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General Dear residents of Paradise Valley


I cycle through this vapid and selfish part of town, where soccer moms speed in their white range rovers so that they can get to Nordstrom Rack and buy useless shit. Today, I came across a kid no older than 12 on a bike trying to cross the road next to an elementary school at a designated crosswalk (a rare sighting). Not a single car stopped. I had to literally stop the cars behind me and wait for the oncoming cars to stop. But at least those lawns look really green. Great job Paradise Valley.

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General 14% of the workforce (~250K people) in the Phoenix metro area work the night shift, the 9th largest percentage of all metro areas in the US.

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General You guys hear that new Rafi Law Group song (remix of "Laffy Taffy")? Shit is hard.


New ringtone? /s

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General Hoping this is allowed. Recognize these kids? Bought this book at a N Phx Goodwill in ~2017. Just found this photo in it. Photo says June 1990. Book has a 1988 copyright & $60 price so maybe it was a memorable/significant purchase? Help me return their photo!

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General Spotted on the corner of 91st & Olive. Who’s out here stealing banjos?

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General Meteor on 202L-N?

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General clean-ups


You see the posts where people take a group and pick up trash from parks, trails, etc. I would love to do this. Does anybody know of any groups that organize these?

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General Stevie Nicks Concert


Long shot, but did anyone record Stevie Nicks talking about how much she loves Phoenix? Specifically where she said all of her friends said she would miss the ocean, and then she gets here and says “what ocean?”.

I’d like to send it to my friends back home in the Northeast lol

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General Air Raid Siren. 27th Ave and Durango

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Has anyone heard the air raid siren every now and then near 27th Ave and Durango? Does anybody know where it is and why it goes off? I read on Google that maybe it was located at a Phoenix PD shooting range but I'm not sure.

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General Shooting star from a few minutes ago.

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General Local Print Shops?


I'm thinking of printing some of my art onto T shirts as Christmas gifts and would prefer to use a local print shop rather than ordering off of customink, but I've never done this before. Does anyone have local recommendations that wouldn't break the bank?

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General Dead pets in Papago park.


Over the last 2 weeks I’ve found 4 dead cats and one dead golden retriever. All of them looked like pets, all of them are just a foot off the main 5k trail. The Ferrell cat I regularly see is still out there. I’ve walked there 2x a day for over a year and have never seen a dead pet. Dead rabbits birds snakes are all normal but it seems strange that so many cats show up around the same time. All of the bodies are within a 1/4 mile area. I think someone is dumping/abandoning pets at Papago west.

UPDATE: I called Phoenix police and they said for them to do anything they need a toxicology report. To investigate they need evidence that it’s been poisoned. The person on the phone said even wounds on the animal wouldn’t be enough because those could be caused by a coyote. They said if I go to the location and meet an officer there I can show them the bodies than they might file a report but it’s gonna be a few hours till an officer will get there.

UPDATE 2: I called a vet and asked them what a toxicology report would be like. I explained the situation and the dr and they are concerned. They are contacting one of the veterinarian schools in the state and asking what needs to be done to test an animal in this situation. They will call me back in a few hours.

Update 3: a toxicology report at your vet will cost around 400. Probably more because that’s what the lab fee. It needs to be done with in a few days and the lab isn’t open on weekends. So it’s too late. The dead dog needs to be moved because it’s kinda big, gross, and near the parking lot. Next dead cat or dog I find I’m gonna grab a shovel, bag it up and take it to Midwestern University. Hopefully there won’t be any more.

Happy full moon!

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General Mental health inpatient expense?


I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience or knowledge with the costs of inpatient facility's to treat mental health. What is really holding me back right now from seeking proper help is the bill I will receive afterwards and the last thing I need right now is more debt.

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General Phoenix sunrise from Camelback Vw roof top

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General Hospital Job Drug Policy



Now that recreational marijuana is legal, do hospitals still test for THC when drug testing employees?

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General Very interesting documentary by Wall Street Journal about industrial space growth in Phoenix. I noticed there were a lot of warehouses being built along the 303 and this is a good explanation to why. Also didn’t realize Phoenix population is almost 5 million now

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General Valley Fever


Hey all, I have valley fever. Aside from obviously feeling like crap and being exhausted, my throat is feeling really weird. Like I’m being choked almost? Feels very uncomfortable to swallow as if there’s pressure constricting in front of my neck. Idk if that makes sense. Has anyone else experienced that?

Idk if unrelated or not but I’m also in a lot of pain everywhere. My back and knees.

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General places that take gently used arts and crafts supplies?


I'm looking for a place that will take arts and craft resources that are barely used and still in good condition/new. I don't want to take them to a goodwill in fear that they will be thrown out, and would rather them go to a place that will give them back to people that want them.

This includes loads of decorative and construction paper, different kinds of paints, beads, clay, and so on. Thanks!

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General What’s your favorite Phoenix myth, urban legend, conspiracy theory?


Please share!

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General Avgreeks of Phoenix! Question about the Cardinals 777


Out of curiosity, does anyone know who operates it and what callsign they use?

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General Actually good / outside the box radio station? Why no college radio?


How the hell is ASU so large and yet doesn’t have its own student run FM station. I’m just looking for something to play in the car (cd player broke). I usually end up just playing 106.3 (CIEN Y SEIS PUNTO TRES FOR LIFEEEE), which I actually like, or that one alt station (93.3) which tends to get under my nerves. I’m just looking for something novel, a less commercial station that plays smaller or more experimental groups, trying to fill that college radio shaped hole in my heart.

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General Netflix documentary ‘Sins of Our Mother’ starts in Gilbert and Chandler


It’s a 3 episode true crime documentary that starts off in AZ and the family moves to Idaho. I was curious if anyone remembers anything on the local news regarding this case as it was unfolding?

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General The Phoenix "Tech Corridor"

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General Why would they think it's okay to park ON the front yard? Saw this and thought…it’s Phoenix PD what did you expect?

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General Curious, what are spots in north Phoenix that recycle used coolant for your coolant for your car?


I’m doing a coolant flush on my car soon, and I’ve only heard of some place in Cave Creek that would take it but I forgot the name.

O’reilly’s, autozone stores seem to not have an answer. Apparently jiffy lubes might but I do not know for sure.