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Poster I've spent the past two years creating paintings for my favourite horror films.


I just wanted to share this collection of twenty two paintings I've created this year in tribute to some of my favourite horror films: https://imgur.com/gallery/XwRWfOt

All designed and painted by me using acrylic paint on paper. I hope you all like them as much as I like making them!

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Survey/Poll Organizing books


State your mbti (if not using flairs).

What method do you prefer to organize books and similar stuff?

  • Color
  • Alphabetical order
  • Genre
  • Author
  • Other


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Your experience using Facebook Marketplace


Hello everyone,

I hope that you are having a great day. We are University of Ottawa students doing a customer satisfaction research project on Facebook Marketplace. If you used Facebook Marketplace, we ask you to please fill out our survey questions. You can find the link below.

All of your answers will be anonymous and confidential. Once the class is over, we will delete all the answers. Please help us complete our project by filling out this survey that won't even take you 10 minutes to complete. We thank you in advance for your time.


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6 weeks of work - changes happened fast


I decided to make a change to work on my weight, fitness, liver health and cholesterol. Here are the results of my efforts after 6 weeks of fairly consistent: intermittent fasting (17-7) Keto diet, Daily exercise (usually 45 min Peloton boot camp) and no alcohol. I just got back from vacation and now I get to reboot a bit.

Posting this is my motivation. I am 6'2 and 43.

Starting- Weight:254.4 Body fat: 31.2% Visceral fat:15 Cholesterol:307 Triglycerides:280 Liver Enzyme:61,109

Ending- Weight:227.0 Body fat:25.9% Visceral fat:11 Cholesterol: 262 Triglycerides: 112 Liver Enzyme: 32, 43

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How you swiping?😍

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average r/dankinindia user Yipeeeee

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Build Help Need upgrade advice! My brain-memory is fading.



Five years ago, I built my PC. I loved it.

Today, it needs a little upgrading. I'd like programs to open faster, and run smoother. What exactly should I upgrade?

- Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz 4.00 GHz

GPU - AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series

Installed ram is 8gb

64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

*I have a medical disorder, and I have been progressively losing and failing to retain memories. I could do this all five years ago, but I'm not quite sure what to do now. I would REALLY appreciate your help and suggestions!

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Missouri 19-year-old can't watch her father's execution, judge rules

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Diet-Planu This belongs here

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Meme The World May Never Know

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STUDY New Czech Student Saga: Episode 3: "Přítel fořt"


This year, I spelled "Happy Birthday" to my Czech tutor as..."Přítel fořt," or "My Friend the Gamekeeper!"

Almost every word in this hilarious folk song has my favorite Czech letter - you know, the "r" that doesn't go "r" as in the Spanish "Pedro?" The one with the hacek? The one that goes "rzh?"

Yes. THAT letter.

Back in September, I promised Mr. Ondřej Škvařil that I would sing this song for his birthday, all ř's included. Guess what? I only made it through the first verse, but in my case, that's saying a lot.

Even the title was a challenge: PRZHITEL FORZHT. If you're Czech or learning it, you know my plight.


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Google Voice Applications I wished there was a way to change the texting sound


IPHONE SE 3rd gen

IOS 16

I wished there was a way to change the texting tone in IOS from " TRI-TONE" to something a little louder in IOS. Is there a way, besides going back to Android? I noticed that on Android Devices I could set a different tone for texts coming in through the GV app.


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My puppy always scratches on my bedroom door to be let in at night


When I heard the scratching at my door without thinking I removed my puppy from my chest and went to open it

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Screenshot Lego Batman 3 is completed. it's definitely the weakest lego DC game but it was still really good. game 18/30 completed

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My cat just chillin.

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I just went and picked up a factory navigation unit for my 08 dts its just says theft lock. how can i fix this?


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Can first gen alexa be used as a PC speaker on Win 11?


I'm upgrading audio and wanted to try to use my echo as speaker in the interim.
Pairing was sus, saying "unknown device" was connected, but shows Echo-0D4 as a paired audio device afterward, but then it absolutely cannot connect.
Tried restart both PC and alexa, forgetting, non of it is working.

Has anyone else had success pairing a first gen alexa via Bluetooth? Is there some software that helps?

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Screenshot new meme template boys

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Discussion Need help finding a song


i’m looking for a song that’s prob on soundcloud. i had it somewhere idk where.

but the beat sounds something like the beginning of ‘bakara’ by polo an pan.

literally the first 5 seconds sound like the mac song i’m lookin for. sounds like a faces sound. real psychedelic sound

if the sound rings a bell lmk. ik that’s not much to go off of

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General I made a petition to bring the nutcracker guy back!

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Europe 24/EU/ Hii! looking for friends. Open to most games! :D (PC, PS5, Switch, OQ2)


Hello! ◔ ⌣ ◔

I'm looking to meet people and play games with :) I'm open to any kind of game, (which doesn't mean I'm good at any xD), from BRs, RPGs, simulation-style games, and adventure.

I currently play a bit of Warzone and Fifa.

When It comes to me, I can be a bit all over the place and a bit shy at first. I also don't mind making a fool out of myself to entertain others lol :P

I enjoy all things tech and watching sports like football (soccer for my US friends) MMA and pro wrestling. I currently have a bunch of free time so I'm looking for other things to get into.

I speak English, Polish, and German.

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I don't know what flair to use I am very bored, come and talk to me


Dms open :)

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[ELITE] Equal Participant [Small Reactors][gohawks] that new new

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Cherry Creek Falls Trail Duvall WA USA

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Abandoned vehicle #2, main falls trail