dude wastes 44 billion dollars to buy to Twitter to ruin it. That user who was tracking his movements must have really pissed him and others off.

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u/Bigleftbowski 1d ago

Which means he never intended to monitor Twitter in the first place.

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u/Stuthebastard 1d ago Silver

The Emperor has no clothes.

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u/coraldomino 1d ago

“I’m banning people as I wish, and anyone who doesn’t like is free to leave”

*everyone leaves”



u/Myquil-Wylsun 1d ago

"You will double your hours and quality of work for no pay increase, and anyone who doesn't like it is free to leave"

*everyone leaves”



u/devedander 1d ago

Don’t worry the Elon Stans have informed me this is actually a 12d genius move.

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u/hobovalentine 1d ago

Meanwhile he is banning people he doesn't agree with or who make fun of him.

He's generally just unbanning right wingers who were banned for hate speech.


u/Beautiful-Musk-Ox 1d ago

he also boosts right winger's visibility and suppresses left wingers

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u/Nosivad 1d ago

Yep, my account was suspended for posting one of the pictures of him shirtless on the yacht. It said I could reinstate my account by deleting the post. I deleted my account instead.


u/automatvapen 1d ago

Sound like Elon wants to play wannabe dictator.

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u/BootyPatrol1980 1d ago

Elon last year: "It's all bots!"

Elon now: "Plz bots log back in plz."

Can you imagine the shit he coulda done with $44b that wasn't whatever the fuck this is?


u/conansucksdick 1d ago edited 1d ago Silver Gold Helpful

A quick Google shows there are about 2 billion squirrels in the US. So, at 19.95/ month he could have bought every squirrel in the US a one month premium Netflix subscription and still had enough money left over to get each of them a hot dog and a soda from Costco. With the remaining 1.1 billion dollars he could have gotten like 110 million bananas.


u/RipWilder 1d ago

What’s a banana cost? Like $10?

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u/The_Deku_Nut 1d ago

Like honestly dude, just retire to some bullshit island and bang 6 chicks a day. Why do the ultrarich piss their lives away on bullshit like this when they've already beaten the game?


u/xkillernovax 1d ago

Number go up hehe


u/lothartheunkind 1d ago

Ironically doing nothing as opposed to anything he has done with Twitter would actually make number go up. Elon is too “fellow kids” and “dank memes” to make smart decisions without the PR team he had before becoming the richest man alive for a period of time


u/L6velexie 1d ago

He seemed like he has some sort of arrested development. I was shocked when I googled his age, this man is pushing 60 and still acting like an edgy 16-year-old. Bizarre

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u/Taskmaster23 1d ago

the billionaires need to just play cookie clicker istg

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u/SeekingImmortality 1d ago

Because retiring to solitude (beyond 6 chicks a day) isn't millions of people chanting your name worshipfully as though you are God Itself walking upon the earth and deigning to look at them.


u/__slamallama__ 1d ago

For $44,000,000,000 (if my math is right) he could have paid 10,000 people nearly the median average American wage to chant his name, 40hrs/week for 100 years


u/The_Deku_Nut 1d ago

And this math doesn't market rate of return on all the money that would sitting there gaining interest while it's waiting to be paid out over the next 100 years.

It's actually really hard for squishy gray matter brains to comprehend how large a billion of anything is.


u/RabidMofo 1d ago

I like the million seconds a go is last week.

And a billion seconds is like 32 years ago.


u/JayCDee 1d ago

Yup, and then couple that one with "you know what the difference is between 1 million dollars and 1 billion dollars? It's about 1 billion dollars."

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u/BootyPatrol1980 1d ago

For real. He could have done literally anything else with that volume of cash.

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u/GreatMadWombat 1d ago

He offered a hypothetical amount of $ to the UN if they had a plan for ending world hunger. They came back with a 10 billion dollar plan. He could have spent 10 billion and been remembered as a great humanitarian, instead of this twitter nonsense

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u/F-Cloud 1d ago

Please note that you are not doing anything noble by staying on Twitter. Let it go. Leave the platform. You will achieve nothing by staying and fighting. Let it turn into 4chan and watch the site die. Play your part in making Elon Musk look like the fool that he is.

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u/WonderWall_E 1d ago

So ISIS, Jared Fogel, Milo Yiannopppulous (I don't have the time or inclination to learn how to spell that), George Zimmerman, Richard Spencer, Tila Tequila, Martin Shkreli, Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, and Alex Jones are back and could show up next to any advertiser content?

RIP ad money.


u/blorbschploble 1d ago Gold

Oh man I had forgotten about Yolo Minneapolis


u/theking119 1d ago

You shouldn't have. His current arc is marvelous. One of the most entertaining gifts I've seen in the far right sphere.


u/NoSuperman10 1d ago

Short version for somebody out of the loop?


u/IronBoomer 1d ago

After he largely got chased out of Far Right spaces for making borderline supportive comments for pedophila, he floundered awhile, trying to attach to a new community for revival, but few would have him.

He even tried to embed in the furry fandom, who wholesale chased him and his dime-store snow leopard fursona to the door as Midwest Furfest banned him when he tried to register. He threatened to come anyway, bringing his fanboys but they never showed.

He eventually found a foothold with the Radical Traditionalist Catholic crowd by converting their way, breaking up with his boyfriend and championing conversion therapy and writing for those kind of websites. No word on what his now ex boyfriend thinks of him now.

Last I heard he had joined Marjorie Taylor Green’s staff as an intern and was still using telegram as his promotional tool to his fans.


u/VegasKL 1d ago

Radical Traditionalist Catholic

Exactly the type you would want to team with if you were trying to distance yourself from pedophilia (and/or denial of being a victim of).

.. checks notes err wait, that's the one place you don't want to team with.


u/whelp_im_screwed 1d ago

Who said he was trying to distance himself?

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u/C5Jones 1d ago

I can't believe this isn't satire.


u/Butterball_Adderley 1d ago

I hope one day we’ll be able to look back on this and laugh, but probably everything is just going to get more ridiculous every day forever.

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u/LazybonesBear 1d ago

Welcome to America. If you're born here, you have a front row seat to the fucking shit show.


u/C5Jones 1d ago edited 1d ago

I grew up in Florida and even by my standards this is buckwild.

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u/Psyman2 1d ago

borderline supportive comments for pedophila,

girl, he said more people need to fuck adults as kids because it helps them.

There's nothing "borderline" about this.

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u/hipstercookiemonster 1d ago

Apparently he's hanging out it with Kanye now


u/Gymleaders 1d ago

of course he is

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u/bennetticles 1d ago

That sure does sum it up.

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u/Agentkeenan78 1d ago

He's not "gay anymore", apparently. I saw something on him not too long ago and it was pretty batshit.


u/BetaOscarBeta 1d ago

He probably learned about the night of the long knives and is trying to avoid the next one


u/nostalgichero 1d ago

Just living with a man that he has sex with. Not at all gay. Actually very masculine, like the Greeks.

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u/BazilBroketail 1d ago

Tila Tequila? That's a name I haven't heard in a while. The fucks goin' on there?


u/Ok_Application_444 1d ago

She expressed admiration for Hitler and the Holocaust online, dead serious


u/san_serifs 1d ago

Is that after she got pelted with bottles at the gathering of the juggalos?


u/ExcellentAlternative 1d ago

Ahem, pissed filled bottles.


u/moffattron9000 1d ago

Fair play Juggalos.

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u/Zombie_Harambe 1d ago

She had literally brain damage iirc and it changed her entire personality. Made her go full 4th reich


u/IHoebot 1d ago

It's kinda scary how easily and completely a TBI can change your personality like it did with her. She was never like an arbiter of good but she wasn't hateful.


u/diiejso 1d ago

I used to work with a guy that was one of the nicest people you'd ever meet, give you the shirt off his back type. Then he started getting real snappy with everyone at work. If we asked what was wrong he'd get angry. The anger issues got progressively worse. Shortly after we noticed the change in behavior his girlfriend moved out because he hit her. At that point our boss told him take the day off work and go to a doctor or you're fired. That pissed him off but that was the final push that got him to see a doc. Turns out he had brain cancer and as the tumor was growing it was making him angry and violent. He had an operation and went back to being normal. He only lived a short time after that but long enough to make peace with everyone and pass on good terms with all his loved ones. I like to tell this story when topics like Tila come up because many things can cause a sudden change in behavior so if someone you care about seemingly overnight shifts their whole personality do what you can to get them to get a checkup.


u/2SP00KY4ME 1d ago

Speaking of those TBIs, for anyone reading this who has older parents, buy them a safety handle for their bathtub / shower. My dad fell, and though he didn't get a TBI but he destroyed his ability to walk.

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u/FireBeyond 1d ago

Yup. Saw a call (paramedic) that was someone hit by a car. He was throwing punches, fighting. Had to be restrained and sedated. Had a TBI. His wife told him about it all later and he was at the station about month later wanting to apologize “for anything I said or anyone I hit”.

We were all… “dude, you had a brain injury, not one here of use took any of that personally, we’re good”.

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u/Either-Progress4847 1d ago edited 1d ago

Elon already said Alex Jones isn’t coming back because, I’m paraphrasing “I lost my first child and i can’t support people who profit off those families pain”.

So in typical Republican fashion, he only supports something that effects him personally


u/Duelshock131 1d ago

Classic hyppcrite. If he's personally offended by someone's posts he'll ban them but if half of America is offended they're free to say whatever they want.

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u/Rage_Like_Nic_Cage 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote

as if Elon gives a single fuck about any of his kids. lmao


u/Zombie_Harambe 1d ago

His kids are lucky they're the only ones who don't have to hear from him.

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u/Outlulz 1d ago Wholesome

His daughter being trans certainly never stopped him from being transphobic.

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u/mces97 1d ago

I mean, he named his kid Xksk3udme9, or some shit like that, lol.


u/jussikol 1d ago

I think it was xxElitexSnipeZxx


u/MorienWynter 1d ago

You're thinking of his secret bastard child, xxx360NoScopexxx

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u/Either-Progress4847 1d ago

Well again, Republicans care about kids that aren’t alive, once they are alive they can fuck off

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u/Kriegerian 1d ago

What he actually means is “Alex already owes $1.5 billion for defamation and there’s no end in sight, even I’m smart enough to not want that around and I’m a fucking moron”.

Also for the fragile Musk simps who are going to get mad: I don’t care. Musk is a stupid trust fund shithead whose only achievement in life is bullshitting people into believing he’s a genius when in reality he lied about getting a physics degree, bought his Econ degree from Wharton, and bought his most famous companies rather than founding any of them. Cry about it.

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u/Jaded_Prompt_15 1d ago

What's hilarious is even if it's literally just Alex Jones that doesn't get back on, he'll get no credit from the right for supporting free speech.

He still found a way to make it a lose/lose situation

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u/the_xaiax 1d ago

Yolo Minneapolis


u/wellboys 1d ago

Get the Twin Cities out of your mouth when you're talking about that expired load of a human.

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u/correctingStupid 1d ago

My boss texted me asking if I can delete our company Twitter account this weekend. Now I understand why. We make products for kids.


u/Rootednomad 1d ago

Might be wiser to do some kind of disablement/deactivation to hold the ID and brand name and prevent someone malicious from taking it over.


u/MeccIt 1d ago

This. The twitter handle will be available 30 days after deactivation, so wipe the account completely and leave it empty, no logos etc.

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u/The_Muznick 1d ago

Cool, I haven't been able to deactivate my account because it was suspended. Now I can rectify that.


u/slightly-cute-boy 1d ago

Popular opinion is when you ask your almost 90% conservative following what to do.


u/take_care_a_ya_shooz 1d ago

100% of my parents think I’m a very special boy.

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u/Trapezoidoid 1d ago

Hey that’s not true. A lot of them are bots.

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u/seanosul 1d ago

Not quite true. Still only applies to racist and fascist accounts. Left wing accounts are still suspended.

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u/TechyDad 1d ago Silver Today I Learned

Musk keeps saying "Vox populi, vox Dei," but it doesn't mean what he thinks it means.

From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vox_populi

Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.

And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.

So the full saying is basically saying that listening to the crowd is listening to madness. Sure enough, Musk keeps listening to the crowd and Twitter is descending into madness.


u/Different-General-23 1d ago

Well, he did admit that he doesn't understand when he was asked what the wording on his degrees meant and why none said that he earned one in physics. lol


u/PowerlineCourier 1d ago

he never finished college, all his degrees are honorary


u/PM-ME-YOUR-LABS 1d ago

And illegally overstayed his student visa after dropping out- either the first start-up he worked at broke federal labor laws around required documentation, or Musk used forged papers to get a job


u/LMFN 1d ago

Hey look at that I guess the Republicans were right about illegal immigrants destroying America after all.

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u/Corronchilejano 1d ago

Everytime I hear people claiming Musk did something stupid I think they must be exaggerating only to learn it's true a few minutes later.

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u/dmtjiminarnnotatrdr 1d ago

Just a reminder that when it was investigated, Elon's claims were found to be false about who was censoring who and who benefitted from that supposed censorship. But this blanket "all the special butterflies go free" action is basically just a get out of jail free card for a whole bunch of extremists and people who couldn't follow the barest of minimum rule sets for social discourse.

This will go swimmingly


u/boundbylife 1d ago

This will go swimmingly

In the sense that the water's over Elon's head, sure.


u/NoMoreProphets 1d ago

Elon is hoping to find support in the conservative sphere. They kept Trump afloat with straight donations whenever they were asked for it. Ironically Republicans in power view him as a donation source and not a source to spend their resources. At best he can hope to be a whipped dog who they plan to keep on a tight leash running a company they would rather see fail. He is deep into the redpill rhetoric at this point. He is an original "meme magic" type of person.


u/NoL_Chefo 1d ago

I find it funny that the richest man on Earth spent 1 hour tweeting back and forth with random Brazilians trying to convince him the election was stolen from Bolsonaro. Like really dude, you can probably pay to have every source of info on this earth hand-delivered to you by a committee of scientists in front of your face like Doordash and you're that easily baited by the alt-right.


u/Delamoor 1d ago

It's part of his narcissism. If he ever got info from other people then he wouldn't be the smartest one! He'd be using other people's knowledge!

Can't have that. He's got to showcase his own brilliance. Not regurgitate things other people have told him.

...and that's why narcissists are often hyper confidently dumb. Learning involves listening to other people. No-go zone.

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u/Delicious-Day-3614 1d ago

He's a dumbass. He could have given every employee at twitter $5 million to quit, and he would be in the exact same position he is now, except he would have saved $7.5 billion. It's fucking crazy that there is merit to a comment like that. No one needs or should have this much money.


u/korben2600 1d ago

Maybe a society where billionaires have enough money just lying around to start their own space programs and buy sole control of vital global telecommunications services while the commoners starve and ration their medicine isn't the best economic system for humankind?

The very existence of multibillionaires is a policy failure.

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u/PracticalHomework626 1d ago

Well republicans have proven to be rather dumb, perhaps he’s right to grift them.

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u/OohDeLaLi 1d ago

And Twitter just became the new 8chan.

Seriously, I'm looking for a few good developers, possibly former Twitter employees, and we can make a spin-off! Work from home is guaranteed! Let's cash in on this!

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u/wil 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote

"Elon Musk Eliminates Safety, Accountability, Completes Twitter's Transition to $8Chan."


u/aricene 1d ago

So everyone banned for stalking, death threats, etc. will be back? This will get people killed and that is not hyperbole.


u/PitmasterBBQ 1d ago

Those people never left. They were just not allowed to use their real names until now.

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u/smurfsundermybed 1d ago

Peck shut down the containment field.

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u/SA1L 1d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Twitter released an internal report last fall that found the exact opposite of what Musk is claiming. The report found that the algorithm amplified conservative viewpoints more than liberal viewpoints.



u/__O_o_______ 1d ago

I had to turn off all those recommended tweet things, because no matter which account it was, it was constantly right wingers, shit like Ted Cruz and Andrew Tate.


u/DocPeacock 1d ago

Can't let facts get in the way of the message.

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u/Valdrax 1d ago

And that entire team has been fired, haven't they? I guess he'll just have someone else craft a narrative that supports his talking point.

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u/needlessdefiance 1d ago

The last paragraph of the article says it all: he’s not interested in facts, he’s interested in being see as a paragon of free (conservative) speech so that when BIDEN’S SEC comes after him, he’s going to spin it as a hit job and get all the grandstanding Republicans (redundant, I know) to back him up.

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u/Warlornn 1d ago

Advertisers beware. You're ads are appearing next to Nazi propaganda and child porn.

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u/MaximumEffort433 1d ago

All? Like, regardless of the reason? Seems kind of, I don't know, stupid, I guess.


u/StifleStrife 1d ago

So... bots. Wasn't that his main gripe with Twitter?


u/theRedlightt 1d ago

"Twitter is full of bots" -Elon

"Here is a poll to see if trump and Kanye should be reinstated" -Also Elon

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u/TenWholeBees 1d ago

Except for anyone he disagrees with

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u/Eddiebaby7 1d ago

The fist man ever to pay $44B for a company only worth $10B and then work overtime to make it utterly worthless in a matter of weeks.

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u/pokeybill 1d ago edited 1d ago Silver Gold

lol, so he's putting out the entirely false narrative that far left censorship was happening at Twitter.

Congress had hearings under Trump which showed the algorithms actually favored Conservative viewpoints.

I'll believe this once he puts forth some actual evidence under oath. Until then, it's just bullshit for his idiot fanboys to point at and say "see!"


Twitter’s research shows that its algorithm favors conservative views


Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets


According to Twitter, Twitter’s algorithm favours conservatives


First three hits when searching Google for "did twitter favor conservative views".


u/Kruger_Smoothing 1d ago

My feed is absolutely full of right wing bullshit. Last time I checked 8 of the first ten tweets were right wing nut jobs. I was not following a single one.

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u/audiofx330 1d ago

Nothing but a high tech public bathroom wall...

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