r/phoenix Sep 26 '22

Passed through Phoenix a few days ago and snapped pics/took some tours. Interesting place! Pictures


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u/howtodragyourtrainin Sep 26 '22

Umm, Phoenix has tours? Lol


u/OmniaLoca Sep 26 '22

Quite a few, although some are closed for the summer. Last time I visited was October 2017 and I went on some other ones


u/howtodragyourtrainin Sep 26 '22

Wow, now I know. I've lived here my entire life, it's quite difficult to think of the valley as a tourist destination. :)


u/Ms_ChiChi_Elegante Sep 26 '22

I have an online pal from Wales I've known for like 20 years now (early days of Yahoo chatrooms) lol

Anyways, I recently became friends w his wife because she begged him to introduce us. She's like a HUGE fan of the American Southwest and went bonkers when I told her I've seen a real life Saguaro. She actually asked me if they are "soft" I felt bad telling her they "ouchie plants" lol

She's been dying to go to a rodeo and wants to go to Winslow to stand on the corner lol

She's been saving to come here and I told her she's welcome to stay w me...but her 2 sons play rugby and they went to a championship recently so she had to use most of the money to travel for them. :-(