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Someone's political opinions don't disqualify them for inclusion here. How they project those opinions does. It's entirely possible to have a civil conversation about controversial topics without resorting to attacks or slights. When someone's post history shows a tendency to write deliberately inflammatory responses, whether sincere or just trolling, most mods will err on the side of caution and choose not to deal with the issue. Simply put, people get banned here for being dicks, not for having a different opinion. /u/Warlizard

This is a reference to some of the best information in this sub that have come up on a wide range of Phoenix topics. If you have questions and don't see the answer here, try searching to see if it has come up before. If not, start a new thread and we'll see if we can help out. The more specific you can be in your post, the better!

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There are lots of other great items in the wiki and in the sub, so take a look around! Also check out the sidebar for other related subs and information.

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Phoenix Sub Rules

Please read the full sub rules for posting and behavior expected.

Daily Chat

Do you have a quick question? Daily thread is to talk with other locals about whatever is on your mind.

Things To Do

Live here or just visiting? Have kids? Everything you could want to do is on our Things To Do page.

Eat and Drink

Everything food and drink. Check out the Places To Eat & Drink page.

Living Here and Moving

Anything about life in the metro valley, including the weather, neighborhoods, and so on. The valley is a spread out place, so even long time residents have questions if they move across town. This section covers info on finding a place to stay and the joys of moving around.


Phoenix and the surrounding area offers some beautiful parks, trails and scenery to get out and explore!

Meeting People

New to the area or an old grizzly native? Either way are you looking to meet people to play skeeball with, hike, play D&D, volunteer together or drink and dance the night away?

Commuting and Transportation

Learn about our public transportation systems (including light rail), how and when to register your vehicle, speed cameras and our driving habits.

Pandemic Resources

Want to find the latest COVID-19 testing sites and resources? How about housing, rent or unemployment assistance? Looking for data and statistics too?

Public Resources

Need to find out who provides electricity, water, sewer, trash and recycling in your area? Looking for rates, prior discussions or outage maps?

Community Resources

Need shelter, food or other basic necessities? Looking for an attorney or a just need a helping hand or a step up?

Internet & Wireless

Let's talk about the interwebz and all things wireless in and around the valley!


General pet discussions are most appreciated and definitely welcome. We all love pet pictures A LOT! Did we mention that we really like seeing pictures? We have posted a bunch of really wooftastic information on our Pets page. If you do end up with a lost furry, feathered or scaled friend please click here for resources to assist in locating them. However, lost/found pet posts do need go in /r/PHXList


Whether you're already living in the valley or looking to move here we answer your questions on where to register, vote and research all the candidates/issues. **Note that new political threads in the sub are reserved for active sub members only per our Phoenix Sub Rules.

Phoenix Best Of

If you're looking for some great info on the valley, check out the Phoenix Best Of threads for suggestions directly from our sub members!

List of Arizona subreddits

Most comprehensive list of AZ related subreddits.

Flair Searches

We use flair on most threads to indicate their topic to make them easy to find. You can click on the flair name to be taken to a search listing the most common posts in the community, helpful information on that flair and other great information! You can also narrow that flair search by adding your own search term as in the example provided here: Flair search Outdoor with South Mountain

  • Moving Here - So you want to move to Phoenix or its surrounding cities? This is where you want to search for info about neighborhoods, school districts, how to find an apartment, etc. Note: if you are looking to post a housing wanted ad (i.e., "22 year old male looking for roommate", "ISO 3 bedroom house in Chandler"), please use our /r/PhxList sub.

  • Living Here - This flair is for general questions about living in Phoenix. Wondering the most efficient way to cool your home in the Phoenix summer? How to prevent scorpions? Just general observations about living here? This is your flair.

  • Visiting - Whether for just a few hours on a layover or as one of our beloved snowbirds this flair search is for those that are not with us all year and looking for their temporary home.

  • Eat & Drink - If you can eat it or drink it we almost guarantee someone has already posted about it.

  • Outdoors - Is it outside of your house? Does it involve nature in anyway? Start here.

  • Things To Do - Find something new TO DO!

  • Making Friends - Stuck in a rut? Looking for a D&D group? Need a hiking buddy? This is the flair search for you.

  • Ask Phoenix - Looking for a type of business or service or want to find something in the local area? Need a recommendation? Here ya go! Note - if it's food related, try searching the Eat & Drink flair first! Note #2 - we recently changed over to the Ask Phoenix label, so if you aren't finding what you need searching it, here is our old Recommendations flair

  • Utilities - All discussions on electricity, water, sewer, trash and misc. city services for all valley cities. Also, all ISP and cell discussions, even if they are not Cox.

  • Commuting - All things involving people moving. Public transit, rants about traffic/construction/horrible drivers and White Castle wait times!

  • What's Happening? - Current happenings. What went bump in the night? Are the aliens back? Why are "they" blocking my street/intersection?

  • News - News articles of well... news.

  • Sports - All posts relating to any of our sports teams, sports in general or sports news.

  • Politics - Active sub members only please.

  • Travel - Looking for travel tips in our around the Phoenix Metro area. Outside of the Phoenix area please see /r/arizona

  • Wildlife - Want to find anything creepy, crawly, bitey, cute or otherwise wild that inhabits our area. This is the flair for you.

  • Party On - Bachelor parties, wedding/party venues, and nightclubs etc.

  • History - Posts about our city from the past and of a historical nature.

  • Pets - General pet discussions. If you do end up with a lost furry, feathered or scaled friend please click here for resources to assist in locating them.

  • Sunsets - A search for all of our glorious sunrise and sunset pictures.

  • Pictures - All other pictures posted by users can be found by using this flair search.

  • Weather - Anything weather related from pictures, news, discussions and MegaThreads.

  • Coronavirus - All COVID-19 news, discussions, memes and etc.

If you have ideas for other topic areas, let the mods know!