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Help!! Looking for resources on mental illness treatment with no insurance



u/forgot_username1234 Tempe Sep 28 '22

Depending on your monthly income you may qualify for ahcccs, which opens up many options for behavioral health providers. Are you looking for therapy, medications?


u/hearherbb Sep 28 '22

I’m looking for both and I know with my husbands income I will make too much to qualify


u/forgot_username1234 Tempe Sep 28 '22

Then private pay is likely an option or sliding scale. My agency takes patients for private pay but I’m not 100% on the rates


u/zanahome Sep 28 '22

Another helpful option is Mind 24-7. They are a walk-in clinic with 3 valley locations. We found this place very (very!) helpful the last time my daughter had a manic episode.


u/JCat3001 Sep 28 '22

Hope this helps: Mercy Care

Serving Maricopa County and parts of Pinal County

RBHA Member Services: (602) 586-1841 or (800) 564-5465

Complete Care Member Services: (602) 263-3000 or (800) 624-3879

Crisis Lines: (602) 222-9444 or (800) 631-1314

Peer-to-Peer Warm Line: (602) 347-1100

Mental Health Block Grant Providers for Mercy Care

Mercy Care Find a Provider Tool


u/GabriellaVM Sep 28 '22


OP, if you have mental health issues that significantly impact you, look into qualifying as SMI (serious mental illness). Once you qualify, you'll have free mental health care, free meds, counseling, groups, art programs, vocational rehab (employment, training, and educational programs), inpatient/outpatient, possibly even housing.

If you're interested, I'd suggest starting by calling the number for the RBHA member services listed in the above post.


u/Traditional_Owl_5815 Sep 28 '22

Neighborhood outreach access to health or NOAH CLINICS use sliding fee scale


u/genericuser2142 Sep 28 '22

Thats good to know they just built one by my house.


u/Wayte13 Sep 29 '22

Wow I am actually pleasantly surprised by all the responses. I did not expect Arizona, with all it's backwards-ass issues, to have even a few decent resources


u/hearherbb Sep 29 '22

I am too 🙏


u/Ok_Enthusiasm_7148 Sep 28 '22

If it’s urgent : Connections Health Solutions - they’ll see anyone regardless of insurance

Mind 24-7 - not sure the cost here or if there is a cost


u/ApatheticDomination Sep 28 '22

Same as connections but they don’t take involuntary adults


u/chlorenchyma Sep 28 '22


You can get free counseling services and group classes if you've ever experienced any sexual or domestic violence.

Edit: https://lafronteraaz-empact.org/


u/brighteyes_bc Likes to crap in a Barrel Sep 28 '22

You might check out:

Open Path Collective https://openpathcollective.org/


u/turbodonuts Sep 28 '22

Mercy Care will open up “crisis services” for a mental health emergency, and there are a few 24/7 walk-in facilities that don’t involve a regular ER.



And https://communitybridgesaz.org/locations/ (specifically CPEC).


u/DJFlorez Sep 28 '22

Valle del Sol also does sliding fee scale - 602-258-6797. All mental health providers are short staffed right now, so it might be a struggle. :(.


u/Pteronarcyidae-Xx Sep 28 '22


It lets you filter by no insurance/sliding scale options!


u/AZ_PsychoHolic Sep 28 '22

Quail run in northern Phoenix. They take any body, or go to hospital.


u/KnownNature4984 Sep 28 '22

Bayless Integrated Healthcare. Been seeing them for 2 years now.


u/wethinkwedream Sep 28 '22

Call empact crisis line and and ask for a referral for a crisis navigator - it is temporary case management. They can help give you resources and apply for insurance/services. 480-784-1500


u/jaya9581 Mesa Sep 30 '22

Please for anyone reading this, be careful about where you go if you’re NOT in a crisis situation.

I was recommended a place when I was new to the area with no insurance. All I needed was a refill on my anxiety meds. No controlled substances, mild meds, but dangerous to quit cold turkey. I called and explained the situation and was assured it was no problem. I got there and they had me waiting quite a long time (over 2 hours). When they finally brought me back, something felt very wrong. They confiscated all my belongings, even my shoes. They told me it was policy because they also had inpatients and couldn’t allow anything in the patient areas. Then they sent 3 people in to let me know that now the doctors had gone home for the night and I would have to stay “at least overnight” because I was there for mental health reasons and I could be a danger to myself or others.

To this day I don’t know how I did it, but I convinced them to give me back my belongings and let me leave that night. It was over 4 hours from when I got there until I could go. And they never actually refilled my meds, AND they sent me a bill.