r/phoenix Sep 28 '22

Cheap Laser hair removal in Phoenix? Referral

I want a Brazilian, upper lip , and underarms laser ? What’s the best places in phoenix?? I’ve googled some but I’m curious to know if anyone in the subreddit has suggestions?



u/zoozoo458 Sep 28 '22

Senza Pelo Med Spa is the place I use. They do a great job but they probably aren't the cheapest. Here is a link to their prices. https://senzapelo.com/senza-pelo-med-spa-price-list/


u/Itchy_Quit_8618 Sep 28 '22

You can check out Groupon which mostly has new customer deals.

Been to two places, both were good.

Laser by Christine

Laser Away


u/RlyehFhtagn-xD Sep 28 '22

I just had my 5th session at Allure Medspa. They've been great; accommodating, friendly, and results are on par with expectations. They have 3 locations, Avondale, Scottsdale, and Mesa. I got 6 medium area sessions for like $225 on Groupon.


u/Lemieux4u Surprise Sep 29 '22

on par with expectations? Isn't the expectation just "no hair there anymore"?


u/Most_Peace_7103 Sep 28 '22

Laser away chandler!


u/UnderwaterAirPlanez Sep 28 '22

I wouldn’t go with the cheap option when someone is shooting a laser on my face.


u/Ok_Brilliant_3250 Sep 28 '22

This is is something to consider haha


u/RuthCarter Phoenix Sep 28 '22

"Cheap tattoos are not good. Good tattoos are not cheap." The same is true for laser hair removal.

If you're looking for quality and cost-effective laser hair removal, I highly recommend Lighten Up Laser.


u/sunkistt16 Sep 28 '22

Simplicity Laser usually has some discounts


u/RodneyBrooker Sep 29 '22

I’ve used Hello Laser in Scottsdale and Chandler and was happy with both locations. Very “no-frills”, so don’t expect a spa type experience but the price was good and the technicians are excellent.


u/jeezuspieces Sep 29 '22

No frills is a perfect description. That's been my experience there but also I wouldn't consider it cheap.


u/Dinklemeier Oct 02 '22

My gf did a groupon, was great