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Don't be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone, take a chance, create something new, and never give up on your dreams. Comment "Me" to learn how to cleanse all bad energy in your life today.


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Original My Song for Farthest Frontier - FIRST WINTER - FREE FOREVER by LioricZockt! It's about the freedom that the residents of Farthest Frontier have received at the beginning, but also about the first challenge that the residents have to overcome, which is the first winter.

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Anyone using the Zepp watch face maker know how to get progress time working?


I'm trying to figure this one out, it looks ok but on the watch the progress bars don't do anything.

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Dale Wilson

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Question Will their be an option in the future that lets us change gender for our main characters?


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Eat & Drink Where’d all the buffets go?


I will drive I don’t care how far (just not all the way to Vegas 🤪) everything’s closed. Looking for an all American or Variety place just anything outside of strictly Asian/Indian. SOS our bellies are rumbling and I can’t find anything that’s not “permanently closed” RIP sweet tomato and wandering horse!

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Did anyone snag the giveaway qr code?


Literally missed it by seconds and it would be sick to have a chance to win a signed JA17 jersey

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I just had a guy use a credit card on a 20c purchase..


Gotta love photo lol

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National Flood Insurance Program Bubble Catalyst?


Is anybody concerned with the NFIP being reformed and reduced over time causing an eventual bubble in areas where private flood insurance would not be feasible? I would like to purchase a home on a barrier island at some point but don't know how likely something like this happening is and what the broader implications for the towns covered by the program would be. I posted over at r/RealEstate and nobody seemed concerned but maybe there is just a bias over there.

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Can anybody help me to ID this cowrie shell?(unfortunately I don’t know where it comes from)

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IKEA how to guide illustration of crossing a street


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Quit the job or Continue to go own way and disobey management till fired or improvement?


Hello Everyone,

First a Little Background/Backstory

I work at data center as a monitoring admin. This my first job and I got it straight out of college as part of campus recruitment. Everyone from my batch joined as part of the support team for the new BU division. We're initially doing basic tasks such as routing tickets, taking snapshots of VMs, Validating Alerts/Alarms, etc. After about 1-2 Months, management added monitoring administration to our scope of work. At that time company was working at trying to automate the monitoring tasks and reduced the size of the monitoring team from 25 to 5 and move most of them to the automation team including the Technical Lead at the time. During this the report manager changed to a person who was not a technical person nor did he try to understand what was needed for monitoring administration. Because of his attitude gradually the other managers came under the impression that monitoring was simple as just data entry and this impression spread to the other teams. When he got so many escalations about the delays, he put a call to discuss with them and despite them voicing their worries all he thought would solve the situation would be to add more members to the team which is why he merged the monitoring team with our batch. From then on we were gradually taught on how to configure servers under monitoring.

However there was another problem, as you could suspect with such treatment anyone would become discouraged and lose interest. Among those 5 members 3 submitted their notices and quit in the next 3 months. And by April the other 2 submitted their notices and were getting ready to leave. By that point the automation was not completed and had not even a single successful attempt in production, infact it could be moved to production due the internal flow of how the company deployed and handed over servers to customers(I am not going to go into detail about this). On top of this issues continued to arise where the monitoring would stop working or fail, and this required some technical knowledge across all domains(Scripting,Infrastructure,OS,Networking,Application,Database) to resolve them. If this wasn't bad enough, it was difficult to get help from other teams unless there was a major escalation and someone higher up was putting pressure on them to do it. Usually they would say its not in their inventory, dismiss it as not important and some especially bad apples would berate us for using their time while still providing no solution.

The manager added another 5 members as dedicated resources for monitoring administration, but these 5 were also fresh out of college, we tried to teach them in a more structured manner to the best of our ability, but they weren't the sharpest tools in the shed. It took about 1.5 months to learn enough to at least lighten our load by a little. But then they had their final exams coming up so they had to take 1 month leave. Also by that time we were approaching 8 months since joining the company and it was the time we were promised to transfer to other teams. The manager ask me to be the team lead for the monitoring administration, I refused and never once did I give verbal or written affirmation that I would take up that position. The manager still went through with it and told me that he would only move the current members now and my transfer would take place about 1 month later. I was naive and took his word for granted (mainly because until this point we were not informed of the complete extent why everyone from the previous team was quiting, we simply thought that it was just time for them to change companies and their work was going to be automated).

One month passes and due to the numerous escalations, our manager is finally sacked and manager was changed. During the handover period I and another member from the monitoring administration voiced our concern and essentially begged him not to transfer everyone from our team at once and move them in waves/batches. Or at the least hire some people with some experience or domain knowledge. He said he would do that, but evidently this also fell on deaf ears as everyone from our team got transferred at once leaving only me and another person left for monitoring. Also our request for experience members was not heeded and instead we got 9 completely new freshers who honestly were completely useless, they clearly were people who only memorized the stuff in textbooks and could not do anything in practice further more their computer illiteracy was almost the point that it felt like it they had never seen/used a computer in their life before.

At the Current Situation in Office Now

Sorry if it felt like a rant as the background approached the end, but I honestly didn't know how to explain the situation.

Anyway as you could expect there were escalations upon escalations about the delays and no progress/resolution. Me and the other guy were pretty much working as if we were each 5 people. We frequently had to work late into the night doing 13 hour shifts daily. We asked for a promotion in rank and in pay for our effort, but apparently the appraisal cycle had closed and the pay could not be adjusted, as for the rank promotion they agreed to it, but it was pending with HR. When we applied for overtime pay we got approval from the manager in the email, but apparently he didnt enter it in the company portal yet and it had been moved to the next month pay as the billing cycle was closed.

In the second half of the next month there was a severe security incident where everything went down including monitoring. We along with other teams had to end up working extra to restore everything, but unlike the other teams who had a number of seniors who could rotate between the work even to some extent, Since only me and the other guy from my team understood what needed to/could be done, we ended up having to do pretty much 16-20 hour shifts on a daily basis and even were called in during week-offs. We slugged through the month and when we finally got our pay we found that the overtime pay given to us was the same as our regular pay instead of the 1.5x pay mentioned in the employee guideline book. And even then the rank promotion was still not given. This was what broke the camels' back for me. My health was deteriorating, the stress was too much and the pay was pathetic for the amount of work.

My current situation and actions

I just left to my hometown and did work from home without notice. Since the work was being done the manager didn't make much of a fuss. But now the CEO declared that general shifts and wfh is to be completely removed for everyone. The manager is getting on my back again on coming to office, but I have not and just continued to work from home. Further I am only sticking to the daily 9 hour work day that was standard in my company and completely ignoring all office calls during non office hours (and to a smaller extent during office hours as well). I am doing my daily personal routine during office hours(the work is still being done and not neglected).

As for why I haven't resigned yet is because I have a bond of 3 years and I would need pay if I broke it and while I could just abscond It would not be the best decision as I wouldn't get the proof/certificate of experience. Nor have I raised the issue about the overtime pay yet.

My dad told not to resign nor abscond and just do the bare minimum and do my daily personal routine in office hours and in the meanwhile search for other jobs. Let them fire me on their own accord, which is not likely considering the numerous dependencies that I have (and haven't been able to get rid of). Also he told me not to make a fuss about the overtime pay as even then its chump change compared to the work I have to do, just stop the overtime work so that either they will have to offer higher pay or deal with what they have, do not make/start ultimatums on my own and make them offer it first.

What do you guys think? Should let everything out and tell them ultimatums like I will not work from office until I get promoted with substantial pay hike or that I will not trust their word/promises as they have not held up anything from their end? Should I raise the issue about the overtime pay to HR and billing? Or should I just continue following my dad's advice and decrease the work while improve my skills scope and search for other jobs?

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Selling (US) will be posting more for sale today message me we can work out a price! please help me out 💖

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Insira o flair correto prfv top 10 trotes geniais dos animes

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Non AR Screenshot He does what he wants I guess

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experience/story Oral Fibroma Removal: A DIY/Minimal Intervention Approach


Disclaimer: This description and protocol is not for the squeamish nor intended as medical or dental advice.

I had a traumatic oral fibroma for three years.

I consulted a dentist who told me that I should be referred to a specialist and that “although it’s probably benign, they’d want to send it in for a biopsy.” I didn’t have dental insurance at the time. I started doing the math in my head: referral, consult, procedure, biopsy—it was easier to just live with the discomfort than pay hundreds of dollars to have it professionally removed. FWIW: I’ve also been misled by more than one dental professional, and I’m skeptical of the modern medical complex that is bloated and reliant on unnecessary and expensive procedures. So I lived with an annoying and painful-to-bite growth on the inside of my left cheek near the 1st and 2nd premolars for a few years.

Recently, I researched how to excise it on my own. It seemed that there were two options: cut it out with a scalpel and have the wound stitched closed or laser removal. The advantage of laser removal is that the flesh is cauterized during the process. I watched videos of both procedures and did more research. Many skin care professionals regularly remove growths using similar laser plasma technology. I thought about going in that direction because it would be less costly, but I never made any calls to see if someone would be willing to work on the inside of my cheek.

I explored the growth with my teeth, testing its connection and considering whether I could simply bite it off. My fibroma was probably about 1/4”/6mm wide and equally tall. I worried that there would be excessive bleeding and that based on the tenacity of its connection to my cheek, that I wouldn't be able to bite through it. What I found when I actually removed it was that there was a dense mass at the center that would have been extremely difficult (and painful and bloody) to bite through.

Recently, I resolved to tie a tourniquet around it with dental floss. I used two overhand knots—it wasn’t easy. Tying knots inside your mouth in front of a mirror while salivating is challenging! I made several attempts before I securely tied the knot—it helped to tie it loosely in-hand and then kind of lasso it around the fibroma. I tied a second tight overhand knot to ensure that it wouldn’t come loose. I went to bed that night with uncomfortable shooting pains through my cheek. The next morning I realized that I needed to cut the loose ends of the floss closer to the knots to avoid biting the floss while eating.

Before I went to sleep the next night, I tied two more overhand knots around it and pulled them as tight as I could. That too was painful, but the first night was worse. The growth became somewhat tender. I chewed and ate and drank slowly and cautiously. Night 3, repeat night 2. There was no way to remove the floss from the first 2 nights but the buildup wasn’t really noticeable.

The next morning, about 84 hours after tying the first knot, the skin on the growth felt tender and was sloughing away. I could see a small, white, fibrous mass at the center of the growth. I used my teeth to gently bite it to see if it would hurt—it didn’t. I figured that the nerve endings in the skin were dead and all that was left was the fibrous core. Using the small sharp scissors on a Swiss Army knife, I cut it off. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt, and the tourniquets helped the skin around the growth heal before removing it. Luckily, I didn’t experience any bleeding or swelling. To help the scab heal, I gargled with salt water a couple times a day for 3-4 days. After about a week, the scab fully healed.

TLDR: Oral fibroma removed at home by tying dental floss around it as a tourniquet. No bleeding, swelling or cost.

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Help Me! [PS4] Need two Guys for Midir NG+7. You can DM me.


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Trisha Instagram Holly Madison obvi isn't up to speed.. has anyone reached out yet ?

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Questions to stop already picked up fraud??

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Reasons why PC acting slow


Hey all, I have been recently upgrading my PC and I have no idea but when I play games they freeze. im not the best when it comes to PCs but my PC is decent I would think.

Here are my Specs:

CPU: intel Corei7 6700K

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

Mobo: MSI H110M Pro-D(MS-7996)

Ram: Corsair CMK16GX4M2A2133C13 DDR4- 2 of these

Storage: Kingston SA400S37480G, Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1 TB

PSU: Corsair HX series HX1000 CP-9020139-NA 1000 W

I have a CPU cooler but my PC doesn't show what it is( my friend got it for me for a gift) it is NZXT, that is really all I know about that.

The games I play are mostly League of Legends or Valorant, or some random games here and there with some friends. It has come to the point where I have even put these games in the lowest of the low in settings to see if that fixes anything. Any feedback is helpful. I pay for a gig of internet but I am not too sure if I get it. I don't know if the problems could be with internet or not.

Please help me...lool

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Yeah, just saying hi. Please respond if you still play on TQMC ever.

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Image This hallway is trippy

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