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John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (Program)


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Need help How would one make a Prime Sanctum in D&D


I am going for a dungeon similar to P-2, how would that work?

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Tonights {RV} Breaded chop, tortilla, failed biscuits, macnchz

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Insurance Recommendations for auto insurance companies for saving money?


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General APRS quit working


On Friday afternoon my APRS location just stopped showing on APRS.fi and findu.com, the last location that shows is on the highway mid trip. I have been using a byonics Micro­Trak RTG for a few years and that is what I was using at the time so naturally I assumed maybe the transceiver gave out so I pulled out the tinytrak 3 that I used prior to buying the microtrak and the handheld radio I had configured to connect to it which also worked fine prior to replacing it with the microtrak. I tried it for a day and still nothing shows up!!! I’m not sure what is going on… I live in the Los Angeles area in the Eastern San Gabriel Valley so I don’t think coverage is an issue… any ideas??

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Did anyone else just lose all of their captions in Google Photos?


I had typed in captions for a ton of my pictures, and just now realized they are all gone. The latest captions are from last night, and even those are gone.

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Hello guys


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V0 Question Matte ABS to match siboor kit parts, mini afterburner problems

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I picked up a siboor 0.1 kit for $290, probably should have shelled out for the 0.2 but I didn't realize the 0.1 kit had the thin 3 mm bed so I've probably broken even buying a new bed and tophat parts.

I did not appreciate how fiddly the mini afterburner is. I am getting binding involving the pinion/BMG gears but I can't figure out where because it is very hard to see what is going on. I've printed Sherpa mini and hextrudort variants and have never had this much trouble getting an extruder running smoothly..

I really like the look of the matte ABS in the kit parts- does anyone know what this filament might be or know of something similar? I was under the impression matte PLA parts tend not to be as strong but is this still the case for ABS?


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50 Subscribers And 50 Watch Hours In The Same Day

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Phone (1) Nothing phone 1 works with Mint Mobile in the US?


I just bought a black phone 1 for a great price and thinking of using it as a secondary device to my iPhone 14 Pro Max. I found a nice deal on Mint Mobile 12 month pre-paid sims. I know nothing phone 1 isn't officially supported by carriers and saw in bunch of reviews that T-mobile and AT&T sims work well enough. I think Mint Mobile uses T-mobile bandwidths. So there shouldn't be a problem?

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Question How to I get the huckle berry catalyst


I looked it up but all it says is to go to the heroic adventure on mercury or mars but they got rid of mercury. Can anyone tell me how to get the catalyst?

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Kiana Madeira : Fear Street Trilogy

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Guardians of the Galaxy (Just need Kraglin and Cosmo)

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Acne Favourite daytime spot treatments/pimple creams? Need something that dries down clear and helps reduce redness and swelling on small irritation spots.


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❔ Question ❔ Is 107 Cech any good.


Looking for a goalkeeper to replace Lloris. Is Cech worth it, or should I go for TOTY Martinez?

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BCEN [BCEN] Free returner mode account!

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Comment if you got it!

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What celebrities have you met, and what was your experience like?


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How was 5280?


I went 2 years ago and it was a hot, HOT mess (me being generous). I decided then to not go back again, however this year I got pretty close to changing my mind. Ultimately I didn’t attend, but I’m curious to see if it has improved or is continuing to die.

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Questions/Q&A Does anyone know how to fix yellowing on a dolls face? :(

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V3 is not at good as v2


So no pool, no bridge. What was the point of V3 and will these features be on mainnet? V3 is a disappointment. I don't understand how influencers can pedal this as a positive for launch of mainnet. It makes pulsechain and RH look sloppy. I was very excited when V2 came out. That same excitement didn't happen with V3 and now I'm worried about mainnet.

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Newsom wants to extend Hollywood tax credits — and give out millions in refunds

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Question Has anybody else been taking with the bat pci


I started using it today and I’m en fuego with it. No idea what it is, but since I switched to it I’m a singles machine

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Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by today’s murder spree in Nashville. Politicians always exploit tragedies like this one to push for more gun control, but gun control is what enables murderers to commit atrocities like this one.

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My Pionner DMH-1770 just gave out. Should I go with another Pioneer model or another brand?

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