r/phoenix Sep 27 '22

Southern vegetarian catering in PHX? Eat & Drink

UPDATE: We went with Nana's Kitchen and they were incredible! (https://www.reddit.com/r/phoenix/comments/ykli6g/update_southern_vegetarian_catering_in_phx/)

I'm trying to find someone to cater a lunch who can do the following:

- Southern food

- all of which is vegetarian

- (ideally) some is vegan

- (ideally) at least a little bit is gluten-free

(I realize this makes me sound like a high-maintenance client, but I really am not. Promise!)

So probably mostly sides-focused, like mac n cheese, cornbread, greens, etc. Or if there's other thingsthat would work that's cool too!

Does anyone know a restaurant or chef who does this sort of thing?



u/revisedpast Sep 28 '22

Nana’s Kitchen in Chandler is a vegan southern restaurant. No idea if they cater but may be worth calling.


u/philly0430 Sep 27 '22

Check out the VeganTaste. Maybe they can accommodate you.


u/KatAttack Midtown Sep 28 '22

Nana's Kitchen is your best bet and absolutely delicious!

Southern Fried Vegan is SoCal based but occasionally comes out to Phoenix for pop-ups... So they would probably make the journey if the price is right.

Green and The Vegan Taste aren't specifically southern but they know their stuff and make a lot of custom dishes for their catering orders.


u/allwarmedup Sep 28 '22

Maybe Maya's Cajun Kitchen in the east valley? She mainly does farmer's markets and pop ups around the valley. https://mayascajunkitchen.com/


u/hotsaucefridge Sep 28 '22

Was also going to recommend Maya's!


u/healthcat22 Sep 28 '22

I’ve heard great things about Chef Tony at @officialkitchenrebel!


u/Dmnkly Sep 28 '22

Coming at it from the other end, I have a hunch Southern Rail might be able to help you. Their basic menu is marked up with a hefty number of vegetarian and gluten-free options, and just knowing those folks, I bet this is a request they're prepared for.


u/thethirdmoose Sep 29 '22

Thanks - if they cater this is exactly what we're looking for!


u/[deleted] Sep 30 '22

FYI, the food isn’t that great. At least in my opinion. Maya’s as others have suggested is my recommendation.


u/DoggyGrin Sep 27 '22

I don't know of anyone specifically, but I'd suggest you look online for the kind of recipes you want so you can show them to any potential caterers.

Be aware that many recipes won't be practical for catering size cooking, but they'll be able to tell you if it will work or not. If you can give the caterer a starting point, a good one will be able to figure something out for you.


u/monty624 Chandler Sep 29 '22

Nana's Kitchen in Chandler is vegan Southern! https://nanaskitchenc.square.site/catering