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Article From ‘Blonde’ to ‘Star Wars,’ Hollywood Needs to Accept Actors’ Accents

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Cautionary Tale PSA: Grinding Gear Games wants you to have fun - they won't screw us over on unique droprates


I think a lot of people are concerned about unique droprates being nerfed to the ground, especially some of the remade ones. The thing is, with how big of an overhaul the league is with a focus on uniques, I'm certain that grinding gear games will want to make those uniques in particular accessible to the common player so that we can actually experience and have FUN with the changes being put into this patch.

I know they've said that globally uniques will drop less, but I honestly think that's just because they want you to get a few less araku tikis per league. The uniques you actually want - I'm sure those will be accessible.

After the Expedition league incident, there's no way Grinding Gear would risk putting out content that players would find highly frustrating and I think recent leagues have been evidence of a paradigmatic shift in GGG's modus operandi. The idea of hyping up all these uniques and then making them impossible to get is only something a really really malicious developer would do; and honestly, we have the best devs of any game.

At the end of the day, they just want us to be happy.

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Transportation Going electric could cost the auto industry hundreds of thousands of jobs

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Flaired Users Only God have mercy on this country.

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Meme chat had the entirety of the internet/wubby memes to pick from, and yall picked the worst most mid unfunny irrelevant name because allux like it.


ya I know you didn't ask

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Is something automatically downvoting all new posts to zero?


I’ve noticed a lot of new posts are at zero and if I upvote them to one, within a few seconds they are back to zero. Is this some type of bot activity or brigading? Or could this be Reddit itself keeping new posts from Conservative off of All?

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Leftist history be like

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Scotland cut down 14 million trees to make way for wind turbines

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Its hard to be an impressive cashier, but this guy does it

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News Wolff denounces slow action by FIA: "New F1 rules should have been implemented immediately"

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Image You’re welcome

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Suggestion Let’s make dynamic weather… dynamic.


So instead of having full on monsoon/tornado shitting fucking rain 24/7 on all maps for a day or two, let’s have actual dynamic weather patterns.

You can have three separate systems; sunny days, rainy days, and showers. Then implement a transition system wherein you can have them seamlessly integrate all three into a raid.

No more monsoons for. A couple of days that would easily flood the region with a couple of feet of water making any raid impossible.

Instead we have this system that’s basically dog water wherein the devs decide that across all playable maps you are forced to play one weather event for fucking #DAYS. I’m totally down for the variation that rain brings, but having it non stop for over 24 hours is just regressive at this point. I’d like to experience a burst of a rainstorm in raids, and weather that changes as the raid progresses. What do you guys think?

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Shitpost / Meme you cant save solo Q, no matter what buffs or nerfs are given.

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Flaired Users Only FBI seized top secret documents in Trump estate search

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Flaired Users Only Trump's lawyers issue statement saying any items removed from Oval Office "were deemed declassified the moment he removed them"

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Grocery Inflation Hits Highest Level in 43 Years Despite Biden's 'Zero' Inflation Messaging

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mamaaaaa miaaaa !!!

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Video Russian forces - "Somalia" battalion in the area of Pisky captures Ukrainian POWs in a trench and evacuates them to the rear while under shelling

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Video Russian T-90M somewhere in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

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Flaired Users Only Garland must reveal more, otherwise this Trump raid looks like a nothingburger

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Check out my SLS video at a known haunted location in Orlando. The figure seems to walk away from me and as I pass in the area the figure maps you can hear the beeps from the em detector going off.

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Discussion Can Linus Say Sorry? - A Few Thoughts


I've watched LTT for a long time now, and while I've mostly enjoyed their high-quality, and consistently entertaining content, Linus' recent actions have made me reconsider my support of this channel. First, let me clarify, this has nothing to do with the warranty specifically, but rather attitude of Linus towards his community; most specifically his response to the community relative to the warranty. And in its simplest terms the problem is that Linus seems unable to apologize. I mean a sincere apology, not an apology immediately followed up by justification, deflection, and defensive posturing. He seems literally incapable of just saying, "I messed up, I'm sorry."

I had hoped that the WAN show last night would have gone differently, but of course it didn't. Linus had to double down, and double down again. He had to blame, justify, and play the victim. He couldn't just admit that they made a mistake and that they would rectify the mistake. Of course I understand that he did end up saying the latter part; that they will be providing the warranty. That's great. But it was not revealed until after Linus had the opportunity to remind his audience that he doesn't need them (in the sense that he doesn't need them to buy backpacks), he owns the studio outright, he's very financially well off, he's going to continue making money regardless of backlash, and then he hops right back onto the "Trust Me Bro" train. He acts so personally offended that his community would expect basic written recourse in the form of a warranty that he can't see it has nothing to do with him.

I have often criticized Luke for being a "yes man" to Linus, but I have to admit that on the show last night, Luke was anything but. He was terrific! Luke seems to understand where a segment of this community is coming from, and he did his best to speak for us. I respect that a lot. Unfortunately Linus couldn't help but pull the last punch and revel the "Trust Me Bro" tee shirt. While I'm not a fan of capitalizing on the frustration of a segment of your audience, I believe this move is the perfect encapsulation of what Linus has become. I don't think he's a bad dude. I think he's become so insulated from the real world and the world of his community that he can't really relate to us. He thinks that being a good guy means that even when he slips up, it's okay, because he had the best intentions. We should understand he's a good guy and move on. The onus is never on him to formally apologize. But all this deflection and circumventing of issues further alienates a portion of his audience.

I know the plan moving forward for LTT is to further develop LTT Labs, and I personally loved the idea when I first heard it. But now, I'm not so sure. Labs comes down to trust. To trusting that Linus will do what's best for his community. At this point, I don't trust him to do that. As a business owner, if I were building a business explicitly based on trust with my audience (like Labs), I wouldn't be so quick to shift the blame to them at every turn.

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Flaired Users Only Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Merrick Garland

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pinkchyu Selena meets Ming and they get along nicely right from the get go!

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Meme to the people fighting over shivers gender stop it

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